Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Lords Mobile is an MMO strategy game played by millions of players worldwide. You must work hard to improve your Turf by growing your castle, increasing your troops, and challenging your opponents to become the most successful! Keep reading this Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners Guide for all you need to know.

Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks

Before we begin our list of tips, it is worth acknowledging that the game operates with a freemium structure. This implies that at some point soon, the game may encourage you to buy expensive items using real currency.

That being said, the first suggestion we can offer is to save all your resources. A little planning and patience can make a difference when you play this game.

Link Your Lords Mobile Account

Link Lords Mobile Account

It is possibly the most important thing you do before starting the game and maybe one of the most important Lords Mobile Tips in this article. Binding your account will help ensure that you don’t lose your account if you lose your phone or sign out for any reason.

You can create your Lords Mobile Account with a google account from the start. If you have started with a guest account, you can bind your Lords Mobile Account by going to settings, clicking on the account option, and then finally clicking on the Link button.

Get Accepted into a Guild

Join a Guild

If you are not in a guild, you will not be able to grow faster in this game. To get accepted into a guild, you must create a username for your account. Then you can apply to any guild.

However, you must expect to get rejected many times! No one wants to take a brand new and low-powered player in their guild. From their perspective, you just don’t have much to offer yet.

Keep playing though and eventually, a guild will accept you. Make sure to join any guild that will take you in the early stages. You can always move on as you grow. Just make sure they have at least 45 members in the guild.

Keep in mind that by joining a guild you will enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Help: The help buttons will quickly reduce construction and research time. Indeed, you will also accumulate guild coins when you click the help button. Guild Coins are a very useful currency in Lords Mobile.
  • Advice: You will be able to learn a lot from the more experienced players in the guild.
  • Monster Hunting: It is vital to be in a guild in order to Monster Hunt. You will also get free Guild Gifts if you are in a guild.
  • Safety: Guilds offer protection. If you have many high Might players in your guild, other players will be fearful of attacking you due to the prospect of retaliation.

Get a Portable Charger

Lords Mobile is a great game but will use a lot of your Mobile Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Mobile Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Relocate to your Guild Hive

To make the most of being in a guild, you must be within the guild hive. This should mean you are closer to allies and can join darkness rallies quickly.

In addition, you must be within the guild hive to take advantage of the guild’s bank to submit or get resources quickly.

Lords Mobile Tutorial and Hero Stages

In the beginning, it is recommended to follow the Lords Mobile tutorial tips and do what it asks you to do. This will help you upgrade your primary buildings like castle, vault, watch tower, barracks, infirmary, manor, and hospital.

Hero stages are one of the most significant contributors to your quickened success. There are three types of hero stages; normal stages, elite stages, and challenging stages. You can unlock heroes by winning hero stages and earn gems by winning challenge stages.

Play Lords Mobile on your PC

Lords Mobile PC

You can use BlueStacks to play Lords Mobile on your PC or Mac for free. This allows you to easily manage several accounts at once or play passively whilst you are doing other tasks on your computer.

Complete the Skirmish Battles

Don’t neglect to complete the Lords Mobile Skirmishes as you progress in the game. In particular, the first 3 skirmishes are particularly important to beat early on.

Defeating skirmishes will open new areas of land where you can construct new buildings. In addition, it will unlock new game features such as new Hero Stages and the Colosseum.

The VIP System of Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile VIP

Like other games, Lords Mobile also has a VIP system. Gaining more VIP points will increase your VIP level. A higher VIP level means you’ll get more bonuses.

The free Acceleration time bonus is one of the essential benefits of having a higher VIP level. When you’re doing construction or research, there’s a set amount of time the timers have to reach before you can freely “instant complete” the task.

How do you gain VIP points to get to a higher VIP level quickly? The initial method is to log in daily and get 600 VIP points from this activity. The fastest method is using gems to buy VIP points. Aside from these, you can get many VIP points as a reward by redeeming gift codes on events.

Lords Mobile Troop Tips

Lords Mobile Troops Strengths and Weaknesses

To become a mighty Lords Mobile player, you need to become an expert in the various types of troops in the game. This knowledge will allow you to properly allocate your troops for battles and focus on training the correct troops depending on your circumstances.

Infantry Troops

Infantry troops are soldiers with melee weapons that engage in face-to-face battles. They also serve as your first line of defense or offense during invasions – you can think of them as your tanks to soak up damage.

Infantry troops are made up of Grunts, Gladiators, Heroic Fighter, and Luminary Guard. These troops are strong against Ranged and Siege Engines troops and are weak against Cavalry troops.

Ranged Troops

Ranged troops use their weapons to attack the enemy from a distance. Their low health stats require you to protect them from melee units with your infantry troops. This allows them to deal damage in safety from the enemy.

The type of soldiers in this category include Archers, Sharpshooters, Stealth Snipers, Heroic Cannoneers, and Luminary Marksmen. These Troops are strong against Siege Engine and Cavalry troops and are weak against Infantry troops.

Cavalry Troops

Compared to Infantry Troops, Cavalry Troops are far superior due to their speed and high damage attributes. The Lords Mobile Cavalry Troops include Cataphract, Reptilian Riders, Royal Cavalry, Ancient Drake Riders, and Luminary Lion Force.

Moreover, these troops are strong against siege engine troops and infantry troops and weak against Ranged and base defenses.

Siege Engine Troops

Siege Engine Troops are your heavy firepower for taking down walls and other defenses. They attack from a huge range needing protection from your other troops due to low health.

The troops include the Luminary Avenger, Destroyer, Fire Trebuchet, Catapult, and Ballista. Siege Engines are strong against any defense buildings and are weak against all other troop types.

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