Mobile Gaming Roundup: 14-20 March 2022

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Mobile Gaming Roundup

EA opens pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile 

Mobile Gaming Roundup - Apex legends mobile coming

Electronic Arts have opened pre-registration for the mobile version of Apex Legends. So far, registration is available only to players with the Android operating system, but 7.5 million players have already completed it. You can pre-register on the EA website.

All registered users will receive an in-game reward based on the number of registrations. Once the 5 million player mark has reached, players will be able to get an epic skin for the R99 and, at 10 million, an epic Bloodhound skin.

Earlier, Respawn began beta testing Apex Legends Mobile in 10 countries.

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Fortnite has Started a New Season

Mobile Gaming Roundup - Fortnite new season

Epic Games has released the trailer for the second season of the third chapter of Fortnite, titled “Resistance.” The Doctor Strange, Lara Croft, Iron Man, Black Widow, and other characters appeared in the video. The video was released on the official channel of the game on YouTube.

The second season of the third chapter of Fortnite’s “Uprising” launched on 20 March and was marked by massive changes.

Among them are new ways of moving (climbing, speeding up, knocking outdoors), new equipment, and weapons. Despite the importance of the event, no teasers or in-game events were introduced.

The new Battle Pass unlocks 8 characters for players, including Doctor Strange and the Tramp (Uncle of Miles Morales from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

There is no construction in the standard mode yet, but they promised to return it in a week. But for now, a “super shield” has been introduced into the game instead.

Genshin Impact 2.6

Genshin Impact 2.6 Update

After the exciting developments in the current version, it’s time to bring new content and bug fixes to Genshin Impact 2.6. The final update, called A Breath of the Violet Garden, will be released later this month on 30 March. It will feature a totally new region of Liyue called The Chasm.

The Forsaken Rift is the newest region of Genshin Impact, located toward the west of Liyue. It will bring the long-awaited stories of the Aether and Lumine; and Khaenri’ah.

In Genshin Impact 2.6, you can unlock the 5-star sword Billet and a new name card. The Genshin Impact 2.6 update also offers the Irodori event. This festival celebrates the reversal of Sakoku’s decree.

Official: Snoop Dogg will appear in CoD: Mobile, Vanguard and Warzone

Snoop Dogg coming to CoD Mobile

American rapper Snoop Dogg will be added as an operative in Call of Duty: Mobile, Vanguard, and Warzone. The information appeared on the shooter’s Twitter.

Earlier, the possibility of the appearance of a musician in the game was reported by insider Tom Henderson. The rapper himself also shared his opinion about the collaboration. He was back to work with the writers of the shooter, for which he recorded lines in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

In the mobile version of Call of Duty, the image of the rapper will become available on 1 April. Later, the authors will tell you how to unlock it. In Vanguard and Warzone, a bundle with the artist’s skin will be added on 19 April. It will include ten items, including three alternate skins.

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