Rise of Kingdoms KvK Summary

When Rise of Kingdoms KvK was first introduced to RoK, it was a complete game-changer. RoK KvK added huge amounts of depth to the gameplay and numerous new meta strategies to consider.

So, what is KVK? Basically, it is Kingdom vs Kingdom, a war mode that is very intensive and highly anticipated for most players across the world. It puts you in a battle against other Kingdoms in RoK for huge rewards.

Keep reading below for a quick summary of each of the different RoK KvK events. You can follow the links for more detail on each individual KvK.

History of Kingdom vs Kingdom

Rise of Kingdoms KvK History

Previously, there was no “Kingdom vs Kingdom” in Rise of Kingdom (RoK). What have people been doing all the time before KVK came? Without a doubt, there was a lot of civil war and farming.

Additionally, there was no Kingdom “migration” option, so, basically, you were stuck even if you were in a horrible Kingdom. But well, to old players, it is a piece of priceless memories of RoK.

Then what happened? Rise of Kingdom released a patch note update on 15th April 2019 with KvK Lost Kingdom included. It was a breakthrough in the gameplay at the time!

RoK Kingdom vs Kingdom Arrives

After KvK came live, many issues have occurred that have led to various updates to solve them as well as further optimization of the gameplay and KvK rewards. As a result, KvK now brings RoK to the pinnacle of this genre.

Let‘s get more detail on what and how to play the KvK Events!

Rise of Kingdoms KvK Summary

KvK Season 3

As time has gone by, the developers have released more and more Rise of Kingdoms KvK Events. Currently, there are a total of 4 different KvK events:

KvK 1 and KvK 2 are also known as The Lost Kingdom (KvK) Events.

Each of these RoK KvKs has some unique characteristics. Keep reading to see a quick summary of each KvK.

Please note that Commander refers to all the legendary RoK Commanders that are available to be used in that specific KvK. In addition, Pre-KvK refers to Crusader Eve which is a period in which players prepare for the KvK.

Kingdom vs Kingdom Season 1 (KvK 1)

  • Starting day: Pre-KvK (Crusader Eve) occurs at day 85th or 95th approximately.
  • Duration: 60 days (Pre KvK excluding).
  • Commander*: Julius Caesar, Hannibal Barca, LuBu, Frederick I, Mehmed, Ragnar, Richard, Charles Martel, El Cid, Yi Seong – Gye, Cao Cao, Minamoto, Mulan, Cleopatra VII, Ishida, and Seondeok.
  • Map:
Rise of Kingdoms KvK 1 the Lost Kingdom Map

Read our full Rise of Kingdoms KvK 1 Guide for all the details you need to know.

Kingdom vs Kingdom Season 2 (KvK 2)

  • Starting day: Pre-KvK (Crusader Eve) occurs after KvK 1 at approximately 70 days.
  • Duration: 60 days (Pre KvK excluding).
  • Commander*: All commanders in KvK 1, plus, Edward, Tomyris, Saladin, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Constantine I, and Charlemagne.
  • Map:
Rise of Kingdoms KvK 2 the Lost Kingdom Map

Read our full Rise of Kingdoms KvK 2 Guide for all the details you need to know.

Light and Darkness Season 3 (KvK 3)

  • Starting day: Pre-KvK (Crusader Eve) occurs less than 30 days after KvK 2.
  • Duration: 50 days (Pre KvK excluding).
  • Commander*: All commanders in KvK 2, plus Wu Zetian.
  • Map:
Rise of Kingdoms KvK 3 Light and Darkness Map

Season of Conquest (KvK 4 and up)

  • Starting day: This depends on the Kingdoms registered. A Kingdom can be skipped 3 times before a compulsory KvK matching is done.
  • Duration: 50 days (Pre KvK excluding)
  • Commander*: All commanders!!
  • Modes:
    • Strife of the Eight (SE KvK)
    • Heroic Anthem (HA KvK)
    • March of Ages (MA KvK)
    • Desert Conquest KvK (DC KvK)
  • Map:
Rise of Kingdoms KvK 4 Feroic Anthem Map

Rise of Kingdoms KvK Preparation

In the following section, we will list and give advice on what you should do before KvK starts. Let’s go!

KvK Resources (RSS) Preparation

RoK Resource Items
  • Make sure you have a farm account. Head to our RoK Farm Account Guide to get more specific details on how to do this!
  • Save resource items as well. This should be considered a must even without KvK wars!
  • Don’t rush events that cost too many resources. Keep track on the progress of the Kingdom vs Kingdom on the Chronicles page so that you can estimate how much time you have left before the war.
  • Focus on the resources you need for your troop type and playstyle. Have a look at our RoK Troop Guide for more information!
  • Your needs for resources and speedups during the war will probably depend on your Kingdom Seed. Seed A is the most intensive, followed up by Seeds B, C, and D.
  • If your Kingdom Seeding is not suitable for you, then resources assistant is the way to contribute to your kingdom!
  • As a fighter, I would always recommend saving a lot of resources for war. You won’t be able to farm once the war begins.

KvK Item Preparation

RoK Buff Items
  • Attack/Defense and Troop Expansion Buff Items: Save your buff items for your participation in KvK. These will provide you the advantage against the enemy, especially the 10% buff and 50% troop capacity if you have them!
  • Shields: These are necessary to protect yourself, particularly when you are not online. Therefore, optimize your use of shields so that you can protect as well as survive through the war.
  • Teleports: You will need a lot of teleports during the war, specifically when you have many fields to support. Sometimes you will also need them to teleport back to a safe zone. Check out our RoK Teleport Guide for more information on how to get and use Teleports.
  • Action Point Potions: Save these for KvK, you can use them to hunt Barbarians for rewards and for boosting honor points both individually and for your Kingdom.

Tips for Rise of Kingdoms KvK

  • Your city is safe when you are in your territory (your alliance flag and fortress).
  • Your Kingdom will have the same color territory and you are free to teleport on your Kingdom’s land. However, you are only safe on your Alliance’s territory!
  • Always go back to the safe zone, or use a shield (with an alarm), to protect your city. Let your troops die for the sake of the kingdom, not due to a needless mistake!
  • Keep an eye on your hospital to avoid overload. Make sure to upgrade this building in the power event if needed. KvK provides double hospital capacity so that you can be wild on the battlefield!
  • Using 5 marches in war is not always good. If you have bad Commanders and equipment, then you are feeding the enemy!! Read our RoK Commander Guide to learn more about improving your Commanders.
  • Use your best marches (let‘s say, approximately 3 marches, depending on your status) to optimize your gameplay, save resources, and speed ups!
  • Set your march presets. This will depend on your targets at the time e.g., Barbarian hunting, rune taker, 1 troop march to counter YSG, or war, etc.).

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