Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide

In this Raid Shadow Legends Arena guide, we will provide you with some basic advice, point out some pitfalls to avoid, and then teach you how to deal with other players in Raid’s arena. This guide will be broken down into certain steps, or phases of preparation you should go through to maximize your chances in PVP.

What Is The Arena In RAID: Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide - Starting Screen

Players from all over the world can test their Champions in PvP (Player-versus-Player) combat using the Raid Shadow Legends Arena game mode. In the classic 4-versus-4 arena, two teams of Champions face off against one another.

Why should you bother with the Arena? Quite simply, it is the best way to enhance your Great Hall by collecting medals that can be spent on upgrades. Indeed, as you advance through the Classic Arena Tiers, global stat enhancements become available for your Champions. This means that progress in the arena translates into powering up your team in general.

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Rewards

You also get generous weekly awards for participating. Also, for the competitive, you can stroke your ego by increasing your ranking against gamers from across the world. In Classic Arena Offense matches, a special Forge Material called Magisteel is also dropped after each victory.

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Tips

Next up in this Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide, let’s take a look at some specific tips for this game mode. These tips will help you progress up the ranks quickly and start getting even better rewards. For more tips, check out our Raid Shadow Legends Tips for Beginners.

Gearing Your Squad with Artifacts and Accessories

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Types - pick the right ones for Arena

Gearing is the most frequent error that players make when playing in the Arena. RAID will provide new players with five-star Artifacts in the early stages. And it’s certain that they’ll equip it right away. However, unless they have the correct stats, those things might be worse than rares from the Campaign.

The importance of gear can’t be overstated in RAID: Shadow Legends. Good Rare gear with the right stats and set bonus can be better than subpar legendary gear. Therefore, it is important to select gear with the proper stats and bonuses.

For instance, attackers typically want to cause the most damage. They want equipment with Crit Chance %, ATK %, or speed as their major stats in order to do this, with great sub-stats as well ideally. Attackers must quickly burst down foes since they are often glass cannons, and they also must take their turn as soon as possible to avoid being one-shotted by an opponent.

Many people ask why while having relatively high power, their attack champions don’t deal a lot of damage. The equipment they are probably utilizing the incorrect stats, which is the main issue. Boots with flat attack numbers, chest with enhanced HP, or gloves/weapon with flat defense stats. These are all worthless for you DPS champions!

You need to find and farm boots with speed as the primary stat, gloves with crit rate or crit damage, etc. to boost those numbers. Read our Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts and Accessories for all you need to know about getting the best gear for your Champions.

Affinity And You!

Watch your Affinity in the Raid Shadow Legends Arena

Affinity is a second big factor to consider as it has significant influences on the attack damage dealt by and received by your champions. Read our detailed Raid Shadow Legends Affinity Guide for full information on how this function works.

As a quick example here, your Champion will do 20% less damage, have a 15% lower chance of getting a critical hit, and have a 35% chance of dealing a “weak” hit (which cannot inflict critical damage or apply debuffs) while attacking a target with an affinity which trumps theirs. As such, even if your Champion is at a much higher level, you can still lose the battle easily due to Affinity.

What Are The Most Important Stats for Arena?

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Gameplay

As mentioned already in this Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide, it is important to pick the right equipment for your Champions. Specifically for the Arena, we can take this a step further and pick gear, especially for this game mode. In addition, thinking about Champions you will use especially for the Arena can influence the Masteries you pick for them. We will now examine the stats you should focus on for your Artifacts and Masteries in the Arena.

Raising Crit Damage and Crit Chance is far more beneficial than just increasing attack flat out. But in case you do not get so lucky with those, ATK % increase will do fine too. However, in my opinion, SPEED is the most important stat in the Arena. Maybe in the entire RAID even!

Speed not only determines who goes first but also has an impact on the turn meter. If you have twice as much speed, you can get two turns of attacks off before it’s the enemy hero’s turn. This means that you attack more often, your skills are off cooldown more often, and you get to use them more than the enemy. It makes no difference if you have a low-speed stat with a 5–6k attack if your enemy gets twice, or thrice the turns and wiggles down your health bar before you can use that attack.

This is also the reason behind Reinbeast’s reputation as one of the more destructive Arena champions. If he gets more turns than you, his “Continuous heal” will ravage your team. He will keep attacking and healing until everyone on your squad is dead. His heals will be ineffective if he doesn’t have another turn to activate “Continuous heal,” thus you need to invest in speed stats while using Reinbeast. Thus, the main counter to him is to be faster!

Build Your Team Carefully

Raid Shadow Legends Building a Team

To succeed in the arena, you need to have a solid plan in place before you just send in your Champions to get slaughtered. Build a squad with high speed and try to eliminate the other team in one blow. You will need a champion that uses an AoE ability with a high crit chance and crit damage. Ideally, they will be assisted by a champion capable of boosting speed, and another that will boost attack.

You could also build a team that will simply outlast the enemies. That would require a great multi-target healer or tanky heroes with Lifesteal Sets. No matter how tanky you are, you must also pay attention to speed since if the enemy has a two or three turn lead on you, you might still lose.

Always be on the lookout for enemy Affinity, and switch Champions as necessary. Be flexible with your teams. Although they don’t deal a lot of damage, support is still worth its weight in gold. More often than not, having strong support is preferable to selecting another offensive champion.

Each team will have its own strengths and limitations; there is no such thing as a perfect team. Consider your opponent carefully; avoid fighting every team in your queue mindlessly. Know the strengths and limitations of your team. Raid’s gameplay is often about that rock-paper-scissor Affinity dynamic. Polish your rock into a diamond and it will still lose to paper anyway…

So, What’s The Deciding Factor When It Comes To Arena PVP?

Once again, speed is everything in the Arena PVP. All of your champions must have a pair of speed boots. Stronger foes can be defeated by using speed auras and buffs. However, this does not imply that your squad needs to attack god knows how many times. As a general rule of thumb, 160 SPD is plenty for your squad. The rest of the build should concentrate on increasing crit chance and damage.

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