How to Unlock Ultron in Marvel Strike Force

Throughout the history of the game, Ultron has on occasion stood as one of the most dominant characters in Marvel Strike Force. Even though that may not currently be the case, he is still one of the hardest characters to recruit and rank up. 

Ultron was designed by Tony Stark as an artificial program to re-establish peace in the universe. As the MCU’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron had explained, the Ultron created was not the Ultron the world needed.

Fueled by establishing peace among Earth-616, Ultron had decided that humans in general were the problem in creating a peaceful world. Therefore, Ultron planned to eliminate all human life on Earth.

Ultron Overview

Ultron Marvel Strike Force

Ultron has a few useful tags in Marvel Strike Force which play work nicely in synergy with other Toons: Villain, Tech, and Blaster. He can summon his minions and prolong Villain-Tech teammates’ positive effects for numerous turns. On his passive ability, Ultron Prime, when Ultron kills an enemy, he and all Villain-Tech allies have their positive effects prolonged for an extra full turn.

In addition, Ultron’s ultimate ability, Purge System, allows him to attack the targeted enemy for 700% Piercing Damage. This ability deals double damage against targets with Defense Up. Ultron will then generate an extra +1 Ability Energy per positive effect on himself.

Best Ultron Team in Marvel Strike Force

Ghost - good synergy with Ultron in Marvel Strike Force

Being a Villain-Tech character, Ultron could be paired alongside toons such as Korath The Pursuer, Doctor Octopus, Ghost, Yellowjacket, Minn-Erva, and many more. However, the most effective Villain-Tech based lineup to have Ultron in is the following:

  • Ultron
  • Minn-Erva
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Crossbones
  • Ghost

The lineup contains some great allies for Ultron to work with. For example, Minn-Erva, one of the Best Healers in Marvel Strike Force, will distribute huge heals to keep this team going. In addition, Crossbones, who features in one of our Best Villain Marvel Strike Force Teams, will act as the Tank by soaking up damage from the enemy

How to Unlock Ultron

To recruit this demonic robot in Marvel Strike Force, players need to complete Dark Dimension II. Dark Dimension II requires Gear 13 characters only to participate. Upon completing 16 Dark Dimension II missions, players will be rewarded with a 7-star Ultron. So now the question is “How can you upgrade Ultron’s star count and red stars?” Let’s break that down.

Ultron Red Stark Rank

In regards to the basic yellow star system, upgrading Ultron’s yellow stars is impossible, as he is a 7-star unlock when a player completes all 16 levels of Dark Dimension II. Therefore, you cannot progress anymore with his yellow stars.

However, upgrading Ultron’s red star count has become much more accessible in recent years. During the early stages of Marvel Strike Force’s success, it was near impossible to upgrade Ultron’s Red Star count. Thankfully, this was changed in a game update that took place in 2021.

This update in particular introduced a currency called ‘Dark Promotion Credits’. Dark Promotion Credits were introduced to allow players to allocate an in-game currency that can be used to upgrade the Red Star count for solely Ultron & Ultimus. 

Now, don’t shy away from recruiting this artificial mad robot. Unlock him before someone else beats you to it, Commander! Keep on Strike Forcin’!

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