Mobile Gaming Roundup: 22-28 August 2022

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

Dino Crisis is coming to Teppen!

Teppen Dino Crisis Crossover - Mobile Gaming Roundup

Although probably not in the way you were hoping for, Dino Crisis returns! Teppen, a mobile card game created by Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment, has a new crossover coming up that will feature the classic title characters from Dino Crisis.

In September, a new set of cards called Jurassic Rampage will be released, bringing characters from Dino Crisis like Regina and a new power that lets you transfer unit cards to the EX Pocket. Regina (Dino Crisis), Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, and even Hunk (Resident Evil) artworks have been either leaked or seen in promotional material for the event.

Edward Kirk will also make an appearance in the Jurassic Rampage crossover as “Third Energy Genius Kirk”.

Square Enix’s Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile gets its First Seasonal Event

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile - Mobile Gaming News Roundup

On August 4th, 2022, Square Enix announced the release of Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile for iOS (via the App Store) and Android (through Google Play).

The game is obviously based on the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. It is a tactical turn-based RPG with teambuilding elements, an original plot, and fight scenes that will be fully incorporated into the game. The game falls into the “gacha” genre meaning that you will be pulling for new characters in “loot box” style microtransactions.

The first event plainly called the “Summer Event” went live on August 27th, and will run for 3 weeks. It features exclusive Summer Winry and Hawkeye from the anime series. However, some fans were quick to point out that given how dark the story of the anime gets, seeing these characters in cheery swimsuits is quite… jarring.

Apex Legends Mobile 2.5 Patch Introduces Crypto

The patch notes for Apex Legends Mobile mention the addition of a new Legend, adjustments to King’s Canyon, an updated battle pass, and more.

The future improvements include Crypto, a legend that was first made available in the third season of Apex on PC and consoles. His kit has been altered to enable users of Apex’s mobile port to fully utilize the recon drone ability.

The patch notes also included dozens of bug fixes and optimizations for the game!

Netflix announced a new mobile game: Netflix Heads Up!

A new mobile game called Netflix Heads Up! has been released by the streaming service Netflix. For those who have a Netflix membership, the game is free to play. The game is a Netflix variation of a party game called Heads Up!

Users must raise their phone over their heads to play the game in a way that prevents them from being able to see what is written on the screen. Meanwhile, the other players can plainly read it and attempt to describe what the term means to get the person with the phone to guess the word.

Netflix has developed its own version of the game. There are eight decks in Netflix Heads Up! that are based on various Netflix catalog franchises. Players can pick words from shows like Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Stranger Things.

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