How to get Free Gems in Evony

Gems in Evony are by far the most important resource in the game and there is no cheat to get them easily. This of course means you never have enough. If you spend a lot of money then you have a guaranteed source. However, for free players, things are a bit trickier. Here we show you How to get Free Gems in Evony.

This guide will cover all the best ways to get free gems in Evony without spending any money. This includes methods such as mining, PvP, and other regular events. Taking advantage of all these will help you get the Gems you need to keep improving your Evony Generals, your Dragons, and your Bubble. These are some of the Best Things to Spend your Gems on in Evony!

Evony Gem Mining

This is the simplest way to accumulate Gems in Evony for free but also probably the least efficient. Gem mining simply involves sending your troops to Gem Mines on the World Map to gather. These mines can hold up to 1,600 Gems.

There are a few ways to speed up the Gem mining process. This includes researching at the Academy building and switching your culture to Arabia. You can find out more information on gathering Gems in our Evony Resource Gathering Guide.

Wheel of Fortune

The Evony Wheel of Fortune is another super easy place to get Gems. If you get lucky, the following Gems can be won:

  • 10 Gems
  • 50 Gems
  • 200 Gems
  • 100 Gems
  • 500 Gems
  • 2k Gems
  • 5k Gems

However, the block here will be having enough Chips to keep spinning the wheel for Gems. Thankfully, there are a few places where can accumulate a lot. This includes the Viking Challenge Event, the Ymir Invasion Event, and the Hydra Invasion Event.


Evony Free Gems from Relics

Another easy place to get Gems is from Evony Relics. This includes simply from exploring a Relic and also from exploring the Relic Chamber. The Relic Chamber in particular can reward you with a lot of free Gems. For more information on making the most of Relics, check out our Evony Relic Guide.

Daily Activity

You will need to get a lot of free Evony Gems from the Daily Activity rewards, but it is very easy to complete each day. Simply by completing daily tasks you will earn points. Once you hit 145 points you will get a chest that includes 500 Gems.

You can find your progress towards Daily Activity by selecting the Inn building and then clicking on the Activity option. Tasks include everything from levying gold to healing troops. Make sure you do this every day, it will help a lot in getting the Gems you need for your Bubble.

Daily Rewards

Each day you log in to the game you will get a reward. On days 1 and 7 you will get a Gem reward. It resets every 7 days so you can get this every week. The basic rewards will be 200 Gems on day 1 and 1k Gems on day 7.

However, this can be improved by making offers at the Shrine. Making 7 tribute offers over a week will see the rewards in the following weeks Daily Rewards improved. The improved rewards will see you get 500 Gems at day 1 and 1k Gems at day 7.

Lucky Composing

Evony Free Gems from the Lucky Composing Event

The Evony Lucky Composing Event is another regular event in the game that is a great free Gem source. In this event, you can gain cards from killing monsters and gathering resources.

Once you have accumulated enough cards, you can compose 3 different ones together in order to receive a chest. Depending on the Composing Chest you will get different rewards which can include Gems. Read our Evony Lucky Composing Guide for more details on this event.


As far as PvP goes, the Battlefields are the safest place to practice and gain risk-free rewards. During these events, you teleport with your alliance to special battlefield maps to do battle against alliances from other servers. There are 2 different battlefields on which you can compete in:

The rules for each are slightly different and occur on different days so you can compete in both if you have the time. Troops are healed for free at the end of the event so are a great place to practice your PvP.

Points are accumulated during the event for occupying buildings and killing enemy troops. The alliance with the most amount of points will be declared the winner, though both will be given rewards. This includes a large number of Gems. The more points you accumulate, the better your rewards will be.

Server War

Evony Free Gems from the Server War

The Evony Server War is probably the most anticipated event in the game. It occurs every 2 weeks and sees 2 different servers pitted against each other in battle. This involves teleporting into each other’s servers and attacking Monarchs and other structures such as Temples.

Points are accumulated by attacking other players and capturing enemy server structures. The rewards from this event can be huge. In particular, Gems are given out in the following categories:

  • Individual Point Milestones
  • Individual Server Ranking
  • Alliance Server Ranking

The Server War can be very tricky for free players as it is possible you will take huge losses which will take a lot of resources to heal from. Make sure to read our Evony Server War Guide for all the details you need to know about taking part in this event.

Monarch Competition

The Monarch Competition occurs every week and lasts for 7 days. Each Monarch Competition has 5 different stages which sees players competing for the most points in one of the following categories:

  • City Development – points awarded for completing research and buildings.
  • Resource Gathering – points awarded for gathering resources.
  • Monster Kill – points awarded for killing monsters.
  • Power Increase – points awarded for increasing your Monarch power.
  • Troop Training – points awarded for training troops.
  • Kill Enemies – points awarded for killing enemies.

Depending on your ranking at each stage you will gain different rewards which include Gems. The higher you place, the more Gems you will receive. In addition, each stage has 3 point milestones. Each time you hit a milestone you will get another reward. The third milestone will include Gems.

World Boss

Evony Free Gems from the World Boss

The World Boss spawns on the World Map for 48 hours, starting at Saturday 8am server time, each week. Attacking the World Boss is guaranteed to get you Gems. You can attack it 5 times for free with just one troop for a reward of 250 Gems each time you attack it. Therefore, you can get 1.25k Gems each week from this event entirely for free.

This can be increased even further by doing higher damage to the World Boss and by ranking as one of the highest damage dealers on your server during the event. For more details on getting as many Gems as you can from this event, check out our Evony World Boss Guide.

Undead Invasion

The Evony Undead Invasion is another weekly event that is a guaranteed easy way to get Gems. During this event, your alliance will cooperate to repel 20 waves of attacks from undead troops.

Gem rewards are distributed based on your score in 3 different categories. This includes:

  • Individual Sever Ranking
  • Alliance Server Ranking
  • Alliance Point Milestones

Although this is not the most fun event, it is absolutely vital to take part in it when you first start to ensure you are accumulating enough Gems. For more details on getting the most out of this event, check out our Evony Undead Invasion Guide.

Arctic Barbarians Invasion

Evony Free Gems from the Arctic Barbarians Invasion

In this event, Arctic Barbarian Castles spawn all over the World Map. You can work together with your alliance to attack these castles and occupy them. Taking part in these activities during the event will see you accumulate points. Accumulating points will see eligible to receive rewards in 3 different categories:

  • Individual Point Milestones
  • Alliance Point Milestones
  • Alliance Server Ranking
  • Individual Server Ranking

Gems are awarded for the individual point milestones, your final alliance server ranking, and your final individual server ranking. This can be a risky event as other players can attack you while occupying the Arctic Barbarian Castles. Read our full Evony Arctic Barbarians Invasion Guide for all the details on making the most of this event.

Royal Thief

Each player can see 3 Royal Thiefs spawn around their Keep every day. They are spawned by accumulating Daily Activity points and are guaranteed to appear by the time you hit 145 Daily Activity points.

You are only able to kill one of your Royal Thiefs and must invite your allies to kill the remaining. For killing all 3 Royal Thiefs you are given 3 chests which can each contain 1k, 2k, or 5k Gems if you get lucky. Read our Evony Royal Thief Guide for all you need to know about this event.

Crazy Eggs

Evony Free Gems from Crazy Eggs

The Crazy Eggs is a regular event that sees you gathering Hammers which are then used to crack 4 different Eggs. Hammers are found by killing Boss Monsters and by gathering resources. Once you have enough hammers you can begin cracking the Eggs.

The Eggs can be activated by finding all the rewards that they have. Once this is done you will receive even more rewards. 2 out of 4 of these Eggs contain Gems. Once all 4 eggs have been activated you will gain a special 5th egg for even more rewards – this also contains Gems.

Each egg can be activated once a day and at this point cannot be cracked again. This resets every day. For all the details on the Crazy Eggs Event, read our Evony Crazy Eggs Event Guide.

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple

In this regular event, you have a chance to find a Wishing Coin whenever you kill a monster or gather resources. These Wishing Coins can then be exchanged for the Dwarf’s Lucky Apple. You have 3 options of lucky apples with each costing a different number of Wishing Coins and offering different types of rewards:

  • 1 Wishing Coin = Resource Rewards
  • 3 Wishing Coins = Speedup Rewards
  • 5 Wishing Coins = Rare Items such as March Speedups

In addition to the above, each time you redeem a Wishing Coin for a Lucky Apple, you have the chance to gain a Dwarf’s Delicious Pie. These can then be gifted to Witches found on the World Map. The rewards from this are great and if you are lucky you can get 15k Free Evony Gems!

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