Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide

The Doom Tower is the hardest content in Raid that is geared toward late and end-game players. Learn everything you need to know to conquer the tower’s floors in this introductory guide to the Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower.

What is the Doom Tower?

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Map

Once you achieve Level 40, you gain access to the 120-floor challenge known as The Doom Tower, which resets each month. You must overcome three waves of various enemy champions on each floor. You’ll be able to progress to the next floor and receive a one-time reward for finishing each one.

One of eight Bosses will be present on each 10th Floor, and each Boss will be unique for each rotation. The game presently has two levels of difficulty, Normal and Hard. Normal is often rather simple to climb for any player who can clear Dragon Lair up to level 18, as the average opponent champion level is between 150 and 180.

The steep difficulty curve begins with Hard, where you can anticipate facing enemies with champion levels averaging between 250 and 350. In addition, enemies from the Doom Tower fill their turn meter much more quickly and are more accurate and resistant. Once you reach the peak of Hard, be prepared for some of the toughest content in the game.

What Are The Doom Tower Keys?

Players will earn 10 Gold Keys and 10 Silver Keys each day after the mission reset (5 additional are rewarded through completion of an Advanced quest). To access and complete the Doom Tower Floors, you must have said keys.

Gold Keys are utilized on any Doom Tower floor that you haven’t beaten yet, including Boss floors. Silver Keys on the other hand are used for Secret Rooms that you haven’t beaten yet, or to replay Doom Tower Bosses that you already won against. As such, Silver Keys are mainly used to farm Forge materials from the Bosses.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these keys function similarly to those in Faction Wars in that you can only obtain new keys each day, and failing a floor does not use up a key. This enables players to test out different tactics until they beat the floor without forcing them to give up keys to even try a floor.

This means that each challenge requires a minimum of 12 days to finish (24 days in total for both difficulties). A cycle lasts around one month, so you have plenty of time to prepare for the most challenging floors. Well, unless you want to beat both difficulties, then it’s going to be kinda tight.

What are Secret Rooms?

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Secret Rooms

There are 12 distinct Secret Rooms for each Difficulty. These are comparable to standard Doom Tower Floors, but they have a unique requirement that must be met in order to be completed. This might include utilizing just champions from a particular faction or only champions with a certain affinity.

You receive 2 Silver Keys, one is spent for winning so you really only gain 1 key, for completing a Secret Room along with Champion Fragments for Doom Tower Unique Champions. 3 pieces may be earned in every room, and 12 rooms in a rotation let you earn 36 fragments in a rotation. This means that roughly 3 months of work are needed to unlock one of Doom Tower’s Champions.

Raid: Shadow Legends Doom Tower Rewards

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Rankings

There are several obstacles in the Doom Tower that will drain your Silver and resources. However, there are also some great rewards for struggling through the Doom Tower’s floors. The available rewards are outlined below.


One of the most important rewards found in the Doom Tower are the aforementioned Champion Fragments that can be used to produce unique Champions. The Doom Tower is the only way to get these specific Champions as they are not available from the gacha.

Champions receive their fragments in a particular sequence. However, you are unfortunately unable to pick which champion you wish to get pieces from. You must just progress through the chain sequence. These champions are strong and definitely worth the effort to complete the secret chambers!

Artifact Sets

After defeating a boss floor, you can use your daily-refreshed Silver Keys to gain forge pieces to create powerful Artifact Sets. For 8 distinct sets over all 3 rotations, new material will be dropped by each Boss. Hard will reward you with legendary resources to create 5–6 star artifact sets.

It could take some time for you to gather materials for these sets, but you should try to utilize your keys every day. It is worth it in the end, as a good 6-star epic or legendary set will boost your power level significantly, making any future grinding much easier. Read our Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Guide to learn all you need to know about using these materials to forge artifacts.

First-Time Floor Clear Reward

You will receive a variety of one-time incentives for successfully completing a floor. This might be anything from Silver to energy to glyphs. These rewards are fantastic for anyone playing the game over a full 120-floor rotation, but especially if you are a low spender or a Free to play.

The rewards for each rotation vary so I cannot give you an estimate of what you could expect, but they are universally very good. RAID is often called “stingy” with how much resources are given to players, and while it may be true for some dungeons, the Doom Tower seriously provides. If you are up to the challenge naturally.

The Doom Tower Bosses

There are 8 Doom Tower Boss Monsters, and to defeat each one you must create distinct and difficult compositions that take special consideration for their individual mechanics and talents. You won’t encounter the same monsters in every rotation, and each time one does, their affinities may alter, forcing you to alter your squad and their equipment.

While some useful general tips can be given for each of these powerful adversaries, I’m afraid that only mastery of the game and robust experience can truly help you here. However, if you need more help, make sure to check out our full Doom Tower Bosses Guide and all the other Raid Shadow Legends Guides on the site!

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