Marvel Snap: Five Best Cards For Beginners

Marvel Snap has sprung into the mobile gaming world and has reshaped all Mobile Digital Card Games. The simplicity behind battling online vs another user’s deck of cards, but also planning when to use a certain card(s) for its benefits, makes Marvel Snap an exciting game to hop on when you are bored. Here we present you with the 5 Best Marvel Snap Cards for Beginners to your deck started.

As mentioned in some of our other Marvel Snap Guides, all cards will have their advantages and disadvantages versus others. However, this list of the Best Marvel Snap Cards for Beginners should stand you in good stead for the early parts of the game. With these in your deck, you should have a better chance of progressing through the ranks at a much quicker pace.

Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister - Marvel Snap Best Cards for Beginners

Mister Sinister was a genetic scientist who was obsessed with the late Charles Darwin and his work. With the constant dedication to creating a superhuman race through the genetic mutation of mutants, Sinister was given his chance.

Sinister had been approached by Apocalypse, a mutant who had seen the future of mankind and had an interest in Sinister and his work. Therefore, Apocalypse granted Essex the ability to never age and possess a new pallor-based body in exchange for keeping experimenting and trying to establish an advanced mutant society.

In Marvel Snap, Sinister is definitely a trick card to have in your arsenal. Although he only offers one ability, if placed in the right location, he could secure a location on his own. When Sinister is placed in a location, he will duplicate a clone of himself in the same location immediately.

Already off the get-go, when a player places a Mister Sinister card, it’s an automatic +4 Power. This is a good card to use right at the beginning of the match. Be careful though, each location only allows four cards to be used.

Mr. Fantastic

Mister Fantastic - Marvel Snap Best Cards for Beginners

Leader and founder of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards was a dedicated scientist and is considered the smartest man on Earth-616. Richards was infatuated with the idea of multi-dimensions. During a failed adventure into outer space, Richards had been exposed to radiation by cosmic rays. These rays had altered his genetic structure, granting him the ability to stretch his body and limbs as if they were rubber.

Mr. Fantastic is a 3-Cost card with +2 Power. His ongoing ability allows him to distribute +2 Power to adjacent locations. This will grant players the head start in winning the match, considering they now have +2 Power for the left and right locations without a card having even been placed there. Mr. Fantastic is not a card to expect a tremendous contribution from. However, he is a solid help that can add a few points of power to other locations.


Hawkeye - Marvel Snap Best Cards for Beginners

Hawkeye has continuously served as a helpful weapon in the Avengers saga and in the comics. That’s no different here in Marvel Snap. The deadly archer is a 2-Cost card that provides +1 Power when placed alone. On the next turn, if a player places their next card in the same location where they previously played Hawkeye, then Hawkeye automatically acquires a bonus +2 Power

Players may find Hawkeye’s ability not worthwhile, but that is simply because they are not using him correctly. Hawkeye pairs well with Captain America and Wolfsbane considering both of these characters boost all cards at the location they’re placed with an additional +1 or +2 Power.

So, when combining these cards together, that is a total of 7 Power with just two cards placed down (Captain America +3 Power and +1 Power for each card at his location). All in all, Hawkeye is a concrete choice to have in your deck. 


Nightcrawler - Marvel Snap Best Cards for Beginners

Nightcrawler has been stapled in Marvel history as one of the most interesting mutants to ever make an MCU appearance. With his eccentric blue skin and ability to teleport wherever he can see, it makes him an absolute fan favorite. Again, that is not much different in Marvel Snap. Nightcrawler is the only card in the game that has the ability to move once per match without costing any Energy

Nightcrawler is a standard ‘lead off’ card. He doesn’t cost much to use and is +2 Power. Players should throw this card out first, and see how the opponent reacts. Even if a player makes a mistake about which location to add him to, he can be moved to another location.


Hulk - Marvel Snap Best Cards for Beginners

The big green rage machine is also a viable option to add to a player’s deck. Hulk costs 6 Energy and delivers with +12 Power when placed at a location. He does not offer any special abilities at all. Some can make the argument that offering +12 Power alone is an ability. Hulk should be every player’s last option in their deck.

If a player is losing a location, and they may need 8-10 Power to take control of this location to win, then Hulk is the perfect solution. Outside of being a pure +12 Power powerhouse, there is nothing else to Hulk in the game. However, he is the tank that beginners should keep in their deck, but only for emergency use.

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