10 Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends

In Raid Shadow Legends there is a huge array of Champions to play and finesse your game with. However, as with all games of this genre, they were not all made equal. In this list, we take a look at the 10 Best Epic Champions currently available in Raid Shadow Legends, a step up on our list of the 10 Best Rare Champions.

In this list of the 10 Best Epic Raid Shadow Legends Champions, nearly all of them will aid you in getting through some of the toughest Dungeons or even ranking higher in the Arena. Indeed, although not Legendaries, a great many of them are still viable all the way through to the end game. However, some of them are only helpful once you have the specific team combination or the equipment to fully utilize their unique powers.

Best Epic Champions in Raid

As mentioned above, this guide will go over the 10 Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends. It will also explain why you should stick with them until you land one of the Best Raid Shadow Legends Legendary Champions. Keep reading below for all the details.

10. Madame Serris

Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends - Madame Serris

Madame Serris is a Champion from the Dark Elves Faction with Void Affinity. She was first made available at a Halloween event in 2019, thus her “witch” aesthetic. Despite being in the game for years now, she is still among the Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends.

She is regarded as one of the best Arena champions in the entire game by the player base. Her skill “Midnight Ritual” cancels all buffs currently applied to enemies and places a 50% decrease to ATK and a 60% decrease to DEF debuff on them instead. I don’t think I need to explain just how insane that is.

Outside of the Arena, she is still extremely useful on Demon Lord and Hydra Clan Bosses, most Doom Tower Bosses, Faction Wars, and pretty much everything that is not your usual “wipe out all enemies on the first turn” farming, since she’s not the nuking type.

9. Stag Knight

Stag Knight is a pretty straightforward and easy champion, but that doesn’t make him any less of a monster. He is a powerful Epic who lost his previous status because of more powerful champions being added and other changes making it into the game. But he still is easily among the 10 strongest Epics in the game.

Just like Madame Serris, Stag Knight has a skill called “Huntmaster” which is an attack against all enemies. It has a 70% chance to place a 60% decrease to DEF and a 50% decrease to ATK on all enemies for 2 turns. This is pretty much a better version of Midnight Ritual on a shorter cooldown, which is nuts!

8. Dhukk the Pierced

Dhukk represents the Orc Faction and rocks the Magic Affinity. He is a defense-based champion with… yet another decrease to ATK and DEF!

I think you all see the pattern by now, debuffs simply rule the late game of RAID. Following this pattern, Dhukk has another nice debuff on his basic attack, which has a 30% chance of placing a 50% ACC debuff on its target. Pretty useful when applied to a major debuffer on the enemy team.

7. Seer

Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends - Seer

Probably one of the better wave clearers in the entirety of RAID. Seer is a top-tier pick for all standard Dungeons and the Doom Tower content including the bosses. Seer can buff his team’s crit rate, and remove enemies’ debuffs. Combined with the fact that he deals A LOT of damage, this makes him quite versatile.

But you will still mainly use him to nuke, deal damage, or empower another nuker while doing damage since… he’s not THAT versatile. Still, just the damage potential of this champion earns him a respectable spot near the middle of our top 10 best epics in RAID.

6. Vogoth

Vogoth is an Epic with the Spirit Affinity from the Undead Hordes Faction. With his AOE provoke, enemy damage reduction, and built-in survivability, this HP-based champion is quite a wall that your enemies will have to scale in order to get to your glass cannons. He can also heal himself from a passive ability.

What is more important is “Festering Dynamo”, his other passive ability which heals his squad for 50% of the damage he endures. This quickly turns him into a crazy effective healer under most circumstances. I shouldn’t have to tell you, but Vogoth is kind of a tank, so do not expect him, nor should you build him, to deal damage.

5. Demytha

Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends - Demytha

Demytha, the Epic Void Affinity Champion of the Dwarves Faction, claims her spot among the top 10 Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends thanks to her block damage ability. The Block Damage buff allows your champions to, as you probably guessed, not take damage from any source as long as the buff lasts. It can be cancelled, and some attacks go right through it, but it is still among the best buffs in the game.

Demytha is an extremely useful Support in pretty much all of the game’s content, outside of the Arena pretty much where everything is pretty much decided in one turn. On the Demon Lord Clan Boss, in the Doom Tower though? She will not let your team die even if they wanted to.

4. Deacon Armstrong

Armstrong is a Spirit Affinity Champion of the Sacred Order. Deacon’s base stats are excellent, he is an extremely fast Champion which is super useful in the Arena. Not only that but his “Time Compression” ability increases the rate at which your team’s turn meter fills while decreasing the same rate for the enemy.

Outside of that, he is a terrific damage dealer/support who does well in any aspect of the game, save from the odd boss in the Doom Tower.

3. Dark Kael

Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends - Dark Kael

Dark Kael is like Kael… but WAYYYY stronger. He does massive AoE damage to the entire team while having the chance to debuff their attack. He applies poison with his basic attacks which can trigger his passive which once again decreases enemy damage via a Crit Rate debuff. His kit is LOADED and will help you with any content you bring him into.

2. Maneater

Maneater can shield your whole team from debuffs and grants them the Unkillable buff for two turns thanks to his “Ancient Blood” ability. He is a member of several Unkillable Teams that are frequently used against the Demon Lord, Hydra, the Arena, and most recently, the Iron Twin’s Fortress.

Okay, it will be faster to describe what Maneater is bad at, and that’s 2 out of 8 of the Doom Tower Bosses, nothing else!

1. Geomancer

Best Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends - Geomancer

Geomancer is an Epic Champion of the Force Affinity and from the Dwarf faction. He can provide your squad with HP Burn, Weaken, and Reduced ACC debuffs. He can even steal turn meters from the opposing team or bosses thanks to his “Quicksand Grasp” ability. And he can do that every 5 turns, down to 3 when upgraded!

With enough speed, some bosses will miss out on a ton of turns, which easily earns him the number 1 spot on this list.

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