10 Best Artifact Sets in Raid Shadow Legends

In Raid Shadow Legends, the hit turn-based RPG, a big part of the game is trying to improve your Champions by equipping them with some of the Best Artifact Sets. In order to do this, players must take on sprawling Dungeons, fight for glory in the Arena, farm the Campaign, and much much more!

As you do this, you will quickly start to accumulate many Artifacts that can be put towards a complete Set. This can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are new to the game and don’t know what the Best Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Sets are! In addition, picking the right one for the situation is key to progressing through the game.

This guide will briefly tell you about the 10 essential sets to keep in mind if you want your team at their fullest potential. Get hold of these and you will definitely be placing yourself in a good spot to go far in the game.

Best Artifact Sets in Raid

As mentioned above, making sure your Champions are equipped with great Artifacts is crucial to beating some of the more difficult game modes. Below we present our list of the Best Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Sets which should aid your Champions in getting through their next challenge! Make sure to also read our detailed Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Guide to learn how to get the most out of each of these Artifact Sets below.

10. Relentless (4-Piece Set)

The Wearer of the Relentless set has an 18% chance to get one extra turn. Which is an amazing buff… but, you can only get the relentless set by placing extremely high in tournaments against other players.

Raid Shadow Legends Best Artifact Sets - Relentless

You do get an okay version of this set as a login bonus in the early game, but after that, it’s impossible to get until into the extremely late game. But by then you will have much better sets anyway! This makes this set hard to recommend despite the amazing effect it has.

9. Regeneration Set (4-Piece Set)

One of the greatest sets of equipment that emphasizes endurance and sustain is Regeneration. Obtainable via the Fire-Knight Castle Dungeon. It enables your champion to heal 20% of their maximum HP per turn, allowing them to withstand more punishment and remain in the fight for longer.

Of course, you still need good damage output, or to put it on someone who will provoke enemies. Otherwise, you will just live longer to… not do anything.

8. Untouchable (4-Piece Set)

Untouchable is another great set locked behind being kind of late in the game, where it loses its edge to other sets. Untouchable grants 40 Resistance and nullifies any debuffs your champion would suffer for the first 2 turns of a new round. The Scarab King from the Doom Tower must be defeated in order to obtain this set.

Well worth your Doom Tower silver keys this one. But sadly, some other sets are way easier to obtain. The Regeneration set for example still makes your champion a hell of a lot more tankier, while being marginally easier to score. Still, the passive is great.

7. Reflex (4-Piece Set)

The Reflex set gives the champion wearing it a flat 40% chance to reduce the cooldown of their abilities. Obtainable from the Ice Golem’s Peak Dungeon, this set is great for champions who need to cast often like Supports. Or offensive champions that rely on one very powerful ability to win battles.

Raid Shadow Legends Best Artifact Sets - Reflex

It’s not overpowered or anything, casting more often can still be offset by a lack of ACC to actually hit targets or SPD that is so low that opponents get a 1 or 2 turn advantage. However, the ease of access and solid passive still make it among the 10 Best Artifact Sets in the game.

6. Cruel (2-Piece Set)

The Cruel set adds 15% ATK and bypasses 5% enemy DEF when you attack for every 2 pieces of this Set that you have on your champion. This Artifact can be obtained as a reward for defeating the Demon Lord Clan Boss which is achievable not that far into the game. This naturally serves as an upgrade to the basic Offense set. A good filler option since it’s a 2-piece. Nothing fancy, just a solid option.

5. Stoneskin (Variable Pieces Set)

Stoneskin is one hell of a unique set that grants unique benefits for every single piece equipped. It is obtainable only from the Hydra Clan Boss, which is fairly late into the game. 1 piece of the Stoneskin set grants +8% Max HP; 2 grants 40 Resistance; 3 gives 15% more DEF; 4 gets you the Stoneskin buff for 1 turn; 5 gives a further 15% more DEF; 6 now sees the Stoneskin buff active for 2 turns.

The Stoneskin buff removes all negative effects from a Champion, then grants them immunity to any negative effects for the duration that the buff is active. It can also reduce all incoming damage by 85%. The only counter to the Stoneskin Buff is the usage of bombs which do 300% more damage. This is an absolutely STACKED set, which will make any Champion extremely tough to beat.

This Set is a must have for taking part in the higher levels of the Arena, .Unfortunately, it is fairly hard to farm, therefore you will get it very late in the game.

4. Swift Parry Set (4-Piece Set)

The Swift Parry armor is another great set for the Arena that raises your attack stats while also providing a little bit of defense. It is obtainable from the forge, so even mid-game players can access it within reason.

Raid Shadow Legends Best Artifact Sets - Swift Parry

It increases your Champion’s critical damage by 30%, boosts their speed by 18%, and has a 50% chance to trigger the unkillable buff when they receive fatal damage. Because of this, the Champion using this equipment may survive a turn no matter how fragile they are. This can allow for some excellent glass cannon builds.

3. Speed/Divine Speed Set (2-Piece Set)

No matter how late, or how early you are in the game, speed is crucial for all game modes. This is why the Speed and Divine Speed sets are always in demand. You can farm the Speed Set in the Campaign or the Dragon’s Liar Dungeon. Divine Speed, in contrast, can be acquired from the forge.

All are super accessible for even early to mid-game players. Speed increase how quickly your Champions get their turn, enabling them to strike twice or thrice before your enemy goes once. It also decides who goes first in the PVP Arena, which often decides the match on its own.

2. Savage Set (4-Piece Set)

For your most powerful Champions, the Savage set is an end-game essential. At least for anyone who is there to deal damage and not heal or tank. This Set is obtainable from the Fire-Knight’s Castle and allows your Champions to ignore 25% of enemy defense when attacking.

Raid Shadow Legends Best Artifact Sets - Savage

This is especially potent in PVE against any boss-type monster or in the Dungeons, where Bosses have absurd amounts of defense. Combined with some speed, it can serve as a flat damage buff for your nukers in the Arena.

1. Perception Set (2-Piece Set)

The Perception set combines the best aspects of accuracy and speed and is only available only in the forge. It grants your Champion 40 ACC and +5% speed for every 2 pieces of gear equipped.

Accuracy of course is one of the most important stats in the game, as it is responsible for making sure your abilities, debuffs (which are SO important late game), and spells hit their mark. Followed by the second most important stat, which is speed. I don’t think I need to explain why a 2-piece set that increases the 2 best stats in the game is the best set in the game, right?

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