10 Best Rare Champions in Raid Shadow Legends

In Raid Shadow Legends there is a huge array of Champions to play and finesse your game with. However, as with all games of this genre, they were not all made equal. In this list, we take a look at the 10 Best Rare Champions currently available in Raid Shadow Legends.

Nearly all of these champions will aid you in making progress on your account, and a great many of them are still viable all the way through to the end game. However, some of them are only helpful once you have the specific team combination or the equipment to fully utilize their unique powers. This guide will try its best to make notes of all of that to the best of our ability.

Best Rare Champions in Raid

As mentioned above, this guide will go over the 10 Best Rare Champions in Raid Shadow Legends. It will also explain why you should stick with them until you land a VERY strong Epic of Legendary. Keep reading below for all the details.

10. Coffin Smasher

Best Raid Shadow Legends Rare Champions - Coffin Smasher

Coffin Smasher is a Champion of the Magic Affinity that belongs to the Knight Revenant faction. Like pretty much all the rares on this list, Coffin Smasher, is still competitive in the late game despite being fairly easy to pull. His talent is best utilized against the Demon Lord and Hydra Clan Bosses thanks to his debuffs!

The reason for that is Coffin Smasher’s “Mallet Crescendo” ability, which attacks 3 times, and each hit has a 15% chance to decrease his victim’s attack. This debuff is very sought after in Clan Boss battles since it can deal A LOT of damage, some good protection and attack debuffs will protect your team in the long run.

His multi-hit abilities also make him a nice contender for the Fire Knight, more specifically for breaking through his shield which negates a number of attacks every turn.

9. Bellower

Bellower is a superb Void champion that is one of the best fodder-clearing heroes in the game and can be utilized to great effect for farming the Campaign. However, this is just the beginning of his greatness. His debuffs make him both a great attacker and a defender in the Arena also.

In addition, he’s second to none in Faction Wars, extremely useful for any Dungeon other than the Fire Knight and Iron Twins, and he kicks ass in the Doom Tower’s normal stages… just don’t pick him for any Doom Tower Bosses!

8. Gnarlhorn

Best Raid Shadow Legends Rare Champions - Gnarlhorn

Gnarlhorn is a Rare Spirit Affinity Champion of the Skinwalkers Faction. He uses “War Drum”, one of the best crowd-control abilities in the entire game. War Drum provokes all enemy champions to attack him with their basic skill at -25% of its normal damage. He also gains increased DEF for the duration.

This makes Gnarlhorn INSANE in all Dungeons, most Doom Tower Bosses, and the Doom Tower Levels themselves. Not to mention Faction Wars which he crushes.

7. Athel

Athel is one of the 4 starting champions. As a testament to her quality, and as mentioned in our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide, we believe she is the second-best starter option. Right behind Kael who you will also see on this list.

This Sacred Order Magic Affinity Champion is one tough cookie. She also fits the “Jack of All trades, master of none” archetype. She is an ATK champion who is very viable in the Arena, against the Demon Lord Clan Boss, Hydra Clan Boss, in the Doom Tower, against the majority of Dungeon Bosses, and against a handful of Doom Tower Bosses. But alas… there are way better options.

6. Warmaiden

Best Raid Shadow Legends Rare Champions - Warmaiden

Warmaiden is a member of the Barbarian Faction and of the Force Affinity. She can be farmed in Campaign Stage 9, which makes her even more accessible than the other Rare Champions (who are already easy to obtain).

This Champion has an incredible debuff that lowers the DEF of ALL opponents by 60%. Useful in Arena Battles and against Bosses who can be rebuffed in such a way. The only content in the game she struggles with is the Demon Lord Clan Boss and Hydra Clan Boss.

5. Frozen Banshee

Frozen Banshee is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Athel. She is LASER focused on a couple of things she does perfectly while being terrible at so many others.

This champion possesses the extremely rare “Poison Sensitivity” debuff which makes poison more effective. And logically following this, she is also capable of applying the Poison debuff to enemies. Both of these facts make her invaluable for the Demon Lord Clan Boss, Hydra Clan Boss, and Dragon Lair Dungeon boss, as well as a beyond useful asset for Faction Wars. However, at the same time, she is terrible everywhere else.

4. Renegade

Best Raid Shadow Legends Rare Champions - Renegade

Renegade is a Support Champion known far and wide for her ability to decrease all cooldowns in your squad by 2 turns. This makes her a must-have for any farming squad you dispatch, whether it’s Dungeon Bosses, the Campaign, or most Doom Tower Bosses. Just pair her up with a nuker such as Coldheart or Kael and watch their synergy blow any enemy to bits in a couple of seconds

3. Apothecary

Apothecary provides three essential quirks that your squad will need right from the early game, all the way to the later stages. His speed buffs benefit the entire team, he possesses a help that can critically strike, and despite being a healer he packs a mean punch!

Apothecary is unique on this list because he is a far more early to mid-game champion than the rest. But that early and mid-game? He will do it all for your squad no matter the content. Sadly when the late game rolls around he falls off hard and needs to be replaced.

2. Kael

Best Raid Shadow Legends Rare Champions - Kael

As mentioned in our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide, Kael is the no-contest best starter champion in the game. Somewhat unsurprising, it also turns out that he is easily one of the Rare Champions in the entirety of Raid Shadow Legends! Kael is one of the best nukers for the arena PVP, capable of melting the enemy teams in a matter of seconds.

Outside of that, he is also a great Campaign farmer, does a good job in all Dungeons, and also wipes the floor with most Doom Tower Bosses. The only place where I would not take Kael is the Hydra Boss.

1. Coldheart

And finally the absolute Best Rare Champion in all of Raid Shadow Legends, Coldheart. She is from the Dark Elves Faction and similar to Kael is a great ATK wave clearer. While she is not as good as him in the Arena, everywhere else she’s the boss.

Her “Heartseeker” skill decreases the enemy turn meter by 100% and hits like a truck for the % max HP of her target. So not only does she melt Bosses with her amazing damage, but she also cripples their ability to even use attacks.

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