WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Guide

Money in the Bank
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The Money in the Bank game mode in WWE SuperCard is currently the best place outside of PVP rewards to earn some quick SuperCoins. This is vital to building your decks with rare pulls from the store. Additionally, you can redeem these SuperCoins in the store for some limited time only cards for the Money in the Bank event. Keep reading for our full WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Guide.

WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Guide

The Money in the Bank Event

WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Guide

The WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Event is based on the popular WWE Ladder Match that you can watch in a clip later in this page. In WWE SuperCard you take a random 6 male wrestlers from your Money in the Bank deck into the event. From here, there are then 5 steps on the ladder that you need to complete in order to get to the top and get the suitcase of cash. Each step on the ladder is defended by one wrestler whom you must defeat to get to the next step.

The ladder is like a pyramid with you able to select the defending wrestler you wish to fight to get to the next stage. On the bottom rung you get to choose between 5 defending wrestlers to fight against. This decreases by one for each step on the ladder that you move up. On the final step you get no choice and must fight whoever the defending wrestler is. The event ends when you run out of wrestlers or you have defeated all 5 rungs of the ladder and made it to the top.

Defeating Defending Wrestlers

Like other game modes, the battles take place like a game of top trumps. The wrestler with the highest stats wins the battle. Each step on the ladder will have a chance between 2 different stat combinations to do battle over. The stat that is chosen is completely random. You will also be able to see the stats of the defending wrestlers that you can chose from. This should guide your choice in wrestler to send into the match. Make sure you pick a wrestler that has higher stats than the defending wrestler so you will win.

Additionally, you can use support cards to help you during the event. The two support cards from your Money in the Bank deck will both be useable. Once one is used it cannot be used again during that event instance. However, you will be able to use the remaining support card on a future step on the ladder. If your SuperMove bar is full, you are also able to use this to assist you during the event.

The Rewards

The reward structure of the WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Event is very simple. Every time you defeat a defending wrestler you will be awarded some SuperCoins. If you make it to the top then your earned SuperCoins will be doubled. Even if you fail to make it all the way to the top, you still keep all the SuperCoins you have already been awarded. However, there is a way here to maximise the SuperCoins you earn. Each defending wrestler will award you a different number of SuperCoins depending on the symbol next to their image. Therefore, it is a good idea to select defending wrestlers that will give you the most SuperCoins when defeated. The SuperCoin rewards are as follows:

Gold Coin – 1 SuperCoin
Orange Suitcase – 2 SuperCoins
Blue Suitcase – 3 SuperCoins
Yellow Suitcase – 4 SuperCoins
Platinum Suitcase – 5 SuperCoins

Additionally, you will be awarded draft picks at the end of the event. If you get to the top of the ladder without any losses, you will receive 6 draft picks. Getting to the top with one loss will earn you 4 draft picks. Finally, if you fail to complete the event, you will receive just 2 draft picks. Draft picks are vital for getting cards to train your higher tier wrestlers with.

When is it

This event is a permanent fixture in the game. Therefore, you can play it whenever you want. However, like the PVP and Giants Unleashed events, you have a limited number of attempts with a cooldown. You will start with 5 attempts which can all be used one after the other. Once you have less than 5 attempts left then a cooldown will start. This cooldown takes 60 minutes. Once the 60 minutes is over, the game will give you another attempt. Therefore, if you use all 5 attempts it will take 5 hours until your attempts are completely refilled.

We hope you found this WWE SuperCard Money in the Bank Guide useful. Check out the video below for the real thing. Also if you are looking to take your mobile gaming to the next level, then check our list of the best mobile phone gaming accessories for Android and iPhone. Additionally, if you are looking for more free games then check out our list of free games available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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