WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Guide

WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Guide
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Giants Unleashed is a WWE SuperCard community event. In this event, all players team up to take out some extremely powerful giant wrestlers. The more you participate the greater the rewards you receive. There are also bonus rewards for each giant wrestler that all players take down together. This is another great opportunity to add some higher tier cards to your deck. Keep reading our WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Guide for all you need to know.

WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Guide

The Event

In the WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed event, the entire player base teams up to take down giant wrestlers. After one of the Giants is defeated, another one spawns for the community to take down. Each time a Giant is defeated, all players who participated will receive an additional reward at the end of the event. Wrestlers used during the event are a random selection from you Giants Unleashed deck. Additionally, players can use special event items, called “Gears”, to assist them in the battle.

The Giants

Each event there is a new set of giant wrestlers to do battle with. Once one has been defeated, another will spawn. As Giants are defeated, the next Giant needs progressively more damage to be defeated by the community.


WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Gears

During the event, there is a new type of item introduced to the game. These items are called Gears. They can be used to assist you in battle against the Giants. You can select up to 3 Gears to take into battle with you each time. However, they are single use. Therefore, you must obtain new ones for future Giant battles. Gears are obtained from the draft board or from packs, whilst the event is running. There are five different types of Gears available to be used. Their name and effect are set out below:

Blue Alignment Arrows – 25% bonus damage for blue arrows that match the giant
Yellow Alignment Arrows – 25% bonus damage for yellow arrows that match the giant
Green Squares Symbol – 100% bonus damage for 4 arrows that match the giant
Turquois Triangles Symbol – 25% bonus damage for 4 arrows that don’t match the giant
Purple Arrow Symbol – 100% bonus damage from abilities

Doing Damage

WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Damage

There are 3 rounds to every Giants Unleased battle. You can send forward a maximum of 4 wrestlers each round to attack the Giant. You select these wrestlers from your random hand of 5 cards. Once a wrestler is selected to take place in a round, they will be replaced by a new random wrestler from your Giants Unleashed deck.

Each round, the Giant will receive a random new alignment symbol which also corresponds to a stat for the match. Indeed, to maximise damage, you must select wrestlers from your deck that have the same alignment symbol as the Giant. A matching symbol gives your wrestler +25% to their stats. Sending forward a wrestler with a non-matching symbol will give them -75% to their stats. You can further boost a wrestler’s stats by applying Gears as outlined above. The stat used to deal damage to the wrestler will be the random stat that was assigned to the Giant each round.

The total damage dealt to the Giant, is the sum of all the attacking wrestlers chosen stat (after symbol and Gear adjustments have been made) and divided by 1,000.

The Rewards

WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed Rewards

During the event, rewards are obtainable for just taking part and also for the amount of damage you do to each giant. For each Giant defeated, that you also took part in battling, you will receive a card pack. You will also receive an additional card pack for each Giant that you battled during the event. Additionally, there are milestone rewards available based on the total damage you have dealt to Giants. There are 4 milestones and each time you hit one you will receive a card. The milestone damage requirements and the reward card are based on your Top 8 Tier.

When is it

WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed takes place every month. Unfortunately, there is no set date that it is on each month. However, typically the event will begin on a Thursday. Once started, the WWE SuperCard Giants Unleashed event will last for 4 days.

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