WWE SuperCard Team Ring Domination Guide

Team Ring Domination
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WWE SuperCard Team Ring Domination is one of those events where you need to have joined a team to take part in it. If you and your team are organised, then you can earn some great Wrestlers for your decks. It is very similar to the normal Ring Domination Event but with some key differences. Keep reading our WWE SuperCard Team Ring Domination Guide for all the details.

WWE SuperCard Team Ring Domination Guide

The Event

To take part in the event you must have already joined a team. The event occurs every week and once started will last for just 24 hours. In this time, participants can take part in bouts which will earn them draft picks. These draft picks have the potential to reveal “Shards”. The Shards represent a single piece of a Wrestler. Revealing all the pieces will award the whole team the Wrestler. Every time a team member finds a Shard, it contributes to everyone’s progress towards revealing the Wrestler. You start with 5 bouts to use with this refreshing 1 bout every 15 minutes after you have used 1.

The Bouts

Bouts are exactly the same as in the normal Ring Domination Event with each bout taking place on a 9 grid board. However, there is a key difference in the Team version. Instead of taking in a random 5 Wrestlers from the players Ring Domination deck, all team members use the same Team Ring Domination deck. This deck is made up of the 3 best Wrestlers from each player along with their best Support Card and best Enhancement Card. You can view the Team Deck through the Team Info menu.

The player starts and must pick a Wrestler to play anywhere on the grid. It is then the enemy player’s turn to play one of their Wrestlers on any remaining spot on the grid. A match takes place when a Wrestler’s alignment icon is pointing directly into an adjacent grid with an enemy Wrestler on it. The winning player from the match takes control of both Wrestlers. The player controlling most spots on the grid at the end is the winner. A bout ends when there are no free spots left on the grid.

Team Ring Domination Guide: The Rewards

Team Ring Domination Shards

If you win the bout, you are awarded 4 draft picks and if you lose the bout, you are awarded 2 draft picks. Winning the bout whilst also controlling all the 9 grids will grant you 1 additional draft pick on top of the usual 4 for winning. These draft picks are redeemed on the usual Draft Board. However, they now have a chance to reveal a Shard for the Wrestler you are trying to unlock in the event. Locating a shard will reset the board and unlock that piece on the Shard board for the whole team. Once all Shards are found, all team members will receive the Wrestler. The Wrestler tier will depend on the team’s deck tier.

Team Ring Domination Guide: Event Items

During the Team Ring Domination event you can make use of Pick Doubler items to help you. If used, these will give you double the number of draft picks after a bout. They are one use only and you therefore must find or purchase another to get the boost again in further bouts. Pick Doublers are found on the Draft Board and cost 10 Credits if you decide to buy them. You can also buy a Team Pick Boost for 500 Credits which will last 60 minutes and award all team members 1 additional Draft Pick during that time.

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