WWE SuperCard Ring Domination Guide

WWE SuperCard Ring Domination Guide
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Ring Domination is another regular monthly event for WWE SuperCard. It gives participants a great chance to unlock some rare Wrestler cards. The rewards available will as usual depend on your deck tier. Keep reading this WWE SuperCard Ring Domination Guide for all you need to know to dominate this event.

WWE SuperCard Ring Domination Guide

The Event

In Ring Domination, players take part in a new bout type. After a bout, the player receives draft picks, but with a twist. They are trying to locate “Shards” of a specific Wrestler. Once they have revealed all shards, they unlock the Wrestler and move on to the next. Each Wrestler has 36 Shards to be revealed. Each subsequent Wrestler is a one tier rarer than the last. You start with 5 bouts available to play. These refresh by 1 bout every 15 minutes. Ring Domination is one of the regular events and should occur every month. It lasts for 48 hours once it has begun.

The Match

Ring Domination Grid

Each Ring Domination bout takes place on a 9 grid board as can be seen in the picture. They take in a random 5 Wrestlers from their Ring Domination deck, along with the decks 2 Support Cards. The player starts and must pick a Wrestler to play anywhere on the grid. It is then the enemy player’s turn to play one of their Wrestlers on any remaining spot on the grid. A match takes place when a Wrestler’s alignment icon is pointing directly into an adjacent grid with an enemy Wrestler on it. The winning player from the match takes control of both Wrestlers. The player controlling most spots on the grid at the end is the winner. A bout ends when there are no free spots left on the grid.

Ring Domination Rewards

Ring Domination Shards

After each bout you are awarded draft picks to use on the Ring Domination draft board. For winning a bout you get 8 picks (+1 for a perfect win) and for losing a bout you get 4 picks. You can double this by buying Event Boosts for 10 credits each. Each event boost is valid for just 1 bout.

In Ring Domination, you are aiming to locate Shards of a Wrestler on the draft board. There are 36 Shards to find and once you have found them all you get the Wrestler. Each time you find all 36 Shards, you start a new draft board to unlock a Wrestler in the next tier up. The Ring Domination draft board also gives greater rewards than the normal draft board. For each pick, even when you don’t locate a Shard piece, you get between 1 and 4 cards. This is better than the normal draft board where you only ever get 1 card.

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