WWE SuperCard Road to Glory Guide

WWE SuperCard Road to Glory Guide
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Road to Glory is another of the WWE SuperCard regular events. In this event, players take part in matches which award points. These points are then redeemed to unlock rarer and rarer Wrestlers. It is therefore a great chance to add some quality to your deck. Keep reading this WWE SuperCard Road to Glory Guide to get all the details to beat this event.

WWE SuperCard Road to Glory Guide

Event Details

During the WWE SuperCard Road to Glory event, players can unlock up to 10 Wrestlers. Once a Wrestler is unlocked, their card is added to the player’s deck. You must unlock the first Wrestler before you can move on to the next. Each Wrestler becomes more difficult than the last to unlock. Road to Glory takes place once a month and once started will run for 48 hours. You have this time to unlock as many Wrestlers as you can. You start off being able to take part in 5 bouts with this refreshing by 1 every 15 minutes after you have dropped below this number of remaining bouts.

Defeating Wrestlers

WWE SuperCard Road to Glory Wrestlers

Each Wrestler in Road to Glory requires a set number of points to defeat and unlock. The Wrestlers start off easy and get increasingly difficult as you progress to higher tier Wrestlers. The difficulty is increased both in terms of number of points required to unlock a Wrestler and in terms of the quality of opponents faced to earn points. The first Wrestler to unlock requires 20 points and the last requires 275 points. A full list of required points can be seen below.

1st Wrestler20 Points
2nd Wrestler30 Points
3rd Wrestler70 Points
4th Wrestler120 Points
5th Wrestler145 Points
6th Wrestler170 Points
7th Wrestler190 Points
8th Wrestler215 Points
9th Wrestler235 Points
10th Wrestler275 Points

Earning Points

Before taking part in a bout, you are able to select the opponent you wish to face. You get a choice of 3 and the opponent selected will correlate to the number of points you can earn. Your choice of opponents and the corresponding reward points are set out below:

Easy Opponent2 Points
Medium Opponent6 Points
Hard Opponent10 Points

When deciding which opponent to face, it is a good idea to look at their tier symbol. Compare this to your Road to Glory deck tier and you should have a good idea if you can defeat the opponent or not. Aim for opponents that give the most points but that you also stand a chance of defeating.

The Bouts

Points are earned by defeating opponents in bouts composed of 2 rounds of matches. Each round starts with a random 4 cards from your 16 card Road to Glory deck. You also start the bout with your 2 best support cards. In each round, matches will continue to take place until you have no cards left. For each match you win you earn one point, with your opponent gaining one point for each match you lose.

The player with the most points at the end of the bout is declared the winner. If it is you then you earn a number of points to unlock the Road to Glory Wrestler depending on the quality of opponent you chose before the bout began. You also gain 6 draft picks for winning and 3 additional picks if you won without losing a match. For losing, you only get 3 draft picks.

Event Items

Road to Glory Title Match Event Items

During the event you can locate Event Boost items on the Draft Board called Title Matches. These will double the points you can win for a bout but will give you nothing if you lose a bout. You can also purchase Title Match items for 10 credits each or in bulk for a slightly cheaper price. Each Title Match item has only one use and you therefore must find or buy another to keep using them.

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