How to Increase Monarch Power Fast in Evony

A player’s Monarch Power in Evony is an indication of how strong they are. Especially in the early days of a server, or for the more competitive players, it can be an important attribute increase. Indeed, many Alliances will have minimum power levels to meet before they will let you join or you may be aiming to place well in the Monarch Competition. In this Evony Guide, we will show you how exactly to increase your Monarch Power and provide some tips on how to do this as fast as possible.


How to Increase Monarch Power in Evony with Troops

This is perhaps the most obvious way of increasing your Monarch Power in Evony and it can start to scale very quickly. For each Troop you build, you will gain a certain amount of Monarch Power depending on their level. This is as follows:

LevelPower Added

However, when a server first starts, it is perhaps not recommended to pump out low-level troops as they will quickly become redundant and you will have wasted resources that could have been used on building out your Keep. Ideally, you don’t want to train troops at scale until you can build about level 10 which shouldn’t take too long to reach. Check out our Troop Cost Calculator for help on what it will cost you to build a certain amount of each Troop Type and what the power gain will be.


Increase Evony Monarch Power with research at the Academy

Another method for increasing your Monarch Power is through Research at the Academy. However, it must be said, that although research is hugely important for economic and PvP buffs, in terms of power, the returns are very low. Therefore, although you should always be researching as outlined in our Evony Beginner Tips, don’t expect a surge in Monarch Power as a result.


Similarly to research, although building upgrades will yield some power gains, the relative increase will be incredibly low versus other methods. Nevertheless, don’t neglect upgrades as this is the key to unlocking better troops, just do not expect a huge gain to your Monarch Power when doing it. For example, upgrading to Keep level 35 will take well over 1,000 days without speedups but only adds 2.23m power and at this stage, you will likely have Monarch Power that is at least 200m.


Upgrading Evony Monarch Power with Generals

In contrast to Research and Construction, Generals can add a serious amount of Monarch Power in Evony. This is simply achieved by leveling them, cultivating their attributes, improving their Specialties, and increasing their star level. Each of these will add a small amount to the Generals Power, as well as your Monarch Power, each time they are improved. Check out our Evony General Guide for more help with getting the most out of your Generals.

In addition to the above, you can also improve the power of your Generals by equipping them with special items such as Dragons, Spiritual Beasts, Equipment, and Civilization Equipment. Each of these can take time to develop or craft but will quickly scale their power. For example, a piece of Ares Gear could easily add well over 400k power if properly developed.


Traps, in a similar way to Troops, can be built very fast to add Monarch Power to your Evony account. However, it should be noted that the power gained from traps can also be wiped out in an instant. Indeed, unlike Troops who can be healed, there is no repairing spent Traps. Once they have triggered, they are gone forever, along with their power.

Even worse, in the Battlefields, such as BoG, they are not automatically repaired at the end of battle. As such, you can easily see your entire Trap defense wiped out in just one Battlefield. Likewise, if your Alliance regularly takes part in the Undead Invasion, you will also see huge Trap losses here. Nevertheless, if you do decide to build Traps for power, you will gain the below power for each Trap made of the relevant level (the type of Trap doesn’t affect the power).

Trap LevelPower Gained

Monarch Gear

Increasing Evony Monarch Power with Gear

Another easy way to increase your Power is with Monarch Gear. For each piece that is equipped, you will gain a small increase. However, this increase is tiny, and therefore you should combine it with all the other methods listed in this Guide. Like Traps and Troops, the power gained from each piece of Monarch Gear equipped will scale higher as you level it.

How to Increase Monarch Power Fast

Now that you know all the best methods for increasing Monarch Power in Evony, it is worth going over the ways to do it as fast and as efficiently as possible to help you join those high-powered alliances or place high in the Monarch Competition. As such, the fastest ways to increase your Monarch Power are as follows:

  • General Cultivating – cultivating your Generals using Gold or Gems to increase their attributes is a very fast and efficient way to increase your Monarch Power. Indeed, in a test, we cultivated a low-level General up to +100 on each attribute and added 50k power. If you did this across a few Generals, as well as giving them starred-up Equipment, you could quickly add some good power in the early game. However, make sure to only do this on Generals that will be useful to you so as not to waste resources. Check out our list of the Best Free Generals for help getting some good Generals easily if you are in need, Relics are your friend here!
  • Troops – building troops is the next fastest way to gain some quick Monarch Power in Evony. This is especially the case if you have some Troop Training Speedups to hand, and if not then get hunting some Monsters to get some! Of course this does come with the usual caveat that you should try not to waste too many resources on low-level troops. Aim to only build those that will be useful going forward. If in doubt, Mounted Troops are always a good choice to aid in Monster Hunting.

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