Evony General’s Invitation Guide

During the General Portain Exhibition Event, Evony gives you the chance to accumulate an item called General’s Invitation. These are extremely valuable and allow even F2P players to redeem them in exchange for a guaranteed General that could even be one of the best in the game. In this Evony General’s Invitation Guide, we take a look at how exactly to get this item, how to use it, and what rewards you can win.

What is the General’s Invitation

The General’s Invitation is an item that can be redeemed for a chance at winning different Evony Generals once you have accumulated a certain number of them. There are several different options you can select for redemption with those costing more General’s Invitations likely to give you better Generals.

How to Get the General’s Invitation Item

General’s Invitations can only be obtained during the General Portrait Exhibition Event which typically runs for about a week once or twice a month. You’ll have to keep an eye out on the ingame events page or mail announcements to see exactly when it is running. However, when it is running, there are three different methods you can use to gain General’s Invitation items.

Daily Activity

Evony General's Invitation Daily Activity

During the General Portrait Exhibition Event you are able to earn the General’s Invitation by reaching 145 Activity Points. This gives you access to the last activity reward of the day, which, amongst other things, gives you 6 General’s Invitations. Ensure you are completing this every day as it is completely F2P friendly and you will need at least 100 General’s Invitations to redeem a General.

Monarch Competition

Evony General's Invitation Monarch Competition

Another F2P friendly method of gaining General’s Invitations is via the weekly Monarch Competition. Indeed, by reaching the final points milestone each day you will win five General’s Invitations. As such, this gives you the chance to get 11 General’s Invitations a day as a F2P player during the event.


Evony General's Invitation Packs

The last method of gaining General’s Invitations in Evony is to spend money. In particular, you need to buy General’s Invitation packs found in the event center. Depending on the price of the pack, you will gain varying numbers of General’s Invitations. This is of course the quickest way to accumulate the item but will get costly very fast. Therefore, it is always recommended to combine this with the F2P methods already outlined.

Can you Save the General’s Invitation Item?

In Evony, it is quite common for event items to disappear at the end of the event. Thankfully, this is not the case for General’s Invitations and you are able to save them up over the course of several General Portrait Exhibition Events. As such, this allows F2P to gain enough General’s Invitations over the course of a few event cycles to redeem a General.

How to Use the General’s Invitation

Evony General's Invitation Redeem

The General’s Invitation in Evony can only be used whilst the General Portrait Exhibition Event is running. This can be accessed via one of the Event Center menus and once selected you will need to then move to the Redeem Generals tab. Here, you will see several different reward options to use your General’s Invitations with. Each one costs a different amount of General’s Invitations and contains the chance to win a number of different Generals.

General’s Invitation Rewards

As mentioned, there are several different options for you to spend your Invitations on. Some of these will give you are random General from a pool of different ones, while others will give you a specific guaranteed one. The Generals here regularly change with each event.

The guaranteed Generals cost between 400 and 500 Invitations, whilst the random General options cost anywhere from 100 to 600 Invitations. The random General options are linked to different General Halls which is a good way to help you unlock the relevant buffs from the Art Hall if you are missing specific Generals.

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