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Equipment is one of the most important things in that can be used to improve your Survivor’s chances of success in battle. They can increase his damage, improve his health, change his attacks, and much more. On top of this, there are several ways you can improve Equipment, from evolution to simple leveling. Find out all you need to know in this Equipment Guide.

What is Equipment

Equipment in are special items that can be given to your Survivor in order to improve them in some way. In total, your Survivor can have 6 pieces of Equipment equipped to them at any one time. However, each piece must be a different type of Equipment. For example, you cannot have 6 Weapons equipped at the same time, though that would be awesome!

Different Types of Equipment

Different Types of Equipment in

In total, there are 6 different types of Equipment that you can equip to your Survivor in Each different type of equipment will have a different set of effects on your Survivor during the battle. The 6 types of Equipment are as follows:

  • Weapon – what you choose here changes your starting attack.
  • Necklace – an offensive item that improves your attacks.
  • Gloves – improves your survivability with HP buffs and other effects.
  • Chests – a defensive item that typically improves your HP.
  • Belt – improves your survivability with HP buffs and other effects.
  • Shoes – typically improve your movement speed and HP.

Equipment Rarity

As with most things in, such as Pets, Survivors, and Tech Parts, Equipment comes in 6 different rarity levels. Rarer items are typically always better as they provide better stat buffs, can have more skills, and can be leveled higher. Below are the different rarity levels currently available for Equipment:

  • Grey – Normal
  • Green – Good
  • Blue – Better
  • Purple – Excellent
  • Purple (1) – Excellent (1)
  • Purple (2) – Excellent (2)
  • Yellow – Epic
  • Yellow (1) – Epic (1)
  • Yellow (2) – Epic (2)
  • Yellow (3) – Epic (3)
  • Red – Legend
  • Red (1) – Legend (1)
  • Red (2) – Legend (2)
  • Red (3) – Legend (3)
  • Red (4) – Legend (4)

It is also worth noting that certain pieces of Equipment are marked as S-tier. S-tier Equipment is far better than regular as they typically have better skills, more skills, and higher base stats. Each type of Equipment has some pieces that are only available in S-tier and these are covered in more detail later on in this Equipment Guide.

Equipment Skills Equipment Skills

As mentioned above, as well as providing your Survivor a base stat increase, each piece of Equipment can also have up to 5 different skills depending on its type and rarity. It is therefore clearly important to ensure you improve the rarity of all the Equipment you give to your Survivor so as to make the most of the skills.

Skill effects are pretty wide-ranging and can be game-changing. Indeed, they can be something as simple as a boost to HP or something pretty incredible such as a free revive after death. In the next section of this Equipment Guide, we cover all the different Equipment available in the game and their respective skills at each rarity level.

List of Equipment

List of Equipment

There is a huge amount of Equipment available for your Survivors in In the following sections, each of these is listed by type, along with the different skills they have. Remember, that to unlock each skill, you must upgrade the rarity of the piece of Equipment to the corresponding rarity level. Please note that those marked with (S) are special S-tier Equipment.

List of Weapons in

Baseball BatATK +10%Attacks inflict BleedKnockback distance doubledATK +15%Swing range becomes circular
KatanaATK +10%Adds 1 blade waveBlade waves also release ki blastsATK +15%Blade wave heals for 3% HP when enemy is hit
KunaiATK +10%Kunai damage +30%Start off with Lv.2 KunaiATK +15%Kunai will split after hitting enemy
Lightchaser (S)ATK +15%All attack intervals -15%Triggers a backward slash every 5 attacksATK +15%Leaves behind a sword array every 10 attacks
RevolverATK +10%Reload time -2s1 bullet restored after enemy is killedATK +15%Minor explosion when enemy hit
ShotgunATK +10%2x damage to enemies in frontShotgun range extendedATK +15%Shotgun pierces all enemies
Sword of Disorder (S)ATK +15%All skill damage +15%Shackle: Enemies slain by Sword of Disorder will have their souls shackled. The more souls shackled, the higher the skill damage (Max 30%). Soul dissipates when hitATK +25%Soul Blast: Only reduce 100 souls and whole screen takes high damage when souls dissipate. Damage is proportionate to number of souls
Void Power (S)ATK +15%All projectile range +15%Return to Zero: Released black holes explode before fadingATK +25%Neogenesis: Energy veil explosions when shattered

List of Chests in

Army UniformN/AHP +15%Gain inspire from Elite/Boss kills (fades when hero is hit). Heal 3% HP/5sInspire healing increased to 10% HP/5sHP +20%
CarapaceN/AHP +15%Bullet damage received -100%. +10% for each bullet received. Max 0%With bullet damage reduction active, a storm will blow enemies away and nullify shots when hero is hit by bulletsHP +20%
Eternal Suit (S)Revives with full HP onceHP +15%After revival, ATK +15%, Movement Speed +15%HP +25%+1 revival
Full Metal SuitN/AHP +15%Revive once with 50% HP if dead from battleRevive with full HP with ATK +10%, Movement Speed +10%HP +20%
Protective SuitN/AHP +15%Releases radiation pulse when hero is hitIncreased radiation pulse range with knockbackHP +20%
Traveler’s JacketN/AHP +15%Revival effect +20%Heal for 5% HP for every 200 monsters killedHP +20%
Voidwaker Windbreaker (S)Gain Berserk for 5s when dying. All skill damage can absorb HP (1 time each battle. Resets on revival)HP +15%Berserk duration extended to 10s. Also immune to deathHP +25%Excess HP absorbed when Berserk is converted into an energy shield

List of Necklaces in

Army NameplateN/AATK +10%Gain inspire from Elite/Boss kills (fades when hero is hit). All damage +20%Inspire damage increased to 50%ATK +15%
Bone PendantN/AATK +10%Monsters in range are SlowedGreatly increases Slow effectATK +15%
Emerald PendantN/AATK +10%Generates radiation ring that deals damage over timeAll radiation ring damage doubledATK +15%
Eternal Necklace (S)The higher the target’s HP, the more damage dealtATK +15%Deals additional damage to enemies with full HPATK +25%All passive effects +15% in battle
Metal NeckguardN/AATK +10%1st passive effect gained +30%Last passive effect gained +30%ATK +15%
Trendy CharmN/AATK +10%-2% skill CD for every 200 monsters killed (Max 10%)Max CD reduction +30%ATK +15%
Voidwaker Emblem (S)Gain Berserk for 5s when leveling up: +40% damageATK +15%The lower your HP is, the higher your damage (Triggers below 50% HP. Max +40% damage)ATK +25%The lower your HP is, the higher your Crit Rate (Triggers below 50% HP. Max 40% Crit Rate)

List of Gloves in

Army GlovesN/AATK +10%Damage to Elites and Bosses +20%Damage to Elites and Bosses increased to 50%ATK +15%
Eternal Gloves (S)ATK +20% when own HP is over 50%ATK +15%Attacks have +10% chance to CritATK +25%Crit Rate +10%, Crit Damage +100%
Fingerless GlovesN/AATK +10%1% chance to instakill non-boss monsters+3% damage for every 200 monsters killed (Max 30%)ATK +15%
Leather GlovesN/AATK +10%Attacks have 5% chance to Crit+50% Crit Damage. Crits also inflict BleedATK +15%
Protective GlovesN/AATK +10%Killed monsters leave radiation rings that deal damage over timeAll radiation rings ranges doubledATK +15%
Shiny WristguardN/AATK +10%Minor explosion when monsters dieMonster death explosion damage doubledATK +15%
Voidwaker Handguards (S)Destructive Nature: Instakills non-boss enemies below 20% HPATK +15%Blood Suppression: +50% damage against elites/bossesATK +25%Sanguine Aura: Enemies in certain radius will gradually wither (Lose 1% HP/0.1s. Ineffective against bosses)

List of Belts in

Army BeltN/AHP +10%Gain inspire from Elite/Boss kills and grants 1 Shockwave Shield to heroGain Dominator stat for 5s when Shockwave is triggered: +100% damage and Movement Speed. All CD reductions are maximized.HP +15%
Broad WaistguardN/AHP +10%Radiation pulses 1 time when healing, dealing damage proportianate to HP healedAll radiation pulse damage doubledHP +15%
Eternal Belt (S)Revival Effect +20%HP +15%Triggers invincibility for 2s when damaged. Triggers once/minHP +25%ATK +50% for 3s when Invincible
Leather BeltN/AHP +10%Healing +5% when looting food (Max 30%)Movement Speed +5% when looting food (Max 30%)HP +15%
Stylish BeltN/AHP +10%Gain shield that blocks damage 1 time for every 200 monsters killedShield now grants damage immunity for 1sHP +15%
Voidwaker Sash (S)Revival Effect +20%HP +15%Gain Hardened for 5s every 500 enemy kills: Immune to all projective damageHP +25%Immune to all damage when Hardened. Instakills minions when colliding with them
Waist SensorN/AHP +10%When over 50% HP, Movement Speed +20%When below 50% HP, damage received -20%HP +15%

List of Shoes in

Army BootsN/AHP +10%Gain Inspire from Elite/Boss kills (fades when hero is hit. +30% Movement SpeedSpeed CD -30% when InspiredHP +15%
Eternal Boots (S)Base Movement Speed +2HP +15%Leaves a trail of fire when movingHP +25%Increases fire trail damage and slows enemies
HighbootsN/AHP +10%Gain Forced March for 5s (+30% Movement Speed. Can’t stack) for every 200 monsters killedImmune to bullet damage and -50% collision damage during Forced MarchHP +15%
Layered SnowshoesN/AHP +10%Leave behind radiation rings that deal damage over time when movingBase Movement Speed +2 for 2s when spawning radiation ringsHP +15%
Light RunnersN/AHP +10%HP +15%
Prosthetic LegsN/AHP +10%Base Movement Speed +1Heal for 1% HP/3s when movingHP +15%
Voidwaker Treads (S)Base Movement Speed +2HP +15%Apex Species: +10% Movement Speed for every 500 enemies killed (Max 50%HP +25%Predator: Increases proportionate damage against enemies with lower movement speed than you (Max +50%)

How to Improve Equipment

Merging Equipment in

Now you know the basics of Equipment and the different types available, it will also be useful to understand how you can improve them. In the next sections of this Equipment Guide, we cover how to level and merge equipment to ensure they are giving you the biggest buffs possible.

Level Equipment

Equipment is leveled using Equipment Designs and Gold, with the Designs required being the same as the Equipment type you are wanting to level. The higher the level, the greater the cost will be of both these resources. Leveling your equipment increases its base stat. The max level a piece of Equipment can go to is determined by its rarity.

As mentioned in our Beginner Tips, it is also worth noting that you can level down Equipment by clicking on the small red circular arrow button when viewing a piece. This will give you back all the Gold and Equipment Designs you have used when levling it up. Very useful when you get a new piece of Equipment which is much better.

Merge Equipment

To upgrade the rarity of Equipment you must merge your favored piece with other pieces of Equipment you have. The requirement for this will increase as your merge to a higher and higher level of rarity. Increasing the rarity of Equipment will increase its max level, improve its base stat, and can also unlock new Skills. Merge requirements for each rarity are summarized below. Equipment Merge Requirements
Credit: @Violet57

Astral Forge

Once you have obtained one piece of Red Legend Equipment, you will unlock the Astra Forge. This allows you to Forge your Red Equipment to gain additional buffs. To do this you will need to accumulate 4 new Astral Forge materials:

  • Basic Stones
  • Eternity Stones
  • Chaos Stones
  • Destroyer Stones

These are gained by salvaging other pieces of Equipment. They are then consumed along with duplicate Equipment in order to Forge the desired piece. Check out our full Astra Forge Guide for more details on this.

How to Get Equipment

As can be seen above, the requirements for upgrading the rarity of your Equipment are pretty high! As such, you are going to need to find a lot of it to get a Red Legend piece. It’s going to be a long grind, but below are the best places to get Equipment.

  • Daily Shop – you can buy equipment for Gems. Can be an expensive method to use.
  • Army Crate – Will give Normal or Good Equipment and can be opened using keys found during events, by watching ads, or for 80 Gems.
  • EDF Supplied – A step up on the Army Crate, this can contain Good, Better, or Excellent Equipment. An Excellent piece is guaranteed after 10 opens. To open this you’ll need keys which can be found during events.
  • S Grade Supplies – Best chest in the game that can include Good, Better, Excellent, or S-tier Excellent Equipment. This costs Gems to open at a rate of 300 Gems for 1 open or 2,680 Gems for 10 opens. Always save for 10!
  • Patrol – Each time you Patrol, there is a small chance you will find a low-rarity piece of Equipment.
  • Events – Many of the Events are very generous and this is a great place to pick up some rare Equipment. Keep an eye out on what’s coming!

How to Get Equipment Designs

Equipment Designs are another valuable item you will need plenty of to level up your Equipment. It can be found in a lot of places but you will quickly find you never have enough of it once you start hitting the higher Equipment levels. Some of the best places to find Equipment Designs are summarized in the list below.

  • Daily Shop – Equipment Designs can be bought here every day for Gold.
  • Patrol – Each time you Patrol, there is a high chance that you will find some Equipment Designs.
  • Events – Many of the Events are very generous and this is a great place to pick up some Equipment Designs. Keep an eye out for what’s coming!
  • Gameplay – Just by playing Chapters, challenges, etc, you are highly likely to get some Equipment Designs as a reward.

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