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If you’re a big fan of roguelike adventure games then you have probably found by now. It is tonnes of fun and, even better, it is available to be played on mobile when you are on the go. However, things get a little hairy when you first start as the hordes of enemies just keep coming. Read this Guide for all the Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

Save your Gems Guide and Tips for Beginners - Save Gems

Gems represent the premium currency in the game and can be used for all sorts of useful things. However, the highlight of course is using them to buy chests in the shop. A word of warning though, don’t just waste them on any old chest. Target the S Grade Supplies as you will find the best equipment here. Even better, you get a good discount on 10 opens.

Complete your Missions Guide and Tips for Beginners - Daily Missions

Every day you can complete a set of new missions for points. Every time you complete a mission you can 10 to 20 points and you unlock chest rewards every 20 points up to a maximum of 100 points. These chests contain great rewards such as Gems, Gold, and Chest Keys. There are also weekly missions available for even better chest rewards.

Watch Ads

Although it can be annoying, you can select t watch ads in the game for certain rewards. This is a perfect way to get some additional Gems, Gold, and Equipment if you don’t want to spend money, and also supports the developers at the same time.

Use the Level Down Feature

Use the Level Down and Downgrade Equipment Feature in

In this list of Tips for Beginners, this one is potentially the most overlooked. It costs a lot of Gold and Designs to upgrade your equipment and you will quickly learn you never have enough of them. It is also likely you upgraded a lot of poor-quality equipment when you first started.

Thankfully, you can use a feature that will Level Down and Downgrade your equipment completely and refund you 100% of your total expenses on it. It is found by going to the equipment menu, selecting the piece you want to downgrade, and then clicking on the red circular arrow button.

Participate in the Regular Events

On top of the missions that you can do every day and week, there are also unique events that take place regularly. These are a great source of rewards including Gems. Makes sure you are aware of what you need to do during each event in order to claim the rewards so you are not missing out. Often they are pretty easy!

Switch up your Weapons

When equipping your Survivor before starting a chapter, you should pay particular attention to your weapon equipment slot. This will determine the first weapon that you begin with. You will likely want to change this up based on your preferred play style or indeed the particular challenges brought about by a Chapter.

For example, if the Chapter has many Butterflies in it, you will probably want a starter weapon that kills from range. This is due to the poison cloud they drop when killed which will hurt you if are killing them in close quarters.

Make use of Codes

Like most mobile games, the developers of are always releasing codes that can be redeemed for plenty of rewards. Head over to the games redemption page, here, with your player ID to redeem them. Keep an eye on their Twitter Page for new codes. They tend to release a new one every month.

Don’t Forget to Patrol Guide and Tips for Beginners - Patrol

The Patrol feature in allows you to claim rewards that have been accumulated while you have been AFK. This can build up to quite a significant amount of Gold and EXP, with the gain increasing with the greater number of Chapters you have unlocked.

However, the rewards build for a maximum of 24 hours so try to do this every day. You can exchange 15 stamina, 3 times a day, to do a quick patrol that rewards 300 minutes of Patrol earnings. This can be particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of time to use your Stamina on chapters.

Do a bit of Shopping

Daily Shop

Next up in this list of Tips for Beginners is to make sure you are checking out the Daily Shop on a regular basis. It refreshes throughout the day and there are plenty of bargains to be found here such as on Equipment and Designs. If you aren’t getting lucky with the RNG from Chapters then you may find what you need here!

Time for a Trial

When you complete a Chapter, you also unlock 3 Trials for it. You must complete the first Trial for that Chapter before you can move on to the next, with each Trial getting more difficult.

These are typically a re-run of the chapter but with certain buffs given to the monsters such as increasing their damage and making them faster. Not only can this be a good challenge and a bit of fun, but you will also gain some great rewards for completing such as Gems and Gold DNA.

Keep Moving

Sometimes during a battle, you may be tempted to just sit still and slaughter the enemy monsters as they come at you. However, you should try to avoid this temptation even if your weapons are zapping them as soon as they get close.

If you are staying still, you are missing out on EXP from monsters killed by your ranged weapons, and also on lots of potential gold. This will hurt you as time goes by with your level artificially lower than it should be, and as such your weapons not upgraded as far as they could be. Good luck killing that boss with a level 1 Katana!

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