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The popularity of Pokemon is huge with new games and Pokemon churned out every year. However, the classic Pokemon series has never been released to mobile with you instead required to own an expensive Nintendo console to play the game. Therefore, for mobile gamers, it can be difficult to scratch that Pokemon itch. Here we help you out and present the Best Mobile Games Like Pokemon.

Of course, there are some mobile games from the Pokemon series available on mobile devices such as Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Masters Ex. However, these still do not capture the spirit of the classic Monster Tamer series with the only way to get this through an emulator.

Pokemon Unite - Pokemon Mobile Game

Unfortunately, this can be painful to set up or you may just not want an emulator on your phone. In our list, we present the games that are the best mobile alternatives to the main Pokemon series. Start catching, training, and battling in these different universes and you may just be surprised by the quality of the games out there!

If after reading this list you are still not seeing a game you think will fix your urge to play Pokemon on mobile, then be sure to check out our look at the Fascinating Origin Story of Pokemon. It really is a great story and shows how close we came to actually never even having a Pokemon game released!

EvoCreo: Pocket Monster Game

EvoCreo - one of the Best Mobile Game alternatives to Pokemon

When playing EvoCreo, you can really tell it was developed by huge fans of Pokemon. The game is a very close adaption of the series we all love with a lot of effort going into building a world with a very similar pixel art feel to the early games. In addition, the monsters you catch in this game are called Creo’s and there is certainly a deep enough roster to keep you entertained.

However, on the downside, the game is just pretty short. Indeed, the campaign can be completed pretty quickly although a small expansion can be purchased to further extend the game. Despite this, there is a pretty active multiplayer scene offering you lots of fun in trying to perfect your lineup for PvP.

Overall, for Pokemon fans looking for a cheap mobile alternative that stays close to the source, then EvoCrei is one of the best. Indeed, it is very cheap for what you get, can be played offline, has an active online PvP scene and there is an EveoCreo 2 expected to be released very soon.

Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters - our favorite Mobile Game Like Pokemon

Neo Monsters is another game that stays very close to the source material but manages a more polished look than some of the other games on the list. The developers also boast of 1,000+ Monsters to catch and 60+ hours of offline story to keep you busy.

However, on the downside, the game does rely quite heavily on microtransactions. Though it should be noted that you can complete the game F2P, it will just be very challenging and you will struggle in the multiplayer game modes. In addition, the open world is quite limited with you restricted in your movement quite heavily and the environment taking a top-down world view which makes the feel of the game slightly more abstract.

Overall, Neo Monsters is a great free option for Pokemon fans whilst also giving you lots of story to cover and a large selection of Monsters to capture. In addition, there are regular online events to keep things interesting but if you are interested in being competitive, you will need to spend some money.

Nexomon Extinction

Nexomon Extinction - Best Mobile Game Like Pokemon

Nexomon Extinction is the newest game on this list and boasts over 300 monsters to catch and train and also promises future DLC that will expand the game further. On mobile, it is initially free with a small cost then needed to unlock the full game. You can also play it on other devices such as Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and Steam. However, it is not crossplay with mobile.

Overall, we believe this is one of the most comprehensive Mobile Games Like Pokemon on this list. There is plenty of depth to the strategy around building your teams and the story feels long enough to be satisfying. This is also a sequel, so if you want to experience even more of the game then you should check out the first game in the series called Nexomon.

Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster - Pokemon Mobile Game Alternative

This is one of the more popular games on this list of Best Mobile Games Like Pokemon in terms of the number of downloads. Despite this, it is probably our least favorite of the options available. The controls are very awkward, with you often just battling to navigate the screen, and the User Interface just feels overly basic. In addition, there are a lot of ads in the game and many requests for you to share your data.

However, it must be said that there is a diverse range of Monsters in the game to catch and battle along with a decent sized story that has 14 different maps to explore. You are also able to test out your strategy in online multiplayer and the game continues to be regularly updated. Overall though, you are better off choosing one of the other options in this list for the best experience.

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys - alternative Pokemon Mobile Game

As you might expect, Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys is a hilarious reimagining of the Pokemon universe. If you are looking for a game as close as possible to Pokemon then this is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for something funny and are a big Rick and Morty fan, then this may be your perfect game.

In this Pokemon adaption, you take control of Rick but are swiftly taken to a new dimension where everyone is capturing, training, and fighting with 300+ different versions of Morty. You can even trade them with other players and compete in PvP multiplayer. To complete the game you must defeat different versions of Rick trainers across the multiverse to gain back your portal gun and return home.

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