Best Mobile Games like Fall Guys

Here we investigate the Best Mobile Games like Fall Guys, and it is no surprise that Fall Guys has thrown up some really interesting new takes in the genre.

Fall Guys first rose to prominence in 2020 as a way for friends to keep in touch while staying at home. We even featured it in our list of the Best Games to Play over Zoom.

Since then, it has changed a lot and was even bought by Epic Games. Unfortunately, however, it is still not available on mobile. Here we present a list of the Best Mobile Games like Fall Guys available right now.


Mobile game like Fall Guys - Oopstacles

Oopstacles is a game created by Crystal Pug with a mechanic similar to Fall Guys. The idea is to help your creature navigate an obstacle course without falling.

To do this, you have to go through a whole set of obstacles of various types and with different geometric shapes, such as cubes, rectangles, spheres, cylinders, etc. The last person standing is the winner!

The graphics have a similar cartoonish, bright, and light-hearted style to Fall Guys. In addition, there are several fun game modes:

  • Challenge Mode: Through this game mode, you can enjoy up to 1,250 levels of progression.
  • Multiplayer Gameplay: It consists of a gamemode where you can play with two or more users.
  • Shout Mode: It allows you to speed up as you speak or shout through your smartphone’s microphone.
  • Video Recording in Gif Format: This functionality allows you to share these elements on social networks.

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Bombergrounds Battle Royale

Bombergrounds is available on mobile and PC. Its mechanics take the best of Fall Guys and the mythical Bomberman to create an excellent game, in which you can play online with up to 25 players and avoid being bombed.

Thanks to its graphics, multiple game modes, and diverse set of maps, you can have endless fun with crazy explosions and obstacles. In addition, you can pick from a large range of characters to play each level.

There are also tons of skins and rewards available for completing different tasks and achievements.

Fall Dudes

Fall Dudes - mobile alternative to Fall Guys

With this game, you can compete against 39 other opponents to survive and complete an obstacle course first. It is one of the best mobile games similar to Fall Guys, which allows you to challenge your opponents, in a unique way, in each new obstacle.

There are also loads of customization options you can take advantage of to make your character unique.

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Mobile Game like Fall Guys

Stumble Guys is another very close adaptation of Fall Guys that is available on both mobile and PC. Competing in games of up to 32 players, you must survive a range of crazy obstacle courses to be the last one standing.

Like many of these games, there are a lot of customization options to make your character stand out amongst your friends and opponents.

Ultimate Knockout Race

Ultimate Knockout Race Mobile Game

Ultimate Knockout Race is a competitive game that offers you the opportunity to participate together with 30 other players. The idea is that you win the trophy and have fun while doing it.

In addition, it is one of the mobile titles similar to Fall Guys, whose mechanics are similar, although with better graphic details.

The plot of the game consists of overcoming colorful levels with obstacles that can represent real physics, for example, pendulums, mobile modules, inclined floors, etc.

Human: Fall Flat

Humman Fall Flat Best Mobile Games like Fall Guys

Human Fall Flat is another interesting take on the physics gameplay of Fall Guys. Players take control of a humanoid figure called Bob and try to complete an endless amount of unique Puzzle levels.

Like other games in this list, there are a huge amount of customizable options to make Bob your own. In addition, you can play on your own or with up to 4 other players.

Human Fall Flat is also compatible with our favorite mobile controller for iPhones – the Backbone One. Check out our full Backbone One for iPhone Review to see why you need to get one of these today.

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