Best 4X Strategy MMO Mobile Games

Ever since I started gaming, 4X strategy games have been some of my favorites to sink time into. This love affair started way back with the very first civilization game. Things have moved on a lot since then, and here we take a look at the Best 4X Strategy MMO Mobile Games.

If like me, you used to really enjoy a 4X Strategy game and have been searching for a mobile MMO version to bring it all back, then you have come to the right place. I have played all the games on this list and can highly recommend each one.

In particular, these games will suit players looking for mobile games like Civilization and Crusader Kings but with a heavier multiplayer focus. Alternatively, they are great options for players already familiar with 4X Strategy MMO Mobile Games but are looking for a new one to try out.

Evony The King’s Return

Evony The King's Return - 4X Strategy MMO Mobile Game

Evony is one of the oldest games on our list. It originally launched as a browser-based game but was subsequently relaunched as an updated mobile-only game. The game remains massively popular which is a testament to its quality.

There are a huge number of events always on the go in Evony, which easily keeps you entertained. These include PvP Events for the war hungry and PvE Events for the pacifists.

Additionally, there is a lot of complexity in the game in terms of both diplomacy and battle tactics which is sure to keep strategy fans engaged. We have covered this game in detail on this site, make sure to check out all our Evony Guides if you decide to start playing.

State of Survival

State of Survival - Best 4X Strategy MMO Games

State of Survival is a slightly newer game having launched in 2019. It has done well by capturing the attention of post-apocalyptic and zombie fans.

In this Strategy City Builder Game, you are placed in a world taken over by Zombies and you must team up with other Survivors to build up your cities and take control of your State.

State of Survival has done great tie-ups with popular culture. Since its launch, they have worked with both the Walking Dead TV series and The Joker film franchise. Both of these events saw the release of popular characters from the series into the game.

We have also covered this game a little on One Chilled Gamer, make sure you check our State of Survival Guides if you decide to give it a go.

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms - Best 4X Strategy MMO Games

Rise of Kingdoms is a great option for players that are a fan of a more cartoonish style of graphics. However, don’t let this fool you, this game is hugely strategic.

Indeed, there is a big emphasis on Kingdom vs. Kingdom battles. These are months-long events that see you compete against other servers for huge rewards.

Additionally, unlike other Strategy City Builder Mobile Games, RoK allows you to switch Kingdoms. This is particularly useful if you have issues with some players in your Kingdom or just want to move to a more powerful Kingdom for higher-quality PvP battles.

LotR Rise to War

LotR Rise to War - Best 4X Strategy MMO Games

This is the newest game on the list and is based on the highly popular Lord of the Rings universe. This game is perfect for lovers of the movies and books. You get to play your role in Middle Earth, creating your own Ring and trying to lead your heroes to victory.

LotR Rise to War has also proved quite innovative in the Strategy City Builder Mobile Games space. They have introduced seasons that see your progress restart at the end of each season with new elements also introduced each time. This keeps things very fresh and allows you to try out new tactics and Factions each time.

We have covered this game extensively on the site. Make sure to check out our LotR Rise to War Guides to get you started on your mobile Middle Earth journey. Also, our LotR Rise to War Review goes into detail on why we love this game so much.

Rise of Empires

Rise of Empires - Best 4X Strategy MMO Games

Rise of Empires is a hugely popular mobile game and with good reason. There are constant events to keep you interested and a vibrant community that will always see some kind of craziness going on in your server.

In addition to all this, there is a lot of depth to this game. The many different troop types, alliances, and heroes will see you continuously trying out new strategies and finding new avenues to pursue to improve your Empire.

The graphics remind me a lot of Age of Empires which is probably what the developers are going for given the similarity in the name. If you decide to try Rise of Empires, make sure you read our Rise of Empires Tips and Tricks before you get going.

Vikings War of Clans

Vikings War of Clans - Best 4X Strategy MMO Games

The last 4X Strategy MMO Mobile Game on this list is Vikings War of Clans. Although we didn’t really like it as shown in our Vikings War of Clans Review, it is still worth a mention.

Indeed, it comes from the developers behind the massive Raid Shadow Legends, Plarium. This team clearly has a big pedigree and although we didn’t enjoy it there are many who do and with these developers, you can be sure they will keep working on it.

The world they have created is truly beautiful and you’ll quickly feel at home ruling your settlement like Ragnar Lothbrok in The Vikings. You can make use of mysterious Shamans and a huge roster of troop types to challenge beasts and other Jarls for great rewards. As well as complete deep research trees to improve your metagame.

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