Pokemon Unite Item Guide and Tier List

Today we will be taking an in-depth look at Pokemon Unite’s battle and held items, and giving some tips on which ones you should invest in. Reading this Pokemon Unite Item Guide will help you understand how this feature works and grant you a huge advantage over your enemies as they are basically a stand-in for any other MOBAs items or build paths.

It may occasionally be difficult to decide which things are ideal for your favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Unite’s constantly evolving metagame, regardless of your experience level. Not to worry! We’re here to explain how held items function and tell you which ones are a cut above the rest. Indeed, in this Pokemon Unite Item Guide you will also find our Tier List of all the best items to use.

How Do Items Function in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Held Item Screen

In Pokemon Unite, held items are an essential function to understand. You’ll gain the extra advantage you need if you know what each held items are top tier and which are merely situational. Three separate held items can be equipped to your Pokemon during battle. These items provide your Pokemon immediate passive stat increases like bonus attack, improved mobility, or healing.

Specific items and effects are naturally better with certain Pokemon who can draw out their potential better. Many factors influence players to decide which held items to equip for each match. Continue reading this Pokemon Unite Guide for all the details you need to help make the right decision.

There is just one held item slot available to new players in Pokemon Unite at first. This number increases up to 3 total held items as your account levels up, with 2 slots at level 7, and a third slot unlocking at level 10. You naturally level up your Trainer level via playing matches, winning, or fulfilling daily and event challenges. Your account level is visible in the upper-left corner when you are in the main menu.

You may use the Battle Prep menu to manage your held items and see their stats at any time before a battle begins.

The Two Damage Types in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Special Attack Example

In Pokemon Unite, the type of damage that a Pokemon can deal falls into two categories: either attack damage or special attack damage. Basic attacks made by your character are entirely normal attack damage unless they have some sort of a special passive or empowerment. While most abilities deal special attack damage.

Held and battle items can empower both types of attacks, so you need to know what your Pokemon specializes in before you pick items for him. Indeed, it goes without saying that items that boost special attacks will not empower a Pokemon whose specialty is dealing attack damage.

Best Pokemon Unite Held Items

Before we list the best-held items in Pokemon Unite let’s look at how they actually work! Each item can be upgraded via the Aeos Emporium up to grade 30. The main buff/statistic upgrades 2 times in total. With the first upgrade at item grade 10, and the second at grade 20. Therefore, always remember to upgrade your favorites to at least grade 20!

Knowing which things complement your playstyle the best will help you get the most use out of them. There are now 16 distinct held items available in Pokemon Unite, each with its own stats and special passive effects. Some held items, however, are sadly inferior to others. As such, let us see the overview of all items, and give you details on the strongest and most useful held items of the current meta.

TierItem Name
SMuscle Band; Focus Band; Energy Amplifier; Attack Weight; Buddy Barrier
AExp. Share; Choice Specs; Float Stone; Weakness Policy; Scope Lens; Aeos Cookie
BRazor Claw; Score Shield; Shell Bell; Wise Glasses; Sp. Atk Specs
CAssault Vest; Leftovers; Rocky Helmet

So let us now discuss some of the S-tier items, and how to get the most mileage out of using them.

  • Muscle Band – increases the damage and speed of your Pokemon basic attacks, along with dealing bonus damage based on how much HP left the targeted enemy has. This makes any Attack Damage Pokemon that much more of a threat. But it honestly works on ANYONE due to the tank-busting properties of its passive. However, since Tanks are not that meta anyway, stick to equipping this on your more offensive Pokemon.
  • Focus Band – a pure defense item that increases your defenses and provides healing when you fall below 25% HP. The obvious users of this gem are Tanks. Imagine putting in resources, wasting ultimates, and risking your lives to push that Snorlax off of the goal. Only to see him recover half his total HP and squash you in a war of attrition.
  • Buddy Barrier – a highly effective defensive item. When you use your Unite Move, it provides a shield to you and your ally with the lowest HP in range. Its amazing effect only activates when you perform your Ult which is quite a drawback. But it’s still hella good for Supports and Tanks alike.
  • Energy Amplifier – greatly increases your damage for a couple of seconds after using your Unite Move. Additionally, it speeds up the charging of said move. Energy Amplifier shares the requirement drawback, but it’s DESTRUCTIVE on Attacker Pokemon like Mew or Glaceon.
  • Attack Weight – Increases your Attack stat each time you score goals. This can be hard to do in certain games. But experienced players may use this to steamroll the game while amassing a massive lead in power. It’s certainly one of those high-risk, high-reward things!

Best Pokemon Unite Battle Items

Pokemon Unite Battle Item Screen

Battle Items, unlike Held Items, are active effects. You press its assigned ability button and get instant results before they go on a lengthy cooldown. You can only bring one battle item into the fray, so you need to make your choice count! Here’s the tier list of all battle items in Pokemon Unite:

TierItem Name
SEject Button; X Attack; Full Heal
AX Speed; Potion
BGoal Getter; Fluffy Tail; Slow Smoke
  • Eject Button – undoubtedly one of Pokemon Unite’s best picks when it comes to battle items. Grants the ability to teleport a short distance in whatever direction you want. Its flexibility makes it a go-to pick no matter the role or Pokemon you play.
  • X Attack – a Battle Item that Speedsters and Attackers frequently use for its large increases in Attack and Special Attack for a set amount of time. Damage dealers now have a critical window to deliver maximum DPS and secure the team fight!
  • Full Heal – outstanding item that significantly raises a Pokemon’s overall survivability. You can cleanse harmful Status Effects such as poison, burn, stun, slow, and become resistant to them for a couple of seconds. This item is very effective against foes that have a lot of crowd control.
  • X Speed – increase your movement speed for a couple of seconds. A way less flexible mobility option compared to the eject button, but on a lower cooldown.
  • Potion – a simple and good old-fashioned heal. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s solid enough to win you some fights you would otherwise lose.

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