Best Mobile Games like Among Us

Here we investigate the Best Mobile Games like Among Us, and it is no surprise that Among Us has spawned numerous new games in the genre.

Among Us has been a huge game ever since it gained popularity in 2020 as a way for people to stay in touch with their friends. You can even play Among Us using a mobile controller these days, forgoing the frustration of using the touchscreen controls.

Indeed, it features in our list of the Best Games to Play over Zoom and our list of the Best Co-Op Games on Mobile. Although Among Us is already a great game, it can be fun to mix things up with a slightly different take on the game.

Keep reading for our list of the Best Mobile Games Like Among Us. - Mobile Games like Among Us is a game that is quite reminiscent of Among Us. The game divides players into two factions, represented mainly by companions and traitors.

In addition to these two roles, there is also a Sheriff and a Jester. The Sheriff finds clues about the traitors and Jester must pretend to be one of the traitors. 

Apart from the main game mode, it is possible to relax with your friends by fishing and showing off your new look. You can unlock clothing and customization pieces in order to play showing your own style at 100%.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem

Town of Salem is one of the best games dealing with the topic of finding out who the killers are. It allows up to 15 players per game, and it is possible to assign up to more than 30 different roles.

Thanks to that last aspect, every match of Town of Salem is unrepeatable, and you never get tired of playing it with your friends. Just like in Among Us, it is important to vote and know how to defend yourself!

Murder Us

Murder Us - Among Us alternative

Murder Us hosts a match of up to 20 players, which can be chaos! Of course, the game expands the idea of ​​Among Us and introduces two more roles: the detective and the accomplice.

Both roles give rise to more arguments, deception, and half-truths. If you’re feeling creative, it’s possible to create your own maps and play on them with your friends. As a bonus, you can customize your character with a good variety of items.

This game is clearly a pretty close remake of Among Us and is, therefore, one of the closest matches for Mobile Games like Among Us.

Red Imposter

Red Imposter - Single Player Mobile Game like Among Us

Red Imposter puts you in the role of a Red Imposter. It’s the only role you can have! Despite being limited in options, this game is still fun.

The challenge is to successfully sabotage and eliminate crew members without them ever seeing you. It is simple, free and a curious version based on the premise of Among Us.

Although this mobile game is like Among Us, it is a single-player take. It, therefore, does not suit those looking for the true social experience of Among Us.

Project Winter

Project Winter - survival mobile game alternative to Among Us

Project Winter places you in a threatening winter from which the survivors are trying to escape. To achieve this goal, players need to work together to complete tasks, obtain resources, and call the rescue vehicle.

In turn, the traitors must sabotage escape attempts, eliminate clueless survivors, and avoid being exiled and left to the mercy of the harsh nature. Despite being paid, it’s a pretty good game!

Additionally, this game has really cool graphics and will suit players looking for a Mobile Game like Among Us but with a slightly more realistic, and apocalyptic, athstetic.

Secret Neighbour

Secret Neighbour mobile game

Secret Neighbor is set in the Hello Neighbor universe. On this occasion, some young people try to collaborate to rescue a friend who has been captured in the Neighbor’s house.

Just as it happens in Among Us, one of the players is actually an enemy, the same Neighbor. All players can use abilities, and the Neighbor must do his best to foil the plans of the youngsters.

This is another great Mobile Game like Among Us that introduces a slightly different take with more realistic animation-type graphics.

3D Impostor

3D Impostor

In 3D Impostor, you can also choose whether to be a survivor or an impostor. The theme is reminiscent of Among Us, although the gameplay is different.

First of all, this game is for one player, and you can play it without the internet. Second, the map is small, and each match lasts one minute. It’s a very simple game but entertaining if you only have a few minutes of free time.

However, one to avoid if you are after the multiplayer experience.

Making the most of Mobile Games like Among Us

Although all these games are available on mobile, it can sometimes be tricky to navigate them with a touchscreen. Therefore, if you want a better experience, we’d recommend playing them with a mobile controller.

Our favorite mobile controller for Android is the Razer Kishi whilst our favorite for the iPhone is the Backbone One. Check out how they compare in our Razer Kishi vs. Backbone One Review.

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