Pokemon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide

Theia Sky Ruins is Pokemon Unite’s second full-size map, which took over as the standard map for ten-player battles for both Standard and Ranked play. Remoat Stadium and Theia Sky Ruins have numerous similarities, yet there are some key differences you need to look out for.

There is a lot to understand about Theia Sky Ruins if you want to succeed there because it has a slightly different layout, new features, and most importantly a new cast of Wild Pokemon. In particular, you will need to know about the tactical locations, where to get Berries, and what Wild Pokemon can be defeated. For more information on getting ahead in Pokemon Unite, make sure to check out our Pokemon Unite Beginner’s Guide.

Theia Sky Ruins Map Details

Theia Sky Ruins Map

Theia Sky Ruins matches last 10 minutes and feature five players on each team. The map is divided into three primary lanes: Top, Middle, and Bottom, just as with Remoat Stadium. On their side of the map, each team must defend five goal zones: one right outside their spawn, and two goals on the top and bottom lane each.

On either end of the arena’s horizontal axis are the players’ respective primary bases, where they will first spawn. Enemy players cannot access your main base and you and your teammates can use this location to regenerate your health quickly.

Theia Sky Ruins Jump Pads

Each team has two Jump Pads that may be used at any time throughout a match, just like the other full-sized maps in Unite. These Jump Pads can be utilized to instantly jump to the center of the map. They are found on each side of the map in the middle area.

At the five-minute point of the game, a Super Jump Pad will also appear in the main base of each team. This map functions similarly to previous maps in that it allows you to instantly transport to one of six points on your side of the battlefield. Therefore, always pay attention when pushing into the enemy team after the midpoint of the match because they might get reinforcements outta the blue!

Theia Sky Ruins Goal Zones

Your team’s goal zones will grant you a small shield and steadily restore your health, making it a pretty safe place for you and your teammates to remain. You can only score points on the two opposing Goal Zones in either lane that are closest to your side. These areas are known as Active Goal Zones and will always be lit up on your mini-map.

In short, your squad must breach the Goal Zones in order to go past them and score on the Goal Zones farther down in each lane, which eventually allows you to score on the Goal Zone in the enemy base. A total of 80 cumulative points need to be scored on the outer Goal Zone to destroy it. Then the inner Goal Zones require 100 points to shatter. Whereas the core Goal Zones in each base cannot be destroyed.

You and your teammates will understandably no longer be able to regenerate shields or health in a place where one of your Goal Zones has been destroyed. Points scored within the two last minutes of the match will count as double.

The distance between your main base and any unbroken Goal Zones will also provide a speed boost for you and your crew. The movement speed of hostile players passing through these zones will in turn be slowed down.

Theia Sky Ruins Berry Locations

Two distinct types of berries, each of which offers different advantages when collected, will sprout everywhere across Theia Sky Ruins. Below is information about these berries, including their use and where they spawn.

Salac BerryRestores 1,500 HPBehind front Goal Zones in top & bottom lanes.
Sitrus BerryIncreases movement speedNear Rayquaza spawn point in map center.

Theia Sky Ruins Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Wild Pokemon Location and Red Buff

Like with other maps in Pokemon Unite, several Wild Pokemon can spawn in the Theia Sky Ruins. Killing these will give you points that can be used to score in goal zones and experience to increase your level. Typically these are all found in the middle of the map, in the Jungle area. The following Wild Pokemon spawn in the Theia Sky Ruins:

  • Altaria
  • Indeedee
  • Natu
  • Xatu
  • Swablu
  • Baltoy (Evolves into Claydol at ~2 minutes left in the match)
  • Bunnelby (Evolves into Diggersby at ~2 minutes left in the match)

In addition to the above, there additional special Wild Pokemon that spawn in the jungle which will give additional buffs when killed. In particular, look out for the following Wild Pokemon when playing on Theia Sky Ruins:

  • Accelgor – Grants a “blue buff” which reduces all your cooldowns by a significant amount.
  • Escavalier – Grants a “red buff” which increases the damage of your basic attacks. They also reduce the movement speed of enemies struck by your basic attacks.

Theia Sky Ruins Boss Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Rayquaza Theia Sky Ruins

The jungle is also home to Boss Pokemon that usually spawn towards the late stage of the match. They serve as objectives you will need to contest the enemy team for, as they provide powerful buffs that can turn the tide of the match.

Theia Sky Ruins has five different boss Pokemon. Here’s the full list:

  • Regieleki – Spawns at 7 minutes into the match above the middle of the top lane (respawns every two minutes after defeat). When defeated by one of the teams, he will travel down the lane toward the other team’s goal zone and zap it. For 24 seconds after that, your team can score goals on that zone INSTANTLY.
  • Regirock – Has a chance to spawn (33.3%) at 7 minutes into the match below the middle of the bot lane (Regirock has a chance to respawn every two minutes in his place after defeat). Grants a buff to Defense, Sp. Defense and flat EXP amount to the team that defeats him.
  • Registeel – Has a chance to spawn (33.3%) at 7 minutes into the match below the middle of the bot lane (Registeel has a chance to respawn every two minutes in his place after defeat). Grants a buff to Attack, Sp. Attack and flat EXP amount to the team that defeats him.
  • Regice – Has a chance to spawn (33.3%) at 7 minutes into the match below the middle of the bot lane (Regice has a chance to respawn every two minutes in his place after defeat). Grants a buff to HP regeneration and a flat EXP amount to the team that defeats him.
  • Rayquaza – Spawns in the very middle of the map. Upon defeat provides shields that protect players from interruptions while they are scoring and cut the scoring time in half. Air currents will also appear in the top and bottom lanes, increasing movement speed when you go through them.

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