GameSir X3 Mobile Gaming Controller Review: One of the Best

The GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller offers a pro-level mobile gaming experience. From the masterminds of GameSir comes a wired controller and cooler combo. The X3 Type-C solves your phone’s overheating issues while also providing a console-like gaming experience.

Bumpers, triggers, ABXY buttons, and D-pad all include kailh switches, ensuring that nice “mechanical” feedback. The smooth-as-butter control provided by the Alps analog thumbsticks may make you forget that you are playing on a phone. The D-pad, thumbsticks, and thumbstick caps are all removable, giving you more options for that personal touch.

GamerSir X3 Review Gameplay

That is how GameSir describes their impressive 2-in-1 device. But does it measure up? We at OneChilledGamer took to field testing this promising piece of hardware, and the results were kinda surprising! Let’s dive deep into a review of GameSir’s X3 Type-C Controller for mobile devices.

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The Packaging Overview

As with anything electronic, your first impression is formed before you even see it. We are of course talking about the packaging it comes in.

GamerSir X3 Review Case

The entire kit is contained within a carry case bearing the name of the controller and the company that made it. Said case is extremely well made, it’s reinforced on top and bottom, so the content doesn’t get squished. When you open it up, you will immediately find a little pocket you can store things in. There is a fair amount of space here even with everything GameSir X3 related still inside.

Inside you will find a little box with a number of choices to modify various characteristics of the controller. Longer analog sticks, alternate d-pad, and two sets of analog stick caps, one set concave and the other convex. Alongside some customer support info cards, a manual, and a cool sticker.

GamerSir X3 Inside Case Review

The controller is naturally there too! This entire package seems almost… too premium for the price point of this controller! I was seriously shocked when I was unboxing this, and now I’m going to hold other companies to an impossibly high standard when it comes to packaging.

How It Feels To Hold And Play The GameSir X3

The most important aspect of the GameSir X3, as with other controllers, is how it feels to “wield” it. All of the face buttons are extraordinarily enjoyable to use. They give you that nice mechanical feedback with every press. The D-pad, the shoulder buttons, using the joysticks. All the sensations are very much comparable to the best controllers of Microsoft or Sony.

Even without a phone inside, the controller is quite heavy, more or less what you would expect for its size. I read bizarre claims that this makes it “bulky”. But honestly? To me, it screams “solid, well made, and premium.” There are so many devices out there that are big but have no weight behind them. Almost as if they were hollow, gutted, or made out of the most flimsy plastic in existence. The X3 is NONE of that.

It feels great to hold this thing, and it continues to feel great even for prolonged sessions of gaming.

I’m A Big Fan of GameSir X3’s Cooler (Pun intended)

The X3 is not only a controller but also a cooler, duh. A sizeable fan is placed on the back of the controller, and it connects to a designated “cooling area” which makes contact with your phone when connected. This genius solution is extremely successful at drawing all the heat generated by games and other process-heavy apps.

GamerSir X3 Fan Cooler Review

The fan functionality is just great! It does pretty much all of what it says on the tin, so to speak. Helps you avoid any gameplay issues related to your phone overheating, while also obviously protecting your device from the damage the heat could induce. The fan is also surprisingly quiet so it will not disrupt your immersed gameplay sessions.

The biggest downside of the cooler is that it needs a separate power input. X3’s fan consumes so much power that you can’t use batteries to keep it running. Therefore, you need to be plugged into an outlet all the time if you need the cooler running. This obviously affects the controller portability.

Battery, Charging, And Compatibility

Speaking of batteries and power, you might be wondering what about the controller battery. Well, it has none, which may seem weird, but it’s the right call in my book. The controller is exclusively powered by the phone it is connected to.

This means that it doesn’t need a heavy built-in battery that will sometime get irreversibly damaged. However, at the same time, it does mean that your gaming sessions may be cut short as you have to charge your phone more often.

Thankfully, GameSir provided information that the power consumption of the controller is around 2mAh. This, by itself, will drain your phone at a truly insignificant pace. Despite this, you can easily charge your phone while it’s “docked” in the controller, either plugged into a socket or a mobile phone portable charger.

GamerSir X3 Controller Review

The other issue that might come up is compatibility. For the controller to even work, you need an android device with a Type-C port. For iPhone users, you are better going with our favorite controller for iPhones – the Backbone One.

Furthermore, it needs to be running Android 9 or above, and must be 110-179 mm in length. This is not that bad honestly, almost every single modern android phone fits these criteria. But precise measuring is advised if you have an extremely small, or huge phone.

GameSir X3 Compatible Games

When it comes to games that you can actually play with the X3, there is a huge range to choose from. Most AAA games are covered including:

  • Apex Legends
  • CoD Mobile
  • Diablo Immortal
  • Fortnite

You can see the full list on the GameSir website right here. Alternatively, you can download the GameSir App from the Play Store which will show you all the games that are compatible with all GameSir Controllers.

The Conclusion

So the big question is… whether you should invest your hard-earned money in the GameSir X3 controller, or should you not. And in all honesty, the answer is “heck yes” in my opinion. The X3 does everything you want your mobile controller to do with high precision, premium quality, and honestly not that bad of a price tag. It is also, in our opinion a better option than some of their other controllers such as the GameSir X2 Pro.

This is probably the ideal controller if you’re searching for one that feels high-end, has tons of customization options, and can save your phone from all kinds of heat-related nasty business. All wrapped in just stunning packaging, with some extremely welcome goodies. It has easily become one of our Best Mobile Controllers for Android.

GamerSir X3 Gameplay Review

The compatibility issues might affect those with older phones, and the fan requiring being wired to a power source at all times is a bummer. But these are both such preventable issues when you do your research and pick the right spot for sitting down for a gaming session. Or just skip out on using the fan sometimes to keep your gaming mobile!

It’s a straight 4.5/5 in my book. While there are issues to be ironed out in the next version of this controller. Right now? It’s pretty much as perfect, as perfect can get.

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