Dislyte Leveling Fast Guide

As Dislyte has now been around for quite a while, with a few events and banners having passed, people starting from the very beginning have a lot to catch up with. In this Dislyte Fast Leveling Guide, we will show you to catch up as quickly as possible. Indeed, leveling fast in Dislyte is even possible as a free-to-play player!

However, before you get started it is a good idea to make sure you know all the Esper basics. This will help you understand which Espers you should focus on and how they should be used. For more details check out our full Dislyte Espers Guide.

Dislyte Story Fast Leveling

There are ways to rise up the ranks in a matter of days, push through the story mode and build up your team far faster than you would expect. After all, you start Dislyte with a Newbie XP bonus. Simply refilling your stamina where possible and pushing through the story, you’ll be making more progress than advanced players.

As you increase your Squad Level, you will also increase your stamina cap. This allows even more stamina to be regenerated while you are away from the game.

However, just playing the story is not the most efficient and you will likely get bored quickly. There are some many different game modes and challenges in Dislyte that offer great rewards and more fun. Utilizing all of these is vital to leveling fast in Dislyte.

Dislyte Fast Levling Guide - Stamina

As you can see, you can refresh your Stamina up to 10 times per day, excluding the use of any Stamina packs! At the beginning of the game, you should have no shortage.

Ascend your Espers to Level Fast

One way of quickly improving and advancing your Espers is by making sure that they’re ascended to at least Phase 3 if not further. Ascension is a vital mechanic of the game, which will not only increase Esper stats but also improve their abilities.

Having stronger Espers will allow you to take on more difficult challenges and game modes. This will in turn increase the rewards you gain and thus speed up your progress.

In addition to this, it is also important to optimize how their Divine Resonance is allocated and replace them with better Espers where you can.

Dislyte Fast Leveling Narmer Esper

Resonance and Ascension are vital for ensuring that your Espers can work to their fullest potential. As you can see, my Narmer is fully ascended!

Pick the Right Espers for each Game Mode

Each game mode in Dislyte will have certain Espers which are more suited for it. Picking the right ones will make it easier for you to beat the challenge. This will of course see you getting more rewards and leveling faster in Dislyte.

The best Espers for each game mode and challenge can be determined via our Dislyte Guides. There is also lots of information within the game that can help you determine the best Espers for the job.

Gain more Espers

Obviously, though, at the start of the game, you will not have many Espers and it may be difficult to pick the ideal squad for each game mode. It’s important to work with what you have, and your personal experience with who tends to fall behind should be enough.

However, there are a few things you should be doing from day 1 to increase your Disylte Esper roster.

Grinding for more Dislyte Espers

Largely, you just have to keep playing the game and getting Gold Records and Nexus Crystals to try for the Espers you need. This is the simplest way of getting more Espers and is the core mechanic of any gacha game.

You should start to see a snowball effect here and begin picking up Espers fairly early on. This will help build out your roster to optimize who you use in each game mode for better rewards and fast Dislyte leveling.

Use the Ripple Dimension for more Espers

As mentioned above, the gacha mechanic is one of the simplest ways to gain more Espers to aid you in defeating game modes at a higher level. However, there is an alternative that you should utilize – the Dislyte Ripple Dimension.

In particular, Ye Suhua and Dhalia can only be found through this mechanic via the Ripple Miracle. Keep an eye on the chat at the top of the screen, where Ripple Dimensions will be posted. Being in an active Dislyte Club will also help this process as you will get access to even more Ripple Dimensions as your allies find them.

Aside from this, you can also find Espers through Esper Fusion and the Club Shop. Make sure to utilize all possible methods to grow your roster and Dislyte level fast!


Early on, there is no need to hunt down any specific Relics as the story mode will reward you with plenty. Indeed, they shouldn’t be too much of a concern until you’re building specialized teams for different game modes.

However, ensuring your Espers are equipped with the best you have available will help you beat those lucrative game modes. This will as always improve the rewards you are gaining and see you rising through the Dislyte ranks at a faster pace.

If you want some information on how to start harnessing your Relics’ full potential, check out our Dislyte Relics Guide. Included is information on the best ways to get Relics and what each one does.

Dislyte Leveling Fast - Narmer Relics

Here are the relics my Narmer has been equipped with. Make sure to pay attention to the dots in the top left corner of each Relic as well as their stars – 4 is best!

My Fast Leveling Dislyte Process

At the end of the day, your best bet will always be to prioritize the story. It’s the fastest way to get Gold Records, Relic sets, Abilimon, and other rewards while still progressing and completing Missions.

Eventually, you will get stuck and be unable to progress in the way you’d like. If this becomes an issue, I’ve found it easiest to have a list of things to do.

Multi-Battle System

First, you want to be using the Multi-battle system on the most recent practice level. This should be done to level up any Espers or Starimon you want to work on.

Whilst this is going on, there are several Dislyte Trials you can concentrate on to improve your Espers even further. These are summarized below.

Infinite Miracle

First off, I’d recommend trying to push through the Infinite Miracle as much as possible. There are a lot of really great rewards as you go up the Spatial Tower, and once you’ve beaten it and unlocked the Temporal Tower, it can be really great to farm with.

Cube Miracle

Once you become stuck in the Infinite Miracle, you should move on to the Cube Miracle. Cube Points can help you buy a lot of incredibly useful materials for improving your Espers during this time. As already mentioned, better espers will mean more power and therefore faster Dislyte leveling.

Ritual Miracle

Next up, I’d focus on the Ritual Miracle to try to improve the Relics assigned to your main Espers. Focusing not only on star count but also on quality. You can also use gold to upgrade these Relics, but make sure you aren’t wasting your gold on low-quality Relics.

Desolate Lands

Similarly, I’d push through the new Desolate Lands Bosses to acquire Boost Stones and improve your Relics even further.

Sonic Miracle

After that, the Sonic Miracle can then be focused on in order to ascend your main Espers as much as possible.

After these Dislyte Trials, your Espers should be vastly improved compared to before and you’ll likely be able to continue progressing with the story and acquiring even more materials to aid your progress! You’ll eventually get into a rhythm, and as such progress will become a lot more natural.

Dislyte Trials

This is the Dislyte Trials menu! It’ll be your best friend when trying to improve your Espers for pushing through the story.


You can, of course, also do other things that are less directly tied to improving your current Espers during the Multi-battle. After all, we are here to have fun!

The Dislyte DJ Contest can be very enjoyable and completing any special events before they time out is another place for good rewards. Additionally, hunting down Ripple Dimensions, as they appear, is another fun activity that will also help you get new and improved Espers for your teams.

There are also Bounties, Clubs, Point Wars, and many more ways to have fun while farming! At the end of the day, variety is vital to making sure that you both progress as much as possible but also keep having fun with it!

Have fun Leveling Fast in Dislyte!

Please don’t feel pressured to burn out just in the name of progress, and make sure to pace yourself well and have fun. Hopefully, this guide will help you in that endeavor!

Progressing through the story as much as you can, using up as much stamina as you can, and using your time wisely while you farm is definitely the quickest way to level up while remaining free-to-play. Also make sure to check out our list of the Best Free Dislyte Espers, unlocking and developing these will greatly help you progress in a cost-effective way.

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