GameSir X2 Pro Review: Xbox for Android

GameSir is back again with another fantastic product release into the competitive Mobile Gaming Controller market. This time they have teamed up with Xbox to release an exclusive Xbox controller. We’ve had a first look at it, and it really is brilliant. Keep reading this GameSir X2 Pro Review for all the details you need to know.

Of course, GameSir is no stranger to this market with other great controllers such as their GameSir X3. We also covered this controller with our GameSir X3 Review. It is, therefore, no surprise that they have again released a top-quality controller.

It should be noted that there is a lot of competition in this market. For example the Razer Kishi and Backbone One. In this GameSir X2 Pro Review, we will tell you why we think this controller is a big competitor in the market and well worth your dollars to buy.

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As shown in our GameSir X3 Review, GameSir does not skimp on the packaging. It really feels like a premium product the moment you get your hands on the box.

Indeed, once you open it up there is a nice surprise with a case included.  This case feels very durable and my accidental drop test proved it does a great job of protecting the controller! The addition of the case is a nice touch, and something most competitors would charge you extra for.

In addition, there are some replacement thumb grips and a cool-looking GameSir sticker for you to make use of. These are nice to have but pretty standard add-ons for most mobile controllers.

Phone Compatability

One thing that should be noted straight away here is that this is strictly for Android phones. There is no iPhone version. In addition, your phone must be between 110mm to 179mm in length.

Your Android Phone must also be using a USC-C connection. However, this is all pretty standard stuff these days and should therefore not cause any problems. Although, it is always worth double-checking before you buy!

The phone is easily plugged into the USB-C connection. However, there was one compatibility issue we did experience here. The controller would not connect to our phone with the case on. It was just a bit too thick for the controller USB-C connection to fully connect with the phone.

Therefore, we were required to remove the phone case to get it working with the controller. This would not be ideal if you were wanting to use the controller when you were out, for example on the train as part of your commute.

A USB-C connection is an absolute must for any mobile controller you buy. This minimizes any game latency that you may experience with a Bluetooth connection. However, many controllers then do not allow you to do passthrough charging.

Thankfully, this is not the case with the GameSir X2 Pro. There is a charging port on the outside of the controller which can be directly plugged into to charge your phone whilst you use the controller.


As an Xbox exclusive, the GameSir X2 Pro is clearly aimed at fans of the Xbox console. Indeed, they have done a great job of replicating the Xbox style.

All the classic buttons you’d expect from an Xbox controller are there and in the same style. However, if you want to change it up, this is easily done. The ABXY buttons are detachable and can also be remapped to your preferred setup.

The controller can also be bought in 2 different colors – black or white. We have a copy of the black controller and it looks great. However, having seen the white version too, it certainly looks like a great option also.

Game Compatability

Like other mobile controllers, all the big AAA mobile games are covered by this controller. This includes the massively popular Fortnite and CoD Mobile games.

However, it is always worth ensuring that the games you want to play are compatible before buying. This is easily done with the use of the GameSir App or directly on the GameSir Website.

It is also compatible with many cloud gaming options on your PC and console. As part of this, you get 1-month free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included when you buy the controller.

GameSir App Review

GameSir has just released its newest app to complement their mobile controllers. This is super useful to browse when looking for games that can be used with your controller. You can even get this downloaded from the GameSir Website before you own the controller to ensure it covers your games.

However, it has to be said that the app is not quite up to the same standards as some of their competitors. For example, the Razer app feels much slicker and has built-in social and sharing options which the GameSir App does not.

In addition, the permissions the app requires do feel quite intrusive. There is a long list of items you must agree to which seems to go beyond what the controller would actually require. Unfortunately, the app is also required for your controller to function properly with your games.

Nonetheless, the GameSir App does its primary job well, that of allowing you to find compatible games and map your GameSir controllers to them. If the social media aspect or file permissions are not a concern of yours, then the App is great.

It is also worth noting that the team at GameSir did confirm to us that the latest version of the app will be added to the Google Play Store soon. This should clear up any concerns around file permissions as it will go through an approval process with the Google Play Store.


In our opinion, this part of the GameSir X2 Pro Review is probably the most important. How does it actually feel to play using the GameSir X2 Pro? We have reviewed many mobile controllers and the GameSir X2 Pro is up there with the best.

Indeed, it just seems to sit perfectly in your hands. It is just the right weight once your phone is in and does not show any signs of easily slipping out.

All the buttons are well placed and easily reachable with your fingers. They are also not difficult or too easy to press, meaning it is little effort to just pick and play with this controller.

In particular, the Alps 3D joysticks and Kalih Microswitch bumpers were a joy to play with. During our lengthy testing, we also experienced zero latency issues.

All in all the controller design has really helped make this a comfy controller to game with. It fits easily into your hands and the buttons have a nice mechanical feedback sensation so you know you have actually pressed them!


The GameSir X2 Pro is easily one of the best mobile controllers available right now at its price point. Indeed, especially for fans of the Xbox, this seems the obvious choice. It’s a quality product that is easy to just pick up and play with. Although there is an issue with fitting it to a phone with a slightly larger case, this is easily overcome and should not affect most people.

The biggest issue we had with the GameSir X2 Pro in this review is the GameSir App. It is not as comprehensive as Razer’s or Backbone’s companion Apps and also needs some intrusive permissions. This is fine if you don’t need the app, but if you want to map a game to the controller then you will be required to download it.

Overall, we would give the GameSir X2 Pro 3.5/5 Stars in this review. We would highly recommend picking one up once you have ensured it’s compatible with your preferred games and that you are comfortable with the GameSir App permissions. Also worth checking out is the GameSir X3. This is pretty similar and may be a better option if you are worried about overheating.

If you do decide to get this controller, or anything else from GameSir, head over to their site to redeem our exclusive discount code OCGX2P which will give you 8% off all purchases. Valid until the 30th of September 2022.

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