Razer Kishi Review: Our Favourite Mobile Controller

Razer Kishi Model

Still deciding on whether to buy the Razer Kishi? This Razer Kishi Review will make the decision easy.

Let’s be honest, playing on a smartphone is still a pleasure. All mobile games have their own control system, which takes more than one day to get used to it. Virtual buttons never work as they should, and the size of smartphones does not contribute to any acceptable ergonomics in games.

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Razer – A Respected Player in the Market

The popularity of mobile games is growing every year. It is facilitated by the wide availability of smartphones and numerous manufacturers of gaming peripherals that produce all kinds of controllers that can save users from the main problems of mobile gaming. Razer is one of those manufacturers.

Razer Kishi Review

Last year, they already released the Razer Junglecat Bluetooth Controller, which turns the smartphone into a kind of Nintendo Switch. With all the advantages of this model, it was only compatible with a limited number of smartphones and the Bluetooth connection can cause latency issues.

The Razer Kishi takes account of these shortcomings. Its USB-C connection can turn virtually any Android smartphone into a full-fledged gaming console with no latency issues. There is also a Razer Kishi iPhone Model available.

Razer Kishi Review: Design and Comfort


Razer Kishi is a universal controller that is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones. It is achieved through a stretchable support band in the central part of the controller, allowing it to adapt to smartphones with a height of 145.3mm to 163.7mm.

Razer Kishi Android Connection

On the inside of the Right controller, there is a rubberized slot with a USB-C connector. This is where you connect your smartphone. You can then insert it into the corresponding slot on the left controller to secure it. The stretchable support band prevents it from slipping out of the slots, and overall, the construction is stiff and comfortable to play with it.


It combines the left and right gamepads with the standard Xbox key configuration. The left one has a D-pad, an analog stick, a trigger, and a bumper. On the right – XYAB buttons, Stick, Trigger, and bumper. In addition, the controller provides other familiar buttons like menu and exit.


Of course, Razer could make its controller more versatile with a Bluetooth connection. However, this method leads to inevitable latency problems which can negatively affect the quality of gameplay.

Razer Kishi iPhone

Therefore, Razer decided to use only a wired connection in the Razer Kishi. There is also an iPhone Razer Kishi version available, with a Lightning connector, whilst the Android Razer Kishi uses a USB-C connection.

Charging and Audio

At the bottom of the right controller is another USB-C port. Unfortunately, it serves only for pass-through charging of a smartphone. And cannot be used to connect a wired headset, which seems to be a controversial decision. Although, given that many gamers have been using wireless headsets for a long time I can hardly call this feature a critical drawback.

And, of course, I cannot fail to mention another exciting feature of the Razer Kishi – through-holes are provided in the right half of the controller, thanks to which the sound from the lower speakers of the smartphone is not muffled. A trifle, but nice.

Razer Kishi Review: Compatability

iPhone Razer Kishi

For the iPhone Razer Kishi, support for the iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max and iPhone 12/12S/12 Max is officially announced. Indeed, support goes all the way down to the iPhone 7, however, the fit for this older model is not perfect. It does not fit into the grooves properly: an expensive toy should not fall out.

Android Razer Kishi

For the Android Razer Kishi, it is available with models that have a USB-C connection. They can also not be bigger than the max device height dimensions for the controller: 145.3mm to 163.7 mm.

Razer Kishi Review: Usage

Cloud Gaming

The Razer Kishi sees its best compatibility with cloud gaming. The gamepad is natively supported by GeForce Now, Microsoft xCloud, and Google Stadia services.

Razer Kishi Gameplay

You can easily play Cyberpunk 2077, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Destiny 2, and other games on your smartphone while your gaming laptop is being repaired or you are saving up for a new RTX graphics card.


Another scenario for using the gadget is streaming games from a PC. Sometimes I want to take a break and relax with a couple of matches in Fall Guys. And it is desirable to move to a soft sofa during this time.

It is for such moments that you can use the Steam Link application. It broadcasts a picture from a PC to a smartphone and a controller that allows you to play comfortably.

Mobile Gaming

As for purely mobile games, Razer Kishi does not work with all of them. The super-popular Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, and Genshin Impact have not made friends with the controller.

Razer Kishi Gameplay

However, Asphalt 9, Oceanhorn, Modern Combat 5, Shadowrun Legends, Brawlhalla and Real Racing 3 are all supported by the gamepad and give me the benefits of more convenient controls.

Razer Kishi Pros

  • Large, convenient controls
  • No need to worry about the battery
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Simple Compatibility
  • Very compact body
  • Secure smartphone fit
  • Makes game control very convenient
  • Ideal for cloud gaming

Razer Kishi Cons

  •  No key remapping
  • Not suitable for all smartphones
  • Not compatible with all mobile games

Why you should Buy the Razer Kishi

If you need a mobile controller for gaming, the Razer Kishi is a great option due to its low latency and better ergonomics than the competition. Just remember to match the dimensions of your smartphone with the requirements of the gamepad.

If you like to pass the time playing on your smartphone, in transport on your way to work, or in general at any opportunity, then it is definitely worth paying a little more for the Razer Kishi.

The price is totally consistent with the quality. No matter how you look at it, the Razer Kishi is one of the best mobile gamepads on the market. It showed itself perfectly in games of different genres and falls into the hands like a glove.

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