Rise of Kingdoms Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Rise of Kingdoms is a free-to-play mobile strategy game developed by Lilith Games. Keep reading these Rise of Kingdoms Tips and Tricks for Beginners to help you grow quickly in the early days of the game.

Rise of Kingdoms Tips and Tricks

The Best Starting Civilization

Rise of Kingdoms Tips - China is one of the best starting civilizations

The best starting civilization in Lost Crusade is China as you’ll get a lot of development bonuses. In particular, you will see your building speed increase by 5%. Read our Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Guide for all you need to know about Civilizations.

Always Gather Resources

Instead of keeping the game in idle mode, you should order your Commanders to gather resources. In addition, by getting your Commanders to level 37, you’ll be able to complete the entire Gathering Tree in Rise of Kingdoms.

As a free-to-play player, you can otherwise have a hard time gathering resources. Check out our list of the Best Gathering Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to help you with this.

Create a Farm/Mini Account

Create a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account

Creating a Farm Account within the same Kingdom as your Main Account brings huge benefits. You can constantly funnel resources to the Main Account to boost its growth. Follow our RoK Farm Account Guide for all you need to know.

Get a Portable Charger

Rise of Kingdoms is a great game but will use a lot of your Mobile Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Mobile Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Upgrade your City Hall

Upgrading your City Hall level should be your first focus as the max level of other buildings will depend on this. Getting this as high as you can early on allows you to build stronger RoK troops than your enemies. You will also be able to send out more marches.

Upgrade your VIP Level

Upgrade your Rise of Kingdoms VIP level to 6 for an extra builders slot

Having a high VIP level can give your civilization a huge boost in Rise of Kingdoms. Help yourself out and buy some VIP points with Gems to get you to the next level. Level 6 VIP will unlock the 2nd builder permanently.

Join a Strong Alliance

Being in a strong alliance will bring many benefits. There are special alliance events with great rewards, tough monsters you can take down together, and special buffs for Teleporting to the alliance territory.

Redeem Rise of Kingdoms Codes

The developers are regularly announcing Rise of Kingdom Codes on their Twitter Page. These can be redeemed in-game for great rewards.

Do The Main Quests to Grow

The main area of your civilization’s growth will be the main quests. They are very simple and completing these will reward speedups and resources. Both are vital to keeping your growth going.

Upgrade your Best Commanders

RoK Commanders - Charles Martel

Concentrate on your best commanders and upgrade them as much as you can. Follow our RoK Commander Guide for all you need to know about Rise of Kingdoms Commanders.

Change Kingdom with Beginner’s Teleport

If you want to join a friend in another Kingdom, you can use a free Beginner’s Teleport whilst you are still under Keep Level 8. After this, you will need to use Passport Pages which can be very expensive.

Avoid PvP Initially

When you start playing Rise of Kingdoms, don’t go all in fighting your enemies. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will lose healing speedups and resources. This will ultimately stop your growth.

You should instead focus more on the economic development of your city and PvE for rewards.

Never Stop Building

When you’re starting out, your building times are very short. However, this will quickly begin to grow exponentially. Always put on a big build before you log off for hours.

It’s great to come back on after a sleep and see that your big Keep upgrade has been completed without any speedups.

Focus on one Troop Type

Rise of Kingdoms Tips - focus on one troop type

In the beginning, just focus on one troop type depending on the style of game you want to play. Check out our RoK Troop Guide for all the details on how to utilize each Troop Type best.

Make sure to also check out our RoK Commanders Guide to understand how to pair your chosen troop type with the optimal Commander.

Play on PC

Playing on PC adds several benefits. You can dual screen in PvP, manage an alt account easily, and just passively play while you are working. It makes use of the Bluestacks Android Emulator, and you can download it here.

Don’t Neglect your Hospital

If you are attacked, as soon as your hospital is full, your troops will begin to die. This can really set you back. Upgrading your hospital level will increase the number of RoK troops that will become wounded before they start to die.

Don’t Waste Resources

Early on, the low-level troop types are very weak. Don’t build a lot of these as they become redundant very quickly. Instead, wait until you can build higher-level troops. You will need your resources for this point.

Get Ready for your first KvK

Taking part in Rise of Kingdom KvKs is one of the most exciting things about this game. Ensure you are ready by developing your commanders and reading our RoK KvK 1 Guide for all you need to know about the event.

For a full breakdown of all the different KvKs in RoK, check out our Rise of Kingdoms KvK Summary to see when you can expect to take part in each.

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