News Update 1.13.1 Adds Pets and New Event

Ever since its full release, has not disappointed with constant new updates adding more and more content to the game. Therefore, it is no surprise that has done it again with the release of Pets to assist you in your battle against the hordes of enemies. On top of this, the 1.13.1 update has added a fun new event for great rewards. Keep reading for all the details on this latest update.

Harvest Haven Event Harvest Haven Event

Update 1.13.1 has added a new Event to called Harvest Haven. In Harvest Haven, players are challenged with completing missions to earn fruit and vegetable seeds and a special event currency called Farm Coins. Missions include challenges such as evolving weapons, completing chapters, opening chests, etc. Once a mission has been completed, a new one will replace it.

Seeds that are gained from completed missions can then be planted at Harvest Haven. Depending on the seed planted, you will then have to wait a certain period of time for the fruit or vegetable to be fully grown. Once it is fully grown you can harvest it and sell it for more Farm Coins. Farm Coins can then be exchanged for a number of rewards including the following:

  • S Grade Supply Crates
  • Part Choice Chests
  • Survivor Shards
  • And much more!

However, the event is not quite that simple. Sale prices of different produce will change every 2 hours meaning you’ll need to time your sales right or focus on growing specific fruit and vegetables when prices are high. Be aware though that if you don’t sell an item of produce for more than 24 hours then it will be sold at current prices. Can you become a farming mogul?

The Harvest Haven Event will run from 28th Apr 16:00 until 8th May 15:59 (UTC+0).

Pets Coming to Pet - Croaky

As mentioned above, the latest 1.1 has added Pets to the game. With this update, we will gain access to a total of 8 pets that can be obtained from Pet Chests. The 6 Pets confirmed to be added are as follows:

  • Shelly
  • Murica
  • Croaky
  • Cheshire
  • Rex
  • Neemo
  • DD-6

As a F2P player, four Pet Chests can be opened a day by watching ads with each chest giving you one Pet. Alternatively, an Excellent Pet Chest can be opened for 300 Gems or ten for 2,680 Gems. Pets can be leveled up using a new Pet currency, called Pet Cookies, and they can be evolved into rarer versions of themself by combining them with duplicates. Each of these things improves the Pet.

Supply Crate Wishlist Supply S Crate Wishlist

Last, but definitely not least, the latest has also seen a new wish feature to the S Grade Supply Crates. With this, you are able to add 6 pieces of S-grade Equipment to a wishlist. The next time you pull an S Grade Equipment from the chosen slot, you will be guaranteed to receive the piece of Equipment that you added to your Wishlist.

Time to Fight the Horde

The 1.13.1 update is really packed with new content for us to try out. Now get out there and see if you can turn the harmless-looking Croaky into a destroyer of Hordes. And if you’re wanting a little calmer today then you can become a farmer instead! Good luck out there Survivors and if you’re new to the game check out our Tips for Beginners.

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