Evony Equipment Crafting Guide

Crafting in Evony is incredibly important to get the most out of your Generals. What equipment you need to craft will depend on your Generals role. Read this Evony Equipment Crafting Guide for all you need to know.

This Evony Equipment Crafting Guide will cover all the different equipment sets available, crafting requirements, equipment refining, how to get materials, and where to find Evony Scroll Chests.

For more information on ways to improve your Generals, make sure to read our Evony General Guide.

What is Crafting in Evony

Crafting is the process of creating equipment for your Evony Generals. These pieces of equipment possess powerful buffs. Evony Crafting is undertaken in the Forge building and will require you to collect many materials to be consumed when crafting.

Evony Forge Building

Depending on the level of the equipment you are crafting, it can take a long time to complete. Once they have been completed you are able to refine, upgrade and improve the star level of each piece of equipment. This will improve their buffs even further.

When attached to a General, the Evony General Equipment will apply many powerful buffs to that General. This can include buffs to Gathering, against Boss Monsters, and to different Troop Types.

Keep reading this Evony Equipment Crafting Guide for all you need to know about getting the most out of Crafting in Evony.

Evony Equipment Types

There are several different types of equipment that can be crafted from the forge building. Most pieces of equipment are useful for all troop-type marches.

However, the type of weapon you want to craft will depend upon the General’s main troop type. Each piece of equipment and its main use is outlined below.

HelmetAll Troops
ArmorAll Troops
Leg ArmorAll Troops
BootsAll Troops
RingAll Troops
Monster Hunting
BowRanged Troops
SpearMounted Troops
AxeSiege Troops
SwordGround Troops
StaffDuty Generals
TogaDuty Generals

Evony Equipment Crafting Requirements

There are 3 key requirements that must be met when crafting equipment in Evony. These are: having enough materials, your forge being a high enough level, and having the correct equipment scroll.

Evony Equipment Crafting - Achaemenidae Bow

The better the equipment that you are crafting, the higher the requirements for each of these things will be. Indeed, the number of materials required starts to increase very rapidly as you work your way up the equipment tiers.

There are currently 9 different tiers of Evony Equipment that can be crafted in the forge. These are outlined below along with their scroll and forge level requirements. Please note, that equipment within the same tier can have a different name depending on its type as seen below.

Ares*30Dragon Equipment

Please note that Ares equipment has further requirements and is crafted via upgrading Dragon equipment. This is covered in the Evony Upgrading Equipment section further down in this Evony Equipment Crafting Guide.

How to Speed up Evony Equipment Crafting

As you start to craft higher tier levels of Evony Equipment, the time taken to complete will increase significantly. Luckily, there are several ways to decrease the time that crafting takes. This includes:

  • Switching your Monarch Equipment Crown to the Agile Crown.
  • Improving and activating your VIP level.
  • Assigning a Duty Officer to the Forge building.
  • Switching your Evony Culture to Japan.
  • Upgrading the Blacksmith research in the Defense Research Tree at the Academy building.

Evony Equipment Sets

Evony Equipment Crafting Sets

Evony Equipment Sets are combinations of certain types of equipment attached to a General which will give you even more buffs. Lining these up correctly can be a great way of cheaply improving the buffs from equipment.

All the different Evony Equipment Sets currently available are outlined below. This includes details on what equipment the General must wear to gain the buff and what the buff is.

Please note, that the number in brackets indicates the number of the outlined pieces of equipment which must be worn in order to gain each buff from the set.

Agility Set

  • Buff
    • Gathering Speed +5% (2)
  • Equipment
    • Agility Helmet
    • Agility Armor

Solidity Set

  • Buff
    • Ranged Troop Attack +10% (2)
  • Equipment
    • Solidity Leg Armor
    • Solidity Boots

Edge Set

  • Buff
    • Troops Attack on Monsters +8% (2)
  • Equipment
    • Edge Ring
    • Edge Sword
    • Edge Crossbow
    • Edge Spear
    • Edge Axe

Transcendence Set

  • Buff
    • Gathering Speed +8% (2)
    • All Troops Load +10% (4)
  • Equipment
    • Transcendence Leg Armor
    • Transcendence Boots
    • Transcendence Ring
    • Transcendence Bow
    • Transcendence Spear

Elite’s Set

  • Buff
    • Ground and Mounted Troop Attack and Defense on Monsters +10% (2)
    • Killing Monster EXP +20% (4)
  • Equipment
    • Elite’s Helmet
    • Elite’s Armor
    • Elite’s Ring
    • Elite’s Bow
    • Elite’s Spear
    • Elite’s Sword
    • Elite’s Axe

Champion’s Set

  • Buff
    • Gathering Speed +10% (2)
    • Extra Resources from Gathering +10% (4)
  • Equipment
    • Champion’s Helmet
    • Champion’s Armor
    • Champion’s Leg Armor
    • Champion’s Boots

General’s Set

  • Buff
    • Monsters Attack -5% (2)
    • Troops Attack on Monsters +15% (4)
  • Equipment
    • General’s Leg Armor
    • General’s Boots
    • General’s Ring
    • General’s Bow
    • General’s Spear
    • General’s Sword
    • General’s Axe

King’s Set

  • Buff
    • March Speed +15% (2)
    • Marching Ranged Troop Attack and HP +10% (4)
    • Marching Mounted Troop Attack and Defense +10% (6)
  • Equipment
    • King’s Helmet
    • King’s Armor
    • King’s Leg Armor
    • King’s Boots
    • King’s Ring
    • King’s Bow
    • King’s Spear
    • King’s Sword
    • King’s Axe

Dragon Set

  • Buff
    • Gathering Speed +15% (2)
    • Monsters Attack and Defense -10% (4)
    • Attacking Troop’s Attack +10% (6)
  • Equipment
    • Dragon Helmet
    • Dragon Armor
    • Dragon Leg Armor
    • Dragon Boots
    • Dragon Ring
    • Dragon Bow
    • Dragon Spear
    • Dragon Sword
    • Dragon Axe

Ares Set

  • Buff
    • Attacking Troop’s Attack +15% (2)
    • Ground and Mounted Troop Attack and Defense on Monsters +25% (4)
    • March Size Capacity +10% (6)
  • Equipment
    • Ares Helmet
    • Ares Armor
    • Ares Leg Armor
    • Ares Boots
    • Ares Ring
    • Ares Bow
    • Ares Spear
    • Ares Sword
    • Ares Axe

Achaemenidae Set

  • Buff
    • All Troops Attack +10% (2)
    • Ground and Mounted Troop Attack and Defense on Monsters +25% (4)
    • Enemy Troop Attack -15% (6)
  • Equipment
    • Achaemenidae Helmet
    • Achaemenidae Armor
    • Achaemenidae Leg Armor
    • Achaemenidae Boots
    • Achaemenidae Ring
    • Achaemenidae Bow
    • Achaemenidae Spear
    • Achaemenidae Sword
    • Achaemenidae Axe

Evony Equipment Refining

Crafted Evony equipment can be improved even further by refining it. This is done by clicking on the Forge building, selecting the Craft option, and then navigating to the Refine tab. Here you can select the equipment you wish to refine.

Refining equipment costs refining stones and gold. The higher the tier of the equipment, the more it will cost for each of these resources. When refined, the equipment will have 4 additional buffs added to it. The buffs added depend on the equipment type as outlined below.

HelmetTroop HP
Gathering Speed
Sub-city Gold Production Speed
Sub-city Construction Speed
Sub-city Training Speed
ArmorTroop Defense
Troop Load
Sub-city Gold Production Speed
Sub-city Construction Speed
Sub-city Training Speed
Leg ArmorTroop HP
Gathering Speed
Sub-city Gold Production Speed
Sub-city Construction Speed
Sub-city Training Speed
BootsTroop Defense
Troop Load
March Speed
March Speed to Monsters
Sub-city Troop Capacity
RingTroop Attack
Troop Load
Sub-city Gold Production Speed
Sub-city Construction Speed
Sub-city Training Speed
WeaponTroop Attack
Gathering Speed
March Speed
March Speed to Monsters
Sub-city Troop Capacity

Each time you refine a piece of equipment, the buffs will be a random selection from the possibilities in the table above. In addition, the value of this buff will change. You should refine many times until you get the buff you want with a high value.

Refining Evony Equipment - Dragon Ring

Once you are happy with one or more of the buffs, you can lock them in so they do not change the next time you refine the equipment. This is done by selecting the little padlock icon next to the buff. This will add an additional Gem cost to the refining process.

Evony Equipment Star Level

Each piece of equipment can be improved further by upgrading its star level. The maximum star level for equipment is 5 stars. It costs gold to upgrade the star level, with the amount increasing for each additional star added.

Upgrading Evony Equipment Star Level - Champion's Boots

In addition, each time a star is added, it will improve the basic buff attributes for the piece of equipment. Indeed, it will also improve the power of the General that it is equipped to.

To improve the Star Level of your Evony Equipment, navigate to the Forge Building, click on the Craft option and then select the Star tab. Here you simply need to select the equipment you wish to improve the Star level of and click Upgrade Star.

Upgrading Evony Equipment

Upgrading Evony Equipment - Ares Helmet

The Evony Equipment Upgrade function is used to craft Ares equipment. To do this, you must first have a Dragon-type of the equipment you wish to upgrade. In addition, you must meet each of the below requirements to upgrade the Dragon equipment into Ares equipment.

HelmetForge LVL 30
ArmorWonder LVL 1
Forge LVL 30
LegHospital LVL 30
Forge LVL 30
BootsForge LVL 30
RingForge LVL 30
BowForge LVL 30
Archer Camp LVL 30
SwordForge LVL 30
Stables LVL 30
AxeForge LVL 30
Workshop LVL 30
SwordForge LVL 30
Barracks LVL 30

Please note, that in addition to the above, you must also have LVL 25 Super Defending Troop Defense research to upgrade the Helmet, the Dragon Master Glory achievement to upgrade the Boots, and the King of Generals Glory achievement to upgrade the Ring.

The current requirements for these 2 Evony Glory Achievements can be seen below:

Dragon MasterOne 500k Power Dragon
King of GeneralsSix 3.5M Power Generals

Upgrading each of these pieces of equipment will cost 800 Badges and 30M Gold.

Evony Equipment Scrolls

Evony Equipment Scrolls

Equipment Scrolls are a key ingredient in crafting higher-tier equipment as outlined further up in this Evony Equipment Crafting Guide. In ascending order, the equipment scrolls available are:

  • Mithril, Light, and General
  • King
  • Dragon
  • Achaemenidae
  • Staff
  • Toga

The easiest way to get these scrolls is by killing Boss Monsters. Please read our Boss Monster Guide and Event Monster Guide for details on which monsters drop which equipment scrolls.

Please note, that the only way to currently get Evony Staff and Toga Scrolls is by reaching level 8 in the Party Cake event. This is achieved by buying packs in the game and is only attainable by heavy spenders.

Evony Equipment Materials

Materials are the final key ingredient required in order to craft equipment. Though they are quite easy to find, in numerous ways, the number required increases rapidly as you craft better gear. A full list of the different material types is shown below.

  • Purple Crystal
  • Blue Stone
  • Red Agate
  • Silver Pearl
  • Meteorolite
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Wood
  • Animal Bone
  • Leather
  • Feather
  • Dragon Scale

Each material can range from level 1 to level 7. You can compose together 3 of the same material and level to increase its level by 1.

Composing Evony Materials

The most efficient ways to collect materials are:

It is also a good idea not to waste materials by crafting equipment that you do not need or will become redundant very quickly. Indeed, it is recommended not to craft much equipment below the Dragon tier if you can avoid it.

Evony Civilization Equipment

Evony Civilization Equipment

Civilization Equipment is slightly different from the equipment that you craft in the Forge. It is not crafted in the Forge but rather in the Wonder building. In addition, owning a complete set will give you a buff even if it is not fully equipped to your General.

To find your Civilization Equipment, you can navigate to your Wonder building and select the Civilization Equipment option. This is also where you craft, refine and upgrade the Star level of this equipment. Below are the Civilization Equipment Sets that can be crafted.

  • Plantagenet Set
  • Freedom Hero Set
  • Furinkazan Set
  • Han Dynasty Set
  • Koryo Set
  • Rurik Set
  • Abbas Set

Each set has 6 different equipment pieces to be crafted for it. Each fully owned set will give you a buff, in addition, to further set buffs for every 2, 4, and 6 pieces equipped to your General.

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