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Evony Beginners Guide and Tips

When you first start to play Evony it can be very overwhelming. There is a huge amount going on. Indeed, the game really does not do a great job of teaching new players some important aspects of the game. Here at OCG we are trying to make it a bit easier for new players and have created this Evony Beginners Guide. It features 10 really important tips that new players to the game should know. This will really help you boost your growth very quickly and with little waste of precious resources. Check out all our other Evony Guides here.


Evony Beginners Guide

Evony Beginners Guide and Tips

Evony Beginners Guide – More Tips

The above tips are just a few of the really important things you must do as a new player to the game. Check out even more quick tips below:

Don’t Waste Gems – Save these for improving your generals and equipment
BoG & BoC – Take part every week for great rewards even if you lose

If you think we’ve missed any great Evony Beginner Tips then drop them in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list!


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