Evony Beginners Guide

This Evony Beginners guide is aimed at players completely new to Evony. It should give you a good grounding in the game and a better understanding of how to progress quickly. For further beginners’ help, check out our Evony Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

Evony Beginners Guide

Evony Beginners Guide Introduction

Evony is a grand strategy game taking place in a fictional world split up into hundreds of different servers. Each server is a microcosm of internal politics, war, and alliances. Like all grand strategy games, the gameplay is not fast. It takes a long time to upgrade your buildings and create troops.

To make the most of Evony, you will likely be playing for many months and years. It is a game with a huge focus on alliances and forming strong friendships with other players on your server.

Evony Culture

Evony Cultures Guide

On starting Evony you need to select a culture. There are 7 different ones to choose from. These are summarised below:

  • Japan – increased food production, ground troop defense and crafting speed.
  • Korea – increased lumber production, ranged troop attack and healing speed.
  • China – increased troop load, ground troop attack and research speed.
  • Arabia – increased gem gathering speed, mounted troop HP and improved bonus from offering.
  • Europe – increased stone production, mounted troop attack and march speed to monsters.
  • Russia – increased ore production, mounted troop defense and trap building speed.
  • America – increased gold levy, siege machine attack and training speed.

Please note that you can change your culture at any time by selecting your Keep building and then the Culture Feature button. However, it costs 2000 Gems. Read our Evony Culture Guide for more details.

Your Castle

Evony Castle Guide

On first starting Evony, you will begin in your Castle. There is a small tutorial that gets you started with upgrading buildings and creating troops. This is a hugely important part of the game. The higher the level of the buildings, the stronger you can make your troops.

Monarch Level

Your monarch level is improved by gaining experience from killing monsters, redeeming experience packs, and offering tributes at the shrine building. A high level is important as it allows you to upgrade the level of your generals further.

VIP Level

VIP points are earned through logging in every day and redeeming points earned from purchasing packages. A higher VIP level grants more and more rewards. VIP level 5 is an important milestone as it grants an additional march slot.

Monarch Equipment

This is found by clicking on your Monarch icon in the top left of the screen. You can equip 6 different items at once for different benefits. A summary is below:

  • Crowns – can improve research, construction, crafting, training, healing and trap building speed.
  • Grails – can improve ground, mounted, ranged, siege and all troop HP.
  • Decorations – can improve ground, mounted, ranged, siege and all troop defense.
  • Staffs – can improve ground, mounted, ranged, siege and all troop attack.
  • Horns – can improve march speed, marching capacity, troop load and march speed to monsters.
  • Crystals – can improve the production and gathering speed of resources.


Evony Buildings Guide

There are a large number of buildings in your keep which can be built and upgraded. Currently, they can be upgraded to a maximum level of 40. A full summary of them is below:

  • Keep – your main building. Other buildings can only be upgraded to a maximum level equal to this buildings level.
  • Warehouse – used to store resources. A higher level protects more resources against looting from enemies.
  • Academy – this is where you conduct research to improve your troops, generals, resource gathering etc.
  • Tavern – building for recruiting generals.
  • Holy Palace – allows you to revive dead troops and recall deserters.
  • Rally Spot – upgraded to increase the number of troops you can send out to attack at once.
  • Barracks – ground troops are built here.
  • Archer Camp – ranged troops are built here.
  • Workshop – siege machines are built here.
  • Stables – mounted troops are built here.
  • Embassy – upgraded to increase amount of resources you can send to allies.
  • War Hall – improves the number of troops allies can send you in alliance rallies against monsters and enemies.
  • Forge – this is where you create powerful equipment for your generals.
  • Trap Factory – build traps to defend your keep.
  • Prison – captives are held here from successful attacks on your enemies.
  • Shrine – can make offers here for rewards and monarch experience.
  • Hospital – allows you to heal troops wounded when fighting other players.
  • Market – used to buy items and resources.
  • Art Hall – collections of rare items that grant buffs when completed.
  • Pasture – used to earn and improve dragons and Spiritual Beasts. These can aid you in battle.
  • Research Factory – create materials that you need for crafting at the forge.
  • Arsenal – can upgrade troops to a higher level.
  • Wonder – grants powerful buffs and more dragons when built.
  • Subordinate City – manage all your subordinate cities.
  • Dragon Cliff – used to manage your sacred dragons.
  • Bunker – allows you to protect troops from being killed when attacked.
  • Portal – connects your keep to your subordinate cities for instant support in battles.
  • Military Academy – research military formations to improve your attacks.
  • Watchtower – improves detail in scout reports.
  • Walls – increases defense against attacks.
  • Archer Tower – defends your keep when attacked.
  • Bounty Cave – used to collect rewards when certain packages are bought.
  • Battlefield – used to redeem rewards and take part in special Alliance PvP events. This includes the Battle of Challons, the Battle of Constantinople (BoC), and the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG).
  • Army Camp – increases number of troops you can train at once, as well as training speed.
  • Mine – generates ore.
  • Quarry – generates stone.
  • Farm – generates food.
  • Sawmill – generates lumber.


Evony Troops Guide

Once you have built a Barracks, Stable, Workshop, and Archer Camp, you can begin churning out the troops. A quick summary of the available troop types is below. However, check out our Evony Troop Guide for more details. Also, use our Evony Troop Cost Calculator to work out how many resources you will need to build your desired number of troops.

  • Mounted – Built in the stable and mainly used for hunting monsters. Weak against ranged troops and strong against Ground.
  • Ranged – Built in the Archer Camp for PvP. Weak against Ground and strong against Mounted.
  • Siege – Built in the Workshop for PvP. Strong all-round troop but costs Gems to repair when killed.
  • Ground – Built in the Barracks for PvP. Strong against Ranged and weak against Mounted.

Evony Beginners Guide to Generals

Evony Generals Guide

Having strong Generals is another vitally important part of Evony. They are used in pretty much everything you do.

You can assign them as Duty Generals in building to speed up production, add them to your marching armies to improve attack or monster hunting, and even send them out to gather to speed up resource collection. Read our Evony General Guide for more details.

Evony World Map

The World Map is where a lot of the fun really begins. Here you can see where your keep is positioned on the world map and teleport closer to your allies or enemies for attacking.

The world map also contains resource spots for gathering, subordinate cities which can be captured, and boss monsters that can be attacked for great rewards.

Evony Subordinate Cities Guide

Subordinate cities are NPC cities that can be located on the world map. The number you can control will depend on your Rank. Subordinate cities come in several different cultures. Each culture provides a different benefit. These are listed below:

  • Europe – improved construction speed and increased general experience from killing monsters.
  • America – increased subordinate city gold production and increased research speed.
  • Russia – increased in city troop attack and trap attack.
  • Japan – improved main city attacking troop attack and increased research factory production speed.
  • Arabia – increased hospital capacity and healing speed.
  • Korea – increased warehouse capacity and extra resources from gathering.
  • China – increased resource production and training speed.

The boost provided by each subordinate city will increase depending on the city’s rarity level. There are 6 rarity levels:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Excellent
  • Purple – Legendary
  • Gold – Epic

Read our Evony Sub City Guide for more details.

Evony Resources Guide

Resource Gathering

Troops can be sent to resource spots found on the world map to gather extra resources. This is very important as you will need a huge amount of resources as you get further into the game.

Resource spots range from level 1 to 15. High-level resource spots contain higher amounts of resources. Generally, the higher-level resource spots are located closer to the center of the map.

Iron mines, farms, quarries, sawmills, and gem mines can all be found. Use our Evony Total Resources Calculator to work out how many resources you have in stores and resource boxes.

Read our Evony Gathering Guide for more detail on resource gathering in Evony.

Evony Monsters Guide

Boss Monsters

Scattered around the world map you will also find many monsters to kill. These can be killed alone or in rallies with your alliance. Normal boss monsters range from level 1 to level 17.

The higher the level, the greater the rewards. Killing these is vital to gain resource boxes and speed up items. Read our Evony Boss Monsters Guide and Evony Event Monster Guide for more details.


Events are always taking place in Evony. Taking advantage of these is very important to get great rewards. In particular, they often spawn special Event Monsters on the world map with fantastic rewards. Check out our Evony Guides page for more details on many of these events.


Gems are one of the most important resources in the game and you should be careful not to waste them on unnecessary things. They are vital for upgrading your Generals, Equipment, and Dragons.

It is generally advised only to use Gems to improve your very best Generals and never on any non-historic Generals. In addition, you should only improve the equipment that is below Dragon very sparingly and instead focus on the higher tier items. Read our guide on How to Get Free Evony Gems to get started on accumulating as many as possible.

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