Best Healers In Marvel Strike Force

In Marvel Strike Force players will need to utilize all sorts of strategies to keep up in the fight against their opponents. Whether it’s a campaign node or an online battle, the end goal is to win with your designated lineup. Having one of the Best Healers in Marvel Strike Force will help you massively in this endeavor.

What is a Healer in Marvel Strike Force

Each character has its own purpose to benefit their team. The game has designed characters to possess a certain tag, indicating their style of use. Each character is identifiable as a protector, brawler, controller, blaster, or support.

Healers typically fall under the support and controller tags. They are in the team to keep the other characters alive and kicking. As such, their main focus is on getting out consistent heals to their teammates. This works even better if they possess a lot of synergies with the other characters in the team.

Now that you know what a healer is and why you may want one, let’s get on to our breakdown of the Best Healers in Marvel Strike Force.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl - Best Marvel Strike Force Healers

It’s safe to make a strong conclusion that Squirrel Girl is one of the strangest Marvel heroes to exist. Although with her unusual look, lore, and overall presence, Squirrel Girl uses her strange abilities to heal all of her allies, providing bonus heals to allies that are part of the Young Avengers lineup which is one of the Best Marvel Strike Force Raid Teams.

Eat Nuts, Squirrel Girl’s secondary ability will not only restore the entire team’s Max Health by 15% but will also clear all negative effects from allies. On top of that, if Squirrel Girl is assigned to War Defense, then all heroes/villains will be healed and have all their negative effects cleared every offensive turn.

Night Nurse

Arguably, a step up from Mantis would have to be Night Nurse. Even though Night Nurse cooperates best within a Shadowland team, she can be valuable to any hero squad and in particular the Defenders Team.

There is not much to break down with Night Nurse as she is considered more of a “one-trick-pony” than other healers. However, the main highlight to mention is Night Nurse’s ultimate ability, Urgent Care. This heals 4,000 Health Points, 1,000 more points than Mantis can offer.

Additionally, her passive ability Triage heals the most injured ally by 25% at the start of every turn. If a player has a full Shadowland squad (Daredevil, White Tiger, Elektra, and Moon Knight), then all of her skills are applied for two full turns.


Mantis - Best Marvel Strike Force Healers

Guardians of the Galaxy are not that useful as a team anymore due to the Infinity Watch addition which Gamora slots into. However, they are still one of the Best Marvel Strike Force Raid Teams with Mantis driving a big part of this with her huge heals.

Indeed, Mantis easily still goes down as one of the best healers in the game. Her Empathy ability actively heals any adjacent teammates by upwards of 3,000 Health Points, which is one of the highest healing scores in the game.

On top of offering an immense healing ability for her squad, when using Mantis in Raids, her Empathy ability will allow regeneration for her allies. This ability alone makes Mantis a huge asset for any player seeking a pure healer for their lineup.


Minn-Erva stands tall at the forefront as one of the most versatile healers, if not ‘the’ most versatile. Her secondary ability heals the most injured ally by 5,000 points and revives a dead teammate. That is already pretty great, but that is just the beginning.

Indeed, Minn-Erva’s ultimate ability heals all teammates by 5,000 points while applying Bleed to all enemies for two full turns. Although this is applied to all allies, she does still work best in a Kree team.

When teamed up with other Kree characters, not only will she heal and revive them, but she can also grant ability energy. Don’t be fooled though, Minn-Erva can still work with other lineups, especially a tech team (Iron Man, Kestrel, Star-Lord, Ghost, War Machine, etc.).

Minn-Erva is easily the best healer in the game. Not only for her big healing bonuses, but the simple fact that she delivers hefty basic attacks, and can revive dead teammates, something other healers cannot do.

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