Dislyte Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire

Following the Dislyte Anniversary Event, the latest update has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, Dislyte Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire does not disappoint with three new Legendary Espers, plenty of new rewarding events, and a fleshed-out new Trial called Celestial Anomaly that was first previewed in the previous patch. Keep reading for all you need to know about this and more!

When is Dislyte Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire Released?

As with all Dislyte updates, Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire is following the usual 3-week rotation period. That is, it launches exactly 3 weeks after the previous update landed which will be May 23rd, 2023. In addition, as is standard, players that are level 5+ will also receive 200 Nexus Crystals as compensation for the 2 hours the game is offline whilst it is updated.

Dislyte Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire – Details

As mentioned above, the latest Dislyte update will arrive on May 23rd, 2023. In the next sections, we will cover exactly what you can expect to see in the game when it lands.

New Espers

The highlight of any Dislyte update are the new Espers and Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire looks to be no different with three stacked new additions to the game. Check out all we know about them so far below.

Mateo (Prometheus)

Dislyte New Esper - Mateo (Prometheus)

Mateo is a new Legendary 5-star Wind Fighter Esper. His kit allows him to dispel buffs, steal buffs, inflict debuffs such as Diseased and DEF Down, and boost his attack based on his SPD.

In addition, he also possesses a new unique debuff called Spark and a unique buff called Eternal Flame. Whenever an Esper afflicted with Spark takes a critical hit, it increases Mateo’s AP and deals extra damage to the carrier based on Mateo’s ATK. In contrast, each stack of the Eternal Flame buff increases ATK and reduces DMG taken.

Yamato (Izanagi)

New Dislyte Esper - Yamato (Izanagi)

Yamato is a new Legendary 5-star Wind Support Esper. This Esper has a kit that is able to distribute a serious amount of buffs to allies, debuff the enemy, and deal decent damage to the enemy over multiple attacks. However, the highlight of Yamato is their new unique buff called Rashomon which sees C. RATE increase with each stack.

Xuan Pin (Jiutian Xuannu)

Dislyte New Esper - Xuan Pin (Jiutian Xuannu)

Xuan Pin is a new Legendary 5-star Shimmer Support Esper. She has a kit that is stacked with buffs and abilities that can increase the speed and damage of her allies. In particular, she has 5 new unique buffs that she can grant to herself and her allies:

  • General: calls in 1 random teammate with Soldier (excluding herself) to Assist, and grants them 1 stack of Soldier. Clears Horse, Cannon, Chariot, and Soldier from the ally upon death.
    Chariot: increases ATK and SPD. Gains 1 stack of Soldier when this effect expires.
    Cannon: dealing damage ignores a certain percentage of DEF. Gains Stun when this effect expires.
    Horse: amplifies damage dealt. The higher the target’s Max HP, the more the damage is amplified. This effect does not work when the target is at an elemental advantage.
    Soldier: each stack increases ATK. When this effect is at full stacks it converts into Chariot for 2 turns. Cannot gain Soldier while having General or Chariot.

Celestial Anomaly

Dislyte Celestial Anomaly

The next biggest addition in Dislyte Patch 3.2.4: Immortal Fire is a new game mode called Celestial Anomaly. This was first seen in the Anniversary Patch, but the latest update looks to flesh this new mode out more and turns it into a permanent feature. The Celestial Anomaly will be split into Seasons, with this one being the first and will be known as the Withering Flame.

The first Season will have 3 phases, with the phase in this update being the first. In this phase of the Withering Flame Celestial Anomaly, you will find Combat, Power Supply, Advanced Strategy, Emergency Request, Strategic Fund, and Event Tasks that can be completed in return for a new currency. This can be exchanged for Yamato (Izanagi), non-Shimmer Legendary Esper Ripples, Shimmer Records, and other growth materials.

In addition to the above, this phase of the Celestial Anomaly will also contain several other features:

  • Miracle Boss: This season’s boss is the Chrimea with its form changing with each phase. You can battle it with a team of 5 Espers with points awarded based on total damage. Rewards can be gained based on your point score.
  • Miracle Messanger: As well as the Miracle Boss, there will also be new Miracle Messanger release with each phase of the Season. In Phase 1, you will face the Wither Messenger. Messengers contain 150 floors of stages and offer rewards such as Crow Marks, Divine Essence, and non-Shimmer Legendary Esper Ripples. Clearing the stages enhances the quality of the resources generated by the Power Supply.
  • Advanced Strategy: This contains Strength Points and Tactics Points which can be upgraded using Divine Essence. Upgrading these points provides various buffs for battles against Miracle Messengers and Miracle Bosses. Divine Essence can be obtained by clearing Miracle Messengers or from Power Supply and Quests.
  • Power Supply: This generates AFK rewards gradually over time, which can be used to enhance combat buffs in Advanced Strategy. The quality of the Power Supply resources improves based on the floor of the Miracle Messenger that you have cleared.
  • Emergency Request: You can use Crow Marks obtained from Miracle Messenger stages to perform an Emergency Request. Through the Emergency Request, you have a chance to get exclusive Keepsakes for the limited Esper Yamato (Izanagi), Elemental Records, and other materials. The next request guarantees a Keepsake if no Esper Keepsakes are obtained in consecutive Requests.
    • Collect and consume 8 different Esper Keepsakes to sign a contract. When the contract is complete, you can acquire the Esper directly and unlock the next round of contracts. You will not obtain the same Keepsakes in one round. Unused Esper Keepsakes will vanish at the end of each Celestial Anomaly phase.

New Events

As you would probably expect, there are also a few new limited-time events also being added as part of the Dislyte 3.2.4: Immortal Fire update. Details on each of these can be found below.

Immortal Fire

Immortal Fire is the flagship event of Dislyte Patch 3.2.4. In this event, you follow new Esper, Mateo, as he looks to overcome his obstacles in order to protect the city of Utgard. New gameplay and an event map, including Security Missions and the Miramon Wave event, will be unlocked during the event.

The event will consist of 3 chapters called Endless Snowfields, Icy Flames, and Enduring Will. By completing this event, players can gain Gold Chips and Platinum Chips which can be exchanged for Flow/Wind/Inferno Packs, Shimmer Records, Legendary Abilimon, Gold Records, and other rewards.

Limited-Time Echo Event

During this event, you can spend 100 Wish Stones in exchange for Mateo (Prometheus) and Zora (Amunet). Wish Stones are obtained through the Gold Record pool at a rate of 20 per Legendary pull and 1 per Epic pull. This event starts on May 24th, 2023, and ends on June 13th, 2023.

Limited-Time Shimmer Echo Event

Rate up event in the Shimmer Echo with increased likelihood to pull Xuan Pin (Jiutian Xuannu). Any Legendary pull gives a 50% chance of pulling her. This event starts on May 24th, 2023, and ends on June 13th, 2023.


Lastly, several new quality-of-life optimizations/adjustments have been added with the Dislyte 3.2.4 Immortal Fire update. These include:

  • Point War: the power of the opponent’s team will now be displayed. You also no longer need to claim 5 victories at each new reset in order to use the quick battle function.
  • Knockout: power and challenge times will be added to the opponent’s Namecard. A defensive formation will also now be deployed automatically if none has been set.

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