Epic Age Gift Codes and How to Redeem

As we mentioned in our Epic Age Tips and Tricks for Beginners article, Epic Age can be quite generous in the gifts that they give out to players. This can in through competitions run through the Official Epic Games Discord Channel or simply through gift codes. Here we will show you exactly how to use Epic Age gift codes and also all those that are currently active.

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What are Epic Age Gift Codes

Epic Age Gift Codes are special codes that the team behind the game distributes through various channels that can be redeemed for rewards in the game. For example, they may announce them on their Discord Channel or work with popular gamers who share them with their audience.

The rewards you can get in Epic Age from these gift codes are well worth the 2 minutes of effort it takes to redeem them. For example, you may get some extra gold which is vital for recruiting the best Heroes, or you may get some rare equipment that will boost your Heroes to the next level. In the next section, we will outline exactly how you can redeem these codes.

How to Redeem Epic Age Gift Codes

Redeeming gifts in Epic Age couldn’t be easier. Unlike some other games, it can be handled entirely in the game with just a few taps. First, navigate to the System menu option, and once the new menu has opened click on the Gift Code button as seen in the image below.

Epic Age Gift Codes

This will open up the gift code redemption screen. Now simply input one of the Epic Age gift code from our list below and select Ok. Next, you will receive a mail containing your gifts. To claim them, just open up your mail and click claim and enjoy the free gifts!

Epic Age Gift Codes

Now for the bit everyone has been waiting for, our list of all the Epic Age Gift Codes you can use right now! Simply follow the steps above and use the codes you see below for some great rewards. Let us know in the comments if you know of any others and we’ll be sure to add them to the list for others to enjoy!

Active Epic Age Codes

The below list represents a list of all known codes currently available to be redeemed in Epic Age.

  • EANEWBIE (Must be redeemed within the first 24hrs of playing. Valid until 10/31)

Inactive Epic Age Codes

The below list represents a list of codes that are now no longer available to be redeemed in Epic Age.

  • N/A

Now Go Forth and Conquer!

With these Epic Age Codes, you should hopefully get some nice free items to help your expansion in the game. In particular, many of these codes contain small amounts of gold which will be really helpful in getting you some Legendary Heroes to beat your opponents with. Although the amounts can sometimes feel small, if you keep checking back and applying codes, the amounts can really add up quickly. Good luck, Lord!

If you haven’t done so already, you can download Epic Age right here from your favorite mobile gaming store.

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