Epic Age Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are just getting started in Epic Age, then there can be a lot going on which can feel overwhelming at first. In these moments it is easy to make some mistakes and waste valuable resources. With these Epic Age Tips and Tricks for Beginners, you should get a headstart on your opponents and get to grips with this game much quicker!

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Upgrade your Territory

When you first start the game, you will initially accumulate many low-level Territories. This is not a bad thing in the early game, as they will be the only ones you are able to capture and will be vital in leveling your Heroes and gaining resources.

However, as you progress, you will start to hit your Territory limit and find you don’t have enough resources. At this point, it is vital to begin recycling your low-level Territory into the higher-level Territory. Simply abandon the lowest and look for the highest possible you can capture.

Select your Squadrons Carefully

Epic Age Hero Battle

As time goes on in Epic Age, you will start to accumulate many different Heroes. This is great but can also be daunting given the huge number of Heroes that are available in the game. As such, many players will just stick any old Hero in their Troop Squadrons. Do not do this!

Each Hero has unique skills that will suit them better in different roles. You should build your Squadrons with specific Heroes that will work well with the main Troop Type you will utilize. This will ensure you are maximizing the buffs of the troops in your march. Read our Epic Age Troop Guide for all you need to know about the different Troop Types.

Play Epic Age on PC

Although Epic Age is a mobile game, there are also ways to play it on your PC. In particular, you can use Bluestacks to easily install it onto your computer.

Playing Epic Age on your PC will let you manage different accounts at once if you like to play a few different servers, whilst also allowing you to multitask easier if you are doing other things at the same time. It’s also nice just to play it on a larger screen. When on your PC click here to download Epic Age on PC now.

Watch your Stamina

Each Hero under your command has a certain amount of stamina at their disposal. This will limit the number of activities they can take part in within a short space of time. It is therefore important to make sure you don’t waste this on unimportant tasks or manage your squadrons so they are only dispatched to do things they are best at.

For example, for your Squadrons that are focused on gathering, don’t spend their stamina on capturing Territories. Firstly they will take more losses than fighting focused Squadron and they will have less stamina to take advantage of their gathering potential.

Understand the Different Troop Types

Epic Age Troop Types in Battle

Each type of Troop in Epic Age has a certain troop that it works best against or is most vulnerable to. Understanding this relationship can see you take out armies much bigger than yours by simply sending a certain troop type to fight them.

For example, if the enemy has a large number of archers, if you send a squadron of infantry, you are much more likely to beat them. The below list outlines exactly which troops are strong/weak against each other:

  • Archers have an advantage over Spearmen.
  • Spearmen have an advantage over Cavalry.
  • Cavalry have an advantage over Infantry.
  • Infantry have an advantage over Archers.
  • Artillery can deal 2.5x damage but is restrained by all other troop types.

Read our Epic Age Troop Guide for all you need to know about the different Troop Types.

Join a Guild ASAP

Joining a Guild is vital to progress quickly in Epic Age. Indeed, being in a Guild will offer protection and rewards from special events you can partake in with your allies. Taking advantage of this will see you get lots of extra rewards that you would have otherwise not been able to obtain.

They are also a great place to meet other players and learn from those more experienced. In addition, Guilds offer the best place for huge strategic battles. From taking key objectives on the world map, to battling out with rival Guilds muscling in o your Territory.

Upgrade your Heroes

Epic Age Hero Skills

Heroes in Epic Age are one of the important aspects of the game. Having these fully developed and assigned to their best role can make all the difference when you engage in combat with other players. Therefore, it is important not to neglect them.

With all your best Heroes, make sure you are upgrading their level, assigning them skills, giving them strong equipment, and using them in the role they are best at. Read our Epic Age Heroes Guide for all you need to know about getting the most out of your Heroes.

Manage your Build Queues

One important thing to consider in any 4X MMO Mobile Game you play is your build queues. As any veteran of this genre will know, build times will start to get exponentially bigger as you progress further in the game. Therefore, a good Epic Age Tip for Beginners is to manage your building projects carefully.

Always ensure that you start a long build just before you log off for a long period. This will see long projects get completed quite literally while you sleep. You can then focus on the shorter builds while you are online.

Switch up your Talents

Epic Age Talents

As you level up your account, you will begin to unlock different talents for your account. There are 4 different Talent nodes that can be unlocked: Resources, Development, Strategy, and Hero. Within each of these, you can unlock several different individual Talents.

In the early game, you will first get access to the Resources node of the Talents. The Talents you unlock here will all be focused on improving your resource gathering which will help in developing your army and upgrading your buildings.

However, within each node, you can only have one Talent buff activated at a time. Make sure you are switching this up regularly depending on your needs. For example, if you need more iron, make sure you have the talent active which increases the production of this resource.

Take Advantage of Events

Events are one of the best ways to ensure you are getting consistent resources, equipment, skills, and other important rewards for your Civilization. You should always be checking which events are active as there are normally several running at any one time.

Although the rewards can be great, the events are often relatively easy to complete, especially in the early stages. Missing out on these will see you start to quickly fall behind the other players so don’t forget about them!

Choose your Civilization Wisely

Choosing an Epic Age Civilization

This is possibly one of the most important Epic Age Tips for Beginners, getting your Civilization right is hugely important. Indeed, once selected you will not be able to change it again until the next Season. This early choice will therefore affect your gameplay for a significant time.

Make sure to read our Epic Age Civilization Guide for full details on each of the choices available. Reading through this should make your decision much easier depending on the type of game you wish to play.

Join the Official Discord

Another important thing to consider in these Epic Age Tips is to join the official Discord Channel for the game. Here, the team behind the game are very active in keeping everyone updated on changes in the game.

In addition, they run regular competitions to give free in-game gifts to players. Therefore, don’t waste any time, and make sure you get signed up to the official Epic Age Discord here.

Don’t Waste your Gold

Another key point in these Epic Age Tips for Beginners is to now waste your Gold. This is the premium currency in the game and is very hard to accumulate large amounts of. The best ways are by buying packs for real money or by placing well in events. Also unique with Gold is that you can take it with you to the next Season of Epic Age, unlike other currencies in the game.

Gold can be used for many things, such as speeding up builds or recruiting Legendary Heroes. If you are a F2P player it is very much recommended to save these for recruitment. This will be your best source of the best Heroes which will stay with you from Season to Season as long as you play this game.

Download Epic Age here: Download Link

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