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In Epic Age Heroes will be central to everything you do. This includes becoming Officers in your City to boost the production of specific resources, taking out Marauders on the World Map, and laying Siege on your enemies. However, not all Heroes are made equal in these roles. In this Epic Age Hero Guide, we will break down everything you need to know about Heroes to understand who to use where.

Indeed, the importance of Heroes should never be underestimated in this game. They are one of the few things that you will take with you from Season to Season. Therefore, how well you develop them over time will be a big determinant in how well you do in your Seasons going forward. Check out all our Epic Age Guides for more information on getting ahead in one of our favorite 4X MMO Mobile Games.

Epic Age Hero Rarity

In Epic Age, there are 5 different rarities of Heroes. The higher the rarity of the Hero, the better they are likely to be. Each of these rarity levels is outlined below:

  • Legendary 5 Stars (Gold)
  • Epic 4 Stars (Purple)
  • Elite 3 Stars (Blue)
  • Good 2 Stars (Green)
  • Common 1 Star (Grey)

In this guide, it is generally only recommended to spend a lot of resources developing your Legendary Epic Age Heroes. Nevertheless, Epics and Elites can be used as a stop-gap and developed a little in the early game when you are low on Legendaries. However, over time you will gain a large roster of Legendary Heroes and these are who you should concentrate your resources on developing.

Recruiting Heroes in Epic Age

Epic Age Hero Recruitment

A big focus throughout the game will be on recruiting high-quality Heroes. In some cases, you will be given these for free from events. For example for completing certain tasks in a specified time period or by logging in a certain number of days in a row. This is always nice when it happens but should not be relied upon as a consistent source.

The next best place is using the Recruit function. Here you exchange Gold or Silver in return for random pulls at heroes. There are 2 key Recruit options you can use:

  • Legendary – 200 Gold for 1 pull or 900 Gold for 5 pulls. Every 5 pulls you are guaranteed at least an Epic Hero, and every 25 pulls at least a Legendary Hero.
  • Elite – 300 Silver for 1 pull or 2,700 Silver for 10 pulls. Here, the best Hero you can get is an Epic Hero. This will also be your key source of Skill Points where you exchange low-quality Hero pulls for this vital resource for developing Heroes.

Epic Age Hero Troop Talent

Epic Age Hero Troop Talent

One of the first things you will notice when looking at your Heroes is a number of letters lying below symbols for the different Troop Types. This represents the Hero’s Talent with each of the Troops in Epic Age. S is the best whilst C is the worst. Based on this Talent level, the hero will see their attributes adjusted when using the different Troops. This is summarized below:

  • S – Attributes altered to 120%.
  • A – Attributes altered to 100%.
  • B – Attributes altered to 85%.
  • C – Attributes altered to 70%.

You should keep a close eye on a Heroe’s Troop Talent when picking Squadrons. Indeed, always ensure that your Squadron is composed of Heroes which have at least a Troop Talent of A with the Troops they will be using.

Epic Age Hero Attributes

In Epic Age, each Hero has 6 different attributes which determine how good they are. Each of these also has a growth rate which will see the attributes increase as the Hero is leveled. Each of these attributes and what they do can be seen below:

  • Attack – Affects a Hero’s Physical Attacks.
  • Defense – Affects Hero’s physical defense ability.
  • Politics – Affects boost effect when Hero is appointed.
  • Intelligence – Affects a Hero’s Tactical damage and Tactical defense.
  • Speed – Affects the sequence of a Hero’s moves in battle.
  • Charm – Affects bonus effect when Hero is appointed.

Apart from the growth rate of each attribute as a Hero is leveled, you will also get attributes to assign to attributes of your choice as the Hero levels. In general, it can be a good idea to add these to the attribute that is already highest for the Hero.

Epic Age Hero Skills

Epic Age Hero Skills

All Heroes when they are first recruited have one Primary Skill that they cannot forget. You can then add up to 2 more skills to that Hero to improve them further. Each skill has unique effects in battle and should be read carefully when applying to ensure they are having the effect you expect. Skills also have a Talent Level from S to D, with S being the best and D the worst.

Once you have applied the skills you want, you can upgrade their level up to a maximum level of 10. This is done using the Skill Points (SP) you have accumulated through Elite Recruitments and Events. For a skill with a rating of S, this will cost the following number of Skill Points at each level.

  • Level 1 – N/A
  • Level 2 – 120 SP
  • Level 3 – 240 SP
  • Level 4 – 480 SP
  • Level 5 – 840 SP
  • Level 6 – 1,080 SP
  • Level 7 – 1,320 SP
  • Level 8 – 1,560 SP
  • Level 9 – 1,800 SP
  • Level 10 – 2,160 SP

For skills that you add to your Hero in slots 2 and 3, you will have to Advance them in order to be able to level them. To do this, you must consume a certain number of Heroes depending on the quality of the skill. In addition, the 3rd skill slot is only unlocked once the Hero has been Awakened.

Epic Age Hero Skill Inheritance

Epic Age Hero Skill Inheritance

In Epic Age, you can choose to dismiss a Hero in order to gain a certain Skill card from them to be used on another Hero in a process known as Inheritance. This is the only way of getting certain Skills for your Heroes and therefore you may have to make some tough calls in deciding whether or not to get rid of a certain Hero for their Skill.

Please note, however, that the Inherited Skill is not necessarily the same one as the Heroes Primary Skill. To check the skill which will be Inherited always click on the Inheritance button first to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Epic Age Hero Role

In Epic Age, each Hero is also assigned a Role as a guide as to what you may use them as. This Role can be seen by selecting the small symbol below the image of the Hero on their profile screen. Each of the Hero Roles currently represented in the game can be seen in the list below:

  • General – Heroes that are versatile in attacking and defending.
  • Frontline – Heroes that are skilled in physical attacks.
  • Support – Heroes that are skilled in supporting allies.
  • Commander – Defensive Heroes with higher defense and intelligence.
  • Admin – Heroes that are skilled in production, gathering, and Tech.
  • Balanced – Heroes that are intelligent and skilled in attacking.
  • Soldier – An ordinary soldier.

Having a balance between different role types in your Squadrons can be a good idea to cover all your bases. For example, neglecting to take a Support Hero with you could see your Squadron take more losses than it otherwise would have.

Epic Age Hero Faction

Each Hero in Epic Age represents a different Faction: Eastern, Southern, Northern, or Western. This is represented by the small symbol below the Heroes profile picture.

Epic Age Hero Faction

If you add 3 heroes all from the same faction to your Squadron, you will gain an attribute boost. This attribute boost is unlocked through your City Tech once you reach City levels 5 and 6.

Advance Heroes in Epic Age

Epic Age Hero Advance

All Heroes in Epic Age can be Advanced. This is a process of consuming a duplicate of the Hero to Advance their star level. Each time a Hero is Advanced, a Red Star will be added to the General over their Gold Star. This will also give you 10 attribute points to apply to the Hero each time you do it. Each Hero can be advanced a maximum number of times equal to their star level.

Awaken Heroes in Epic Age

Epic Age Hero Awaken

Another way that you can improve your Hero in Epic Age that is worth mentioning in this Guide is through the Awaken function. Once your Hero reaches level 20 and a Primary Skill level of 10 you will be able to use this feature on them. To do this you must consume 2 heroes of an equal rarity level. Once done, you will unlock the 3rd skill slot for your Awakened Hero.

Epic Age Hero Equipment

Each Hero in Epic Age can have 4 different pieces of equipment added to them. Each of these will boost different attributes of the Hero. Equipment can be bought in the various shops found in the game, won in events, or looted from killing Marauders. The 4 different pieces available to be equipped are as follows:

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • War Horse
  • Treasure

Epic Age Hero Morale

All Heroes in Epic Age also have morale. This starts at 100 and then decreases as you send the Hero on long marches. Indeed, they consume 1 morale for each Territory tile they move on the map. They can recover this by not moving at a rate of 0.5 morale every minute.

In this Epic Age Hero Guide, we highly recommend keeping an eye on this number. This is due to it having a direct impact on the amount of damage that a Squadron does. The lower it gets, the lower the damage the Squadron will do. This can have a huge impact on any battles you engage in.

Epic Age Hero Stamina

Whenever you send your Squadrons out of the City, your Heroes in that Squadron will consume stamina. Most actions, from Sieging to attacking Marauders, will cost each Hero 10 stamina. Once they have no stamina left, they will go into an Exhausted state and will no longer be able to perform any actions until it has regenerated. A Hero’s max stamina is 80 and regenerates at 1 stamina every 5 minutes.

Epic Age Hero Season Changes

As has already previously been mentioned, Heroes are one of the few things you take with you into a new Season of Epic Age. This is just another of the reasons as to why they should be focused on so much. However, they do encounter a few changes at the start of a new Season, with not all your progress being saved. The below table summarizes all key Hero changes with each new Epic Age Season.

HeroHero Level
Hero RankSkill Level
Hero AwakeningHero Attributes
Skill Advancement

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