How to Increase Faction Value in Epic Age

Faction Value in Epic Age is a key metric that determines the power of your Kingdom. Increasing it is vital for improving the rewards available to you and will also help you get into stronger Guilds. Read here for all the details on how to increase your Faction Value in Epic Age and some tips that will help you do it faster.

What is Faction Value in Epic Age

Faction Value is an indicator of your Faction’s power in Epic Age. The higher it is, the more powerful your Faction is considered. However, this is calculated in a slightly different way from other 4X MMO Strategy Mobile Games. Indeed, your number of troops or building upgrades does not affect this value at all.

Instead, the key components of Faction Value are the number of Territories and Structures you control. Indeed, Faction Value can be thought of as the reach of your Faction’s influence across the map. As you control more Territory and build structures on these territories, the more your Faction Value will grow.

However, it would be wise never to underestimate someone with a low Faction Value. Due to it being determined by your Territories, a player may have just got unlucky and had their high-powered ones taken from them. This does not mean that they have a very weak army! However, if you are able to take out their army, they will have a hard time restoring due to low resource income from their inferior Territories.

Why Increase your Faction Value in Epic Age

Now we know what Faction Value is, why should you care about increasing it? Well, the answer to this is relatively easy. As your Faction Value rises, you will complete quests, gain access to higher event rewards, be welcomed into more powerful Guilds with minimum Faction Value requirements, and likely have greater resource production from the Territory you control.

Increased rewards from Faction Value in Epic Age

In all, having a high Faction Value is vital to performing well in any given Season of the game. Indeed, if you perform well, then you will gain more gold for more Hero recruitment and equipment purchases to take with you into the next Season. Basically, do not neglect your Faction Value and always look for ways to increase it!

How to Increase your Faction Value in Epic Age

With Faction Value being so important, it is therefore very important to understand how to actually increase it. There are 2 key categories that determine this: Territory Faction Value and Building Faction Value. Keep reading below for more details on each of these.

Territory Faction Value

Capturing Territory in Epic Age for Faction Value

This is the Faction Value you gain from the Territory that you control. As you control more, your Faction Value will increase, and as you control higher level Territory, it will increase even further. The Faction Value gained from each Territory level is summarized in the list below:

  • Empty Territory: +3 Faction Value
  • Lv.1 Territory: +10 Faction Value
  • Lv.2 Territory: +20 Faction Value
  • Lv.3 Territory: +40 Faction Value
  • Lv.4 Territory: +60 Faction Value
  • Lv.5 Territory: +150 Faction Value
  • Lv.6 Territory: +200 Faction Value
  • Lv.7 Territory: +250 Faction Value
  • Lv.8 Territory: +300 Faction Value
  • Lv.9 Territory: +350 Faction Value
  • Lv.10 Territory: +400 Faction Value

Building Faction Value

Building Epic Age Structures for Faction Value

This is the Faction Value you gain from building Structures on the Territory you control. The more Structures you build and upgrade, the more Faction Value you will gain from these Structures. The Building Faction Value gained from each built Structure is summarized in the list below:

  • Archer Tower: +50 Faction Value
  • Cheval-de-Frise: +20 Faction Value
  • Tent: +20 Faction Value
  • Basic Resource Buildings: +30 Faction Value
  • Advanced Resource Buildings: +50 Faction Value
  • Mint: +200 Faction Value
  • Workshop: +200 Faction Value
  • Arsenal: +200 Faction Value
  • Decree Office: +200 Faction Value
  • Outpost: +200 Faction Value

Please note, that in order to start building Structures, you will first need to complete some Tech research in your City. The first Structures you will be able to unlock are the Resource and Tent Structures by completing the Tent and Resource Building Tech once you reach City level 5.

Epic Age Faction Value Tips

Complete Chapters in Epic Age for increased Territory

Although fairly straightforward, if you are struggling to increase your Faction Value it is worth considering the below Tips in ways you can increase it. Following any of these, you have not yet pursued, will certainly give you the boost you are after.

  • Recycle your territories – in other words, abandon all your lowest level Territory and recapture the highest level you are capable of. Often players will have many low levels they have forgotten about and this could quickly add 1000s more Faction Value to your account. Navigate to Hall -> Territory to check your low level territories quickly.
  • Complete the main Chapter Quests – these are small missions that the game will recommend you complete in return for some rewards. Often, completing all the missions for a certain Chapter will add more to your Territory to your limit. Once you have done this and increased your limit, you will be able to increase your Faction Value with more Territory captures.
  • Research Calendar Tech – there is only one Tech in the game that can be researched to increase your Territory limit and this is it. It can be increased all the way to level 10 for a massive +30 to your limit. However, this is only unlocked once your City is at level 10. Once you do get here, though, this will unlock more Territory for you to capture for increasing your Faction Value.
  • Build, Build, Build, and Build Some More – as outlined in the previous section, building Structures on your Territory can add significant Faction Value to your account. In addition, Structures can have a lot of strategic value in adding further boosts to your Faction and should therefore never be neglected either way!

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