Epic Age Troops Guide

In Epic Age, the troops you decide to send into battle will have a huge impact on how successful you are. Indeed, each troop type has another troop type with which they are strongest. Getting this right could see you winning a battle where you were hugely outnumbered. Keep reading this Epic Age Troops Guide for all you need to know about understanding this relationship.

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Epic Age Troops

In Epic Age there are a total of 5 different troop types with each having strength against another of the troop types. These troop types, and their strengths, are outlined below:

  • Archers – have an advantage over Spearmen.
  • Spearmen – have an advantage over Cavalry.
  • Infantry – have an advantage over Archers.
  • Cavalry – have an advantage over Infantry.
  • Artillery – weak against all other troop types but strong against structures.
Epic Age Troop Strengths and Weaknesses

In addition to the above, it should also be mentioned that you can gain access to a unique Troop depending on the Epic Age Civilization you choose. This is covered in more detail in the next section.

Epic Age Unique Troops

Each Civilization in Epic Age has a unique troop that it can use. Each of these unique troops represents a huge upgrade over the typical troops used. All the different unique troops for each Civilization are outlined below:

CivilizationBase TroopNameEffect
RomanInfantryRoman LegionDeals damage more frequently per turn during battle.
VikingInfantryBerserkerImproves Physical Attacks after taking physical DMG during battle.
HellasInfantrySpartan WarriorIncrease Squadron’s Physical DMG during battle.
YamatoInfantryYamato SamuraiGains [Dodge] and increases Physical DMG dealt during battle.
EgyptCavalryEgyptian ChariotThe entire Squadron gains First Strike and Group Attack during battle.
MongolArchersMongol Cavalry ArcherGreatly increases activation chances of [Attack Mod] skills during battle.
PersianSpearmenPersian ImmortalReduces damage taken by Squadron during battle.
ChinaSpearmenQin Elite SoldierHas a chance of dealing extra Tactical DMG during battle.

Building Troops in Epic Age

Unlike other 4X MMO Mobile Games, you do not specifically decide which troop to build. Instead, in Epic Age, you draft “Reserves” which can then be added to one of your Squadrons as any of the above troop types. You are therefore able to switch between troop types easily. This makes it much more equal in terms of PvP as you can easily switch up your squadron.

Epic Age Drafting Troop Reserves

To do this, you must first navigate to your desired squadron. Once you are on this screen, you switch between the different troops using the arrows or by clicking the “Choose Troops” button. Clicking the “Ok” button will confirm your selection. When you next sent this Squadron out, they will take the troop type you selected. Please note that the Squadron must be in your City to change the Troop Type.

Although the process for the base troop types in Epic Age is fairly simple, it is a little more complicated when it comes to building your Civilization’s unique troops. This process is covered in the next section.

Building Civilization Unique Troops in Epic Age

Epic Age Cvilization Unique Troops

As mentioned above, building your unique troops in Epic Age is a little bit more of a lengthy process. Firstly, it should be noted that the only unique troop you can build will be the one that corresponds to the Civilization you have chosen to play as. The unique troop for each Civilization is outlined in a table earlier in this Epic Age Troops Guide.

Once you have chosen your Civilization, the next criterion is to research the appropriate unique troop tech. This is unlocked at City level 7 under the Admin column. After it is researched, you are able to apply this Skill to your Heroes. Once a Hero in your Squadron has this skill, you are able to upgrade their troops to your Civilization’s unique troop type.

Epic Age Hero Troop Type Compatability

Another key thing to consider when selecting the troop type you are sending out with your Squadron is the Heroes that will be with them. Each Hero has a Talent level with each of the different troop types. The higher this Talent level is, the more effective those Troop Types will be when in the Heroes Squadron. Each Talent level and its effect are outlined below:

  • S – Hero attributes altered to 120%.
  • A – Hero attributes altered to 100%.
  • B – Hero attributes altered to 85%.
  • C – Hero attributes altered to 70%.
  • D – Hero attributes altered to 120%.
Epic Age Hero Troops Talent Level

It is therefore vital that you only send Heroes who are highly compatible with the Troop Type in the Squadron. Ideally, you want to see a Talent of S for the Hero, however, A is also good if you are limited in choice. No Heroes with a Talent level below S or A should be sent as your Squadron will begin to suffer significantly.

Improving your Epic Age Troops

Now you know all the basics of the different Troops in Epic Age, it is worth understanding how you can further improve the capability of your troops. This can be broken down into a few different categories, each with a different way of making your Troops stronger.


This is probably the first place you will be to improve your Troops. It is simply the process of researching relevant Tech within your City which improves your Troops. In particular, you will be looking to upgrade the Tech located under the Military column.

In the early levels of your City the Military Tech will focus on improving the attributes of all your Troops. However, as you progress you will be able to start specializing more in certain Troop Types. Indeed, this will be opened up at City levels 9 and 10. You should initially focus on the Troop Type you predominately use.


Heroes provide the most interesting and strategic ways to improve your troops. As already mentioned, the most basic of these is their Talent Level with the different Troop Types. The higher their Talent level with the troop, the greater the assistant they will be able to provide in battle.

Epic Age Hero Skills

In addition to this, you can also look at applying specific Skills to your Heroes which benefit the Troops that they are most compatible with. This will optimize the Hero specifically for that troop type, making their Squadrons extremely potent.


One last thing to consider for your troops is the Civilization that you end up choosing to play with for the current Season. Each Civilization buffs different troop types and has a different unique troop of one of the 5 troop types.

Therefore, you should choose a Civilization that has unique troop and buffs that matches the troop type you wish to focus on. This will often be dictated by the Heroes you have available and which troop types they are most compatible with. In your very first Season, it is likely that your Heroes will be mostly Infantry focused.

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