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In Epic Age, Territory is hugely important to your game. Capturing these is vital to expanding your Civilization and acquiring more resources for your buildings and army. As such, knowing everything there is to know about Territory is vital. Keep reading this Epic Age Territory Guide for all the details.

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What Territory in Epic Age

In Epic Age, the World Map is carved up into lots of small hexagon shaped tiles called Territory. Your home City will occupy 11 of these, and you can send your Squadrons out to capture more. Indeed capturing these Territories is one of the core aspects of this game. Territories can contain resources, Marauders, and other players.

Why You Want to Capture Territory in Epic Age

Resources are vital for building your cities and therefore this is one of the first reasons you will begin to capture territory. Killing Marauders will reward you with items and Hero experience, which will level your Heroes, another reason to send your Squadrons out to battle on Territory.

However, the most important, and the most fun, thing you will encounter in Territory around the World Map in Epic Age is other players. They could be friendly, however, in most cases, you are likely to be in for some PvP action if they are not in your Guild.

Encountering enemy territory in Epic Age

Typically, you will come across players as you begin to expand for higher-level resource spots or towards a specific Seasonal objective on the World Map. Indeed, you must navigate around the World Map by connecting up lots of the territories. When a player is in your way, the easiest way past them is right through them by capturing territory off of them. This will also gain you Guild Contribution Points.

Lastly, capturing territory is vital for increasing your Faction Value. This is an indicator of how powerful you are and is really important to increase. Many Guilds will have a minimum Faction Value required to join and you will gain rewards in events the higher your Faction Value is. Check out our Guide on How to Increase your Faction Value in Epic Age for more details.

What Resources are Available in Territories

As mentioned in the previous sections, one of the key things you will be looking to obtain from Territory in Epic Age is resources. Each piece of territory can obtain either, Wood, Food, Metal, Silver, or Stone. Capturing it will increase the production value of this resource every hour. The higher the level of the territory the greater the increase will be.

In Epic Age, resource territory can currently range from level 1 to 10. The increase in your hourly production for each resource, at each of these levels, can be seen below:

LevelWood, Food, Stone, & MetalSilver

What Can You Build on Territory

There are a number of building that you can construct on territory in Epic Age. One of the first you will build will be resource buildings. These are constructions that will further increase the resource output of the territory.

A territory must be at least level 3 for one of these to be built. At level 3 it will be a basic version of the building, and at level 4 it will be an advanced version of the building. As you may expect, the advanced version will increase your resource output by more than the basic.

Constructing Buildings on Epic Age Territory

In addition to resource towers, you can also build a few types of buildings to be used for PvP. Some of these are outlined below:

  • Arrow Tower
  • Cheval-de-Frise
  • Tent

Each of these is unlocked by researching the relevant Tech within your City. The tech can be upgraded to increase the maximum number of these buildings that you can construct. In addition, you can undertake Advanced Building tech research which unlocks further buildings such as:

  • Mint
  • Workshop
  • Arsenal
  • Decree Office
  • Outposts

How to Capture Territory in Epic Age

As will be clear by now, you will have to send your Squadrons out to capture Territory for you for a number of important reasons. Doing this could not be easier. Simply select the territory you wish to capture, click on the Occupy option, and then finally pick the Squadron you want to send.

However, there are a couple of things to know before you go about doing this. First, the territory must be adjacent to another territory you, your Guildmates, or one of your Guilds captures cities, already hold in order for you to be able to capture it. Additionally, the higher the level of the territory, the harder the Troops defending it will be to beat. Therefore, ensure you are picking the best Troops for the job.

It will cost you 10 stamina to capture territory and as such, it is a good idea to send weaker Squadrons to capture low-level territory so as not to deplete the stamina of your best Heroes. In addition, once your squadron has won the battle, it will take a further 3 minutes for them to secure the territory for your Kingdon.

How to Abandon Territory in Epic Age

In some scenarios, you may wish to abandon territory. For example when you are hitting your territory limit. Thankfully this is pretty easily achieved. Simply select the territory you wish to abandon and click on the small X icon that will appear below it.

Once you click Ok to confirm the action, a 10-minute countdown will begin. At the end of the countdown, the territory will no longer be yours. You can abandon more than 1 territory at a time if you wish. Please note, that you cannot abandon a territory immediately after you capture it. There is a 30-minute “Impregnable” cooldown before you can do this.

How Many Territories Can You Hold in Epic Age

Unfortunately, you cannot hold an unlimited number of territories in the game. Therefore, you will quickly begin to hit your limit as you expand unless you take some mitigating measures. As mentioned in our Epic Age Tips for Beginners, one of the easiest things to do is abandon low-level territory. Past the early game, the return from these is worthless and the space is better used for a more strategic territory.

The next thing you can do is complete certain things in the game that will increase your current territory limit. You should always have an eye on how much territory space you still have and start working on increasing it whenever you get close to the limit. You can check your capacity just below your player icon.

Thankfully there are some easy and quick ways to start increasing your limit. The list below summarises most of the options you have to do this.

  • Steady Growth – Your territory limit will increase by 1 every 10 hours. You can gain a maximum of 80 additional territories under this method.
  • Quest Rewards – Certain Quests you complete will add more capacity to your territory limit.
  • Main City Tech – You can upgrade the Calendar tech which is unlocked at the City level 10 to increase your maximum territory by up to an additional 30 spaces.

Blocked Territory in Epic Age

Sometimes you will come across Territory which is blocked and cannot be moved through or captured. Typically these will be particularly large mountains or bodies of water.

Unfortunately, blocked mountains can simply never be passed. Although a little annoying when they get in the way, they can also offer some strategic positions. Indeed they can prevent enemies from flanking or can be used by you to block enemies in.

Epic Age Dock

In contrast, water can be passed, but only at certain points. In order to get passed it, you must find a Dock or a City on the banks of the water. Once you have captured these points, you will be able to cross your Squadrons safely. However, be warned, these crossing points are highly strategic and will be fought over with gusto.

Download Epic Age here: Download Link

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