Best Four Star Characters in Genshin Impact

During any player’s journey in Genshin Impact, it is inevitable that four-star characters will be acquired beyond the free ones. Of course, in a game constantly adding new characters, there are some four stars that are more useful than others.

In this guide, I am going to briefly highlight some of the best four-star characters in Genshin Impact. If you’d like to know about the free characters in Genshin Impact, visit our Genshin Impact Free Characters Guide.

Main DPS Four Stars

In a party of four, there is usually one central Main DPS Character that the team is built around. Below are some of the best four-star characters in Genshin Impact for this role. They are especially effective at the beginning of the game and will serve as a fantastic choice.


Best Four Star Characters in Genshin Impact - Razor

When I started my journey in Genshin Impact, my first four-star character beyond the free ones was Razor. So as a former Razor main, I can say that this wild wolf-raised lad is a powerhouse.

Razor has his claymore dealing hard damage, a fast cooldown electro skill building up energy, and a burst that buffs his on-field performance. Out of combat, his claymore is excellent for gathering ore materials, and he makes movement speed cost less stamina.


The de facto voice of Liyue Harbor, Ningguang presents an imposing figure for a four-star. Ambitious and meticulous, she serves as a fascinating DPS choice.

Ningguang is a catalyst geo character, who focuses on long-range combat with projectiles from her normal and burst. In the open world, with her in the party, you can find the location of ore to collect.


A legal advisor from Liyue, Yanfei is a half-human half adepti who can deal damage with words and pyro alike. An intelligent character that is a delight to deal damage with.

As a pyro catalyst user, Yanfei has many uses, her damage can burn through shields and thorn obstacles, while dealing area of effect damage. Outside combat, Yanfei is immensely useful for finding Liyue exclusive resources for ascending characters.

Sub-DPS Four Stars

A Sub-DPS Character in Genshin Impact generally has their Skill and/or Burst set to apply elemental damage easily and produce particles. These are essential for helping with the Main DPS’s damage and Burst uptime.


Best Four Star Characters in Genshin Impact - Xinqiu

A novelist and martial artist, Xinqiu is wise beyond his years and a trickster at heart. Through his family connections and own ambition, he has made a name for himself in Liyue.

Xinqiu’s most prominent features are his water blades formed from his skill and burst. They circle the active character, applying wet to any closeby characters which will allow reactions to occur. These blades also produce bits of healing as they disappear.


Captain of the Crux Fleet, Beidou is one of the more popular characters in the game for a number of reasons. A beautiful terror of the high seas, she helps defend Liyue from any deep depth treat with her claymore.

In the party, Beidou has a fairly quick cooldown electro skill when pressed, but also creates interesting gameplay through her blocking hold. Out of combat, she lowers your stamina consumption when swimming, handy for crossing certain areas of the game.


Fischl is a girl of many names, and with her companion Oz, the two are a good fit for any team. She is an Electro Bow user who is affiliated with the Adventurer’s Guild.

Being a bow user, Fischl is excellent for puzzles, and with her skill, Oz comes out to apply constant electro damage. For Mondstadt Expeditions, Fischl has the talent to allow a 20% time discount on any expedition, i.e. a 20 hr expedition turns to only 15 hrs.

Support Four Stars

The best Support Characters in Genshin Impact provide some combination of healing, shields, or damage boosting.


Best Four Star Characters in Genshin Impact - Bennett

An ever-positive lad, Bennett may be unlucky but is one of the best characters in the game. A Pyro Sword user that strives to do his best while providing team Support.

Bennet’s main claim to fame is his elemental burst, which gives characters within an area of effect healing and attack boosting. Like Fischl, Bennett also gives a 20% expedition discount in Mondstadt.

For more on Bennett, be sure to read our post about Why Bennett’s Constellation 6 is Fantastic.


A feisty bartender, Diona is a tiny but mighty Support unit. Both her beverages and Cryo Bow kit leave patrons and enemies frosty. She’s so good that she makes our list of the Best Shield Characters in Genshin Impact.

Diona’s skill gives the active character a shield to deflect damage, and her burst makes an area of effect to both damage enemies and heal allies. Also, whenever you are cooking dishes that restore health, if Diona is the chef there is the chance for extra portions.


With a curious mind, Sucrose has become known in Mondstadt as a fine alchemist. The power of Anemo and her Catalyst weapon makes for a versatile character.

Sucrose provides quite a lot, able to control units with her skill’s wind, and increase the damage of another element with her burst. For helping with leveling up characters, Sucrose gives a chance to craft double the necessary material at the alchemy bench.

Post Inazuma Four Stars

The four-star characters I’ve talked about before have all been from either Mondstadt or Liyue, with the majority being out since the beginning of the game. Inazuma is the most recent region as of typing, and while their four stars are fantastic one warning about them must be had.

To fully ascend any character, the player needs to find certain resources out in Teyvat. For many four-stars released post-Inazuma, their materials are there but locked behind the archon quest story.

My honorable mention here though goes to Gorou. If you can get him. he is a fantastic unit for a geo-based team. Pairing him with either Ningguang or Noelle as your DPS works quite well. Also, he’ll be able to assist you once you’re in Inazuma to find all the materials you need.

Four Star Curtain Call

There are many more four stars in the game, and even more coming still. An ultimate rule of thumb to the game though, is if you like a character there is no reason that you shouldn’t utilize them.

For more details on Genshin Impact Characters and how to improve them, check out our Genshin Impact Characters Guide.

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