Why Bennett C6 in Genshin Impact is Fantastic

Genshin Impact is a game full of compelling characters with varied skill kits to play as. One four-star character, Bennett, is well known for his healing and support ability. However, his Bennett C6 upgrade proves quite controversial.

Indeed, many in the community deem Bennett C6 to be a detriment. Thinking beyond the Spiral Abyss meta, I am of the belief that Bennett C6 is not only an improvement but unlocks a myriad of fun team combinations. In fact, I will show you Bennett C6 is so good!

Who is Bennett in Genshin Impact

Within the game of Genshin Impact, Bennett is a 4 Star Pyro Sword user mainly used in a Support role. Among one of the many characters to have been released at the launch of the game, he has helped to define the Spiral Abyss meta.

Bennett’s Best Ability in Genshin Impact

Bennett’s greatest ability is his Elemental Burst ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ which produces an area of effect that deals pyro damage on activation. Additionally, for 12 seconds, the area of effect provides any party member with healing up to 70% and if they go above this the character instead receives an attack bonus.

The third utility, without upgrades, is the application of pyro to any within the area of effect, this cleanses the player characters of any elemental debuffs, and primes enemy characters for elemental reactions.

What is the Bennett C6 Upgrade

Genshin Impact Bennett C6

Where the contention in the community comes from, is when one unlocks Bennett C6 ‘Fire Ventures with Me.’ This infuses Pyro into any Sword, Claymore, or Polearm character, as well as powering Pyro Damage by 15%.

While the extra bump of damage sounds good, many players end up purposefully not upgrading to Bennett C6 as the pyro infusion doesn’t combine well with some of the best characters.

This includes characters that rely on physical damage like Eula; or characters whose inherent elemental infusion gets overridden by Bennett C6 such as Ayaka and Keqing.

Bennett C6 Builds

Even without going into some of my niche builds, there are already plenty of characters in Genshin Impact that Bennett C6 works perfectly with. These fall into two categories:

  • DPS characters that are already Pyro
  • Catalyst/Bow characters who are not affected by the Bennett C6 infusion

Best Bennett C6 Team

Knowing this, we can work out who the best team members are to include with Bennett C6. Below we outline which characters are the best from each of the 2 categories, and also one character in particular that you should avoid adding to a Bennett C6 Team.

DPS Pyro Characters

Diluc is a 5 star Main DPS claymore character who already has his own means of pyro infusion, but with Bennett C6 as well, this creates larger windows for him to deal plenty of damage.

Xiangling, one of the best Sub-DPS characters, will gain an even bigger bonus of damage from both her Skill and Elemental Burst with Bennett C6. Even better, she is also one of the completely Free Genshin Impact Characters.

The only Pyro DPS that isn’t 100% perfect with this is Hu Tao. A Pyro polearm user whose Elemental Burst damage relies on her being at less than 50% HP.

These two characters absolutely still work together. However, they would need some near-perfect timing to have both the 15% Pyro damage increase from Bennett C6 and the 33% pyro damage increase to Hu Tao’s big burst damage from her being at less than 50% health.

Catalyst/Bow Characters

Within this category, there are 4 great characters that can work well in a Bennett C6 Team:

  • Yanfei is a catalyst pyro character who will benefit from the 15% pyro damage increase.
  • Klee is a catalyst pyro character who will benefit from the 15% pyro damage increase.
  • Klee is a pyro bow character who will benefit from the 15% pyro damage increase.
  • For free-to-play characters, Bennett C6 will also help the damage output from Amber.

Mondstadt Boys Bennett C6 Build

Earlier I noted that Bennet C6 doesn’t benefit physical damage-reliant characters. While this is true, I have a build that makes one physical damage character more interesting. For those in favor of teams that match up with the game’s lore, or free-to-play friendly team combinations, this will be a fun one for you to try.

Razor is a 4-Star Electro Claymore DPS whose ascension special stat is physical damage. This means while in Bennett’s C6 Burst, Razor does not get to utilize this bonus damage. However, if one instead uses a hybrid Physical and Electro build, Razor’s burst can become a powerful means to utilize Bennett’s C6 Burst.

Genshin Impact Razor

Razor’s elemental burst, ‘Lightning Fang’ brings out a wolf manifestation that attacks with electro whenever Razor attacks. This means while in Bennett’s C6 area of effect, Razor will be hitting with both Pyro and Electro simultaneously. This creates an interesting means for an Overloaded combination team.

To round out the roster, you’ll want either another Pyro unit for the 25% bonus attack resonance and/or another Electro unit to produce more Electro Elemental Particles whenever you overload.

For Pyro, Xiangling is a fantastic choice, providing two methods of constant pyro application to combo with Razor’s Burst or Skill. For Electro, Raiden Shogun is the optimal choice, but using either Fischl or Kujoh Sara, or the newly released Shinobu would be good. Full Mondstadt Boys build below:

Other Bennet C6 Team Combinations

There are plenty of characters who work perfectly well with Bennett without caring one way or another about the C6. Popular DPS units like Ganyu, Ayato, Itto, Xiao, and Tartaglia, are all either unaffected by the infusion entirely or override the infusion with their own.

Other non-DPS units that can benefit greatly from Bennett’s C6 are mostly Anemo units. Indeed, Anemo Traveler, Sayu, and especially Kazuha can all still utilize the pyro application from Fantastic Voyage for swirled Pyro damage.

Ayato / Bennett Voporiza Build

One of my favorite team combinations currently is having Ayato as Main DPS, Xingqiu and Thoma as Sub-DPS, and Bennett as Support for a Vaporize build. Ayato doesn’t ever utilize his normal attack, instead relying on his Elemental Skill for fast-hitting Hydro Damage.

Genshin Impact Ayato

With a combination of Thoma’s, Xinqiu’s, and Bennett’s bursts, Ayato will be striking with constant Hydro and Pyro damage application.

Similarly, a build I try out on occasion is utilizing Xiao’s burst for its swirl capabilities by combining it with Thoma and Bennett. While this may not be the most optimal for Xiao in general, sometimes in the overworld the constant fire application is a huge benefit for getting through traps, shields, and Dendro enemies.

A Fantastic Voyage Ahead

Bennett overall is a fantastic Genshin Impact character, a 4-star commonly looked up to as premium Support. While all characters have their pros and cons, Bennett’s supposed biggest flaw truly brings out the potential for interesting team builds and combinations. Indeed, we think he is one of the Best 4-Star Genshin Impact Characters.

Indeed, as the game progresses, more characters will be introduced that fit with Bennett’s kit, C6, and all. Check out our Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks for more ideas to get ahead in Genshin Impact.

For more details on Genshin Impact Characters and how to improve them, check out our Genshin Impact Characters Guide.

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