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For new players to Genshin Impact, there is a lot to learn such as both the exploration and combat systems. However, at its core are the characters that you collect and control. This Genshin Impact Characters Guide is a one-stop shop for all you need to know about your companions.

How to get Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters for the most part can only be gained from the gacha wish banners. At any given time, there is one permanent standard banner and two limited banners.

The standard banner contains all of the currently released 4-star characters and a limited number of 5-star characters that can be pulled. This is also the only place to get constellations of Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa outside of the shop.

The 5-star characters that can be pulled rotate every few weeks or so. These will usually be characters important to what is going on within the story, or characters that have not been seen for a while.

In addition to using the gacha banner system, you can also obtain certain Genshin Impact Characters for free. You can read our Free Genshin Impact Characters Guide for full details on how to obtain these.

Lastly, there are rotating four-star characters each month that you can spend Starglitter on, in the shop, to receive them or a constellation. This resource is gathered by continuing to pull on Wish Banners.

What is a Genshin Impact Character

Characters in Genshin Impact are the heroes that you control during your adventure. At the most basic level, a Genshin Impact Character can be defined by three core aspects: their Teyvat region of origin, the weapon they wield, and also the element of their vision. These are as follows.

  • Regions: Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru. These are the regions you travel through in the game and you will meet different Characters in the story based on their relevant region.
  • Weapon: Sword, Claymore, Polearm, Catalyst, Bow. These determine a Character’s fighting style with Sword and Polearm tend to be fast up close melee characters. Claymores are used by melee Characters that produce hard-hitting attacks but at a slow speed. Bows serve as the true long-range weapon. Whilst Catalyst varies dependent on the Character wielding.
  • Element: Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Anemo, Electro, Geo, Dendro. Elements are important in combat where combining elements can produce powerful effects. Most elements have some form of reaction, for example, fire and electric makes Overload which does extra damage.

It is also worth noting here that a Chatacters Element is important for Resonance. This is where 2 characters of one element are in the same party which creates a bonus effect. For example, with two Pyro Characters in the party, this will increase both of their attack power.

Genshin Impact Character Attributes

As the game progresses, the player not only levels their account through Adventure Rank, but also levels up Genshin Impact Characters individually. Each character can be leveled up to level 90. Through level up and ascension, characters get increases on their various stats, including on a bonus stat.

Each character in the game has the same 5 basic attributes. However, the value for each of these attributes will vary from character to character. These attributes follow a similar logic to most games from Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, to Dislyte and Raid Shadow Legends.

Genshin Impact Characters - Zhongli Attributes

The attributes you see on your character screen are as follows:

  • Max HP – indicates the character’s max health.
  • Attack – calculates damage output.
  • Defense – how capable a character is at resisting damage.
  • Elemental Mastery – enhances Elemental Damage.
  • Stamina – used in open world travel.

There are also attributes for Critical Damage and Critical Rate which are important for characters to deal large amounts of damage. Lastly, Elemental Recharge is another attribute that gains a character more energy particles from using Elemental Skills.

Genshin Impact Characters can also gain bonuses to certain damage types through either their own Ascension Skill being leveled up or with the use of a Goblet Artifact. There are also stats for Healing Bonus, Shield Strength, and Cool Down Reduction that are more niche.

Genshin Impact Character Talents

At their core, a Genshin Impact Character’s utility is based on their Talents. These talents mostly all revolve around how the character is used in combat. One of these talents is typically reserved for exploration or help with resources.

The three main talents of concern are as follows:

  • Normal/Charged attack
  • Elemental Skill
  • Elemental Burst

Normal/Charged attacks for the most part tend to be fairly the same depending on the character’s weapon.

Elemental Skills vary in utility, but for the most part, they apply whatever element the character has. This also gains them energy particles for using Elemental Bursts.

Elemental Bursts are the ultimate moves of a character, either dealing massive damage or giving big boosts to party stats.

Genshin Impact Characters - Zhongli Talents

Through ascension, the character unlocks two bonus Talents that further improve their performance in combat. As an example, at Level 20 Zhongli’s shields increase in strength as they take damage, and at Lv60 he gains bonus damage based on his HP for all his combat Talents. This also helps him make our list of the Best Genshin Impact Shield Characters.

Genshin Impact Character Constellations

Genshin Impact rewards players for pulling on their banners. Indeed, pulling duplicate characters provides Starglitter and Constellations. Constellation abilities improve a character’s performance in combat, either through upgrading a talent or by providing special buffs. A total of 6 constellations can be unlocked.

The ‘C3’ and ‘C5’ of a character will always increase the base level of their Skill and Burst by upping their numbers. The remaining 4 constellations can vary, going from further supporting a character’s Support role, to allowing a character to perform as a Main DPS Genshin Impact Character.

Genshin Impact Characters - Zhongli Constellations

As an example, my Zhongli is C2, his first constellation allows there to be two of his Stone Steles on the field. This provides additional instances of area of effect geo damage and platforming. Whereas his C2 grants his signature shield whenever Zhongli activates his Elemental Burst, the only way to do so for co-op players.

Despite the importance of constellations, they can sometimes prove to be quite controversial for specific Genshin Impact Characters. Indeed, many do not like Bennet C6. Read our analysis on Why Bennet C6 is Actually Very Good.

Genshin Impact Character Roles

In total, you should always have 4 Genshin Impact Characters in your active team. Each of these characters will fulfill a specific role in your squad. A typical Genshin Impact Team would include the following.

  • Main DPS – your main damage dealer.
  • Support – providing assistance to other characters such as heals and buffs.
  • Sub DPS – another damage dealer providing additional utility.
  • Sub DPS – another damage dealer providing additional utility.

What role your Genshin Impact Characters fill, depends on a combination of all the things outlined already in this guide. However, you can follow the links in the list above to get a better idea of what types of characters should be used in each role.

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