Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact

Each Character in Genshin Impact can have up to 5 individual artifacts equipped to them for certain buffs. Artifacts are divided into sets and equipping a full set will grant further powerful effects such as damage bonuses. There are a huge variety of Artifact Sets available in Genshin Impact and picking the best ones can make a huge difference.

Artifacts offer 2-piece set bonuses and 4-piece set bonuses for having 2 or 4 artifacts from the same set equipped, and both bonuses are taken into consideration for each set that made our list. Of course, players should choose which artifact set to give each character depending on that character’s individual talents and stats, so our focus will be on sets that are very strong on a wide range of characters or supremely powerful within their niche.

In addition to equipping the Best Artifact Sets to your Genshin Impact Characters, it is also a good idea to make sure they have one of the Best Weapons. Make sure to check out our lists of the Best 3-Star Weapons, Best 4-Star Weapons, and Best 5-Star Weapons for more help with this.

1. Emblem of Severed Fate

Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact - Emblem of Severed Fate

Emblem of Severed Fate has been one of the most powerful and versatile artifact sets since it was introduced to the game during the early Inazuma patches. The 2-piece set bonus is Energy Recharge +20% and the 4-piece set bonus increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge, up to a cap of 75% DMG bonus. 

Genshin Impact has an abundance of characters who need a high amount of Energy Recharge to refill their Elemental Burst before the cooldown is over, and who are primarily used for their Burst before leaving the field. There are also a few characters with talents that scale directly with Energy Recharge who doubly benefit from this set’s 2-piece and from being more easily able to reach the 75% bonus DMG cap. 

As a result, the set could be said to synergize with itself, with ER weapons, and with characters who scale from ER or even just need ER to burst on cooldown. We recommend it on Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Yelan, and Kujou Sara, but there are so many more who can use it situationally as well.

2. Viridescent Venerer

Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact - Viridescent Venerer

Viridescent Venerer is the go-to choice for almost every single Anemo character due to its 2-piece set bonus of +15% Anemo DMG, and 4-piece set bonus which increases the DMG dealt by Swirl by 60% and decreases the opponent’s Elemental RES of the swirled element by 40% for 10s. Be mindful, however, that only 1 character on the team should be using this set, as once applied, it will not stack further resistance with a second character’s swirls.

Whether on-field or off-field, most Anemo characters are included in teams for the purpose of the Swirl reaction, and in most cases they will deliberately be Swirling the primary damage reaction of the team. Lowering the enemy’s elemental resistance is a significant boost to your team’s main damage sources!

Every Anemo character is a great Viridescent Venerer user except for Xiao and Wanderer, who are both on-field Main DPS Characters who could feasibly use a 2-piece Viridescent Venerer combination but are far better off using completely different more specialised 4-piece sets like Vermillion Hereafter or Desert Pavilion Chronicle instead.

3. Deepwood Memories

Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact - Deepwood Memories

Much like Viridescent Venerer, Deepwood Memories is a set focused on a specific element’s reactions. In this case, it is Dendro, with a 15% Dendro DMG 2-piece set bonus, and the 4-piece bonus reduces Dendro RES by 30% for 8s when an opponent is hit with Elemental Skills or Bursts, even if the Deepwood Memories user is off-field.

Once again, be sure that only 1 character on your team is using this set, as it will not stack benefits from multiple instances of the set in the party. However, unlike Viridescent Venerer’s relationship with Anemo characters, Deepwood Memories does not have to be equipped by a Dendro character to work! As a result, this set is easier to fit into the team while still reaping the benefits, but it is a smaller bonus upfront because Dendro’s elemental reactions produce additional damage in a way that Swirl does not.

Most Dendro characters can use this set, including Nahida, Kaveh, Yaoyao, Baizhu, and more. Several non-Dendro support characters can be given this set if the Dendro character in the team is gaining more personal benefit from something else, such as Tighnari with Wanderer’s Troupe.

4. Blizzard Strayer

Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact - Blizzard Strayer

Possibly the most niche or focused set on this list, Blizzard Strayer is specifically for the Freeze reaction, but makes the list for its massive strength and implications to character building. The 2-piece effect is a 15% bonus to Cryo DMG, and the 4-piece effect increases Crit Rate against opponents affected by Cryo and an additional 20% if that opponent is Frozen. The one downside to keep in mind when using Freeze teams, and therefore this artifact set, is that bosses can not be frozen.

A well-planned Freeze team should keep their opponents frozen for at least as long as it takes to eliminate them, but ideally infinitely. As a result, this 4-piece set enables the on-field damage dealers in Cryo teams to worry far less about Crit Rate as a stat while outfitting characters. In addition to the Cryo resonance from bringing 2 Cryo characters to the team, Cryo DPS characters can still hit Crits against Frozen enemies most of the time with Crit Rate stat percentages as low as the high 40s. 

This also means that building a Cryo DPS for a Freeze team allows a higher focus on Crit DMG, making the individual weapon and artifact selections much simpler. This is because the player does not need to try to balance Crit Rate and Crit DMG as carefully, they only need enough Crit Rate to reach a value in the high 40s and enough Energy Recharge to burst on cooldown. The rest of the player’s artifact farming efforts can be in pursuit of Crit DMG.

The best users of the 4-piece Blizzard Strayer are Kamisato Ayaka, Ganyu, Kaeya, and Rosaria if used in Freeze teams. Even Kamisato Ayato could use it in a Freeze team. In other contexts, the 2-piece version is used by a wide array of Cryo supports for a damage boost.

5. Tenacity of the Millelith

Best Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact - Tenacity of the Millelith

Tenacity of the Millelith is a defensive set that gives HP and includes an ATK and Shield Strength boost. Its 2-piece set grants a +20% HP bonus and the 4-piece set has a great support effect, where landing an Elemental Skill on an opponent increases the party’s ATK by 20% and Shield Strength by 30% for 3s every 0.5s, even while off-field.

Over Genshin Impact’s history, this set’s flexibility and relevance have steadily increased with each new character who scales on HP and provides Shields. This set might be at risk of losing its spot on a ranking like this if more offensive HP artifact sets become more relevant in the future.

However, for the time being, this set is an excellent choice for a surprisingly wide array of characters, including Zhongli, Layla, Qiqi, Kuki Shinobu outside of Dendro parties, Sangonomiya Kokomi, or even Yaoyao or Nahida if a different character in the party has Deepwood Memories already. Several characters who scale on HP but are not supports or do not use shields may still use the 2-piece bonus for more HP% to fuel their scalings.

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