Tighnari Character Guide

Our newest five-star Character introduced in the Genshin Impact 3.0 Update, Tighnari, is a fascinating character. The first Dendro five-star, and the first five-star to become a part of the Standard Banner rotation. This cool fox has a lot to offer, and this Tighnari Character Guide will offer you information on how best to utilize him.

Who Is Tighnari in Genshin Impact

Tighnari Character Guide Profile

Tighnari is from a unique race within Genshin Impact with the attributes of a green fennec fox. He values knowledge quite highly, and previously graduated from the Akadamiya with ease. Even his Vision came to him after correcting a lecturer, thus opening the floor to discussion with the class.

After graduating he felt strongly in his heart to use his knowledge to better the jungle of Sumeru. As a Forest Watcher Tighnari quickly took the reigns, organizing patrol routes and producing medicine. Once he was jokingly called General Watchleader by his comrades in parallel to Cyno the General Mahamatra.

With a stern but compassionate personality, Tighnari not only protects the jungles but helps others to learn. Along the way uplifting his fellows and skirting around the Akadaymias rules.

Where we meet Tighnari

After dealing with Inazuma’s Vision Hunt Decree and exploring the Chasm with Dainsleif, the Traveler goes to Sumeru. Their aim is to hopefully meet with the Lesser Lord Kusanali and ask about the Unknown God. It is here in the first chapter, where they and Paimon meet Tighnari.

Tighnari Character Guide Hut

The Traveler post-fever dream awakens at Gandharva Ville, a small forest nestled village and base of the Forest Watchers. Collei and Tighnari assist the Traveler in getting well, and in return, the Traveler assists them in various tasks.

With Tighnari specifically, the Traveler helps in searching for medicine for newly befriended Collei. Only to then have to assist in getting rid of a patch of Withering corrupting the forest.

When all is said and done, the Traveler goes on their way. Tighnari is left privy of what the Traveler saw within their vision of Irminsul, but also with a wariness of the Akadamyia’s current activities.

Tighnari’s Story Quest

Later in our journey, we can continue helping Tighnari out through a story quest. I’d rather not fully spoil it for the emotional impact it had on me. However, what I can say, is that Tighnari’s personality shines through. From his attentiveness to others’ needs, to his bluntness towards how life works, a lovely character to explore with.

Throughout all of this, and interactions with having Tighnari in the party, he is slowly becoming a favorite for me. From his anecdotes on plants and knowledge, to how clever he is about his tail’s dryness.

Tighnari Talents & Constellations

With patch 3.0 came three options for Dendro, the newest element to be added to Genshin Impact. Tighnari is the featured 5 Star character for Dendro at the moment. Though soon, he will be added to the Standard Banner in 3.1.

Tighnari Talents Guide

As standard fare with bow users, his normal attack provides basic shots of arrows. His Lv1 and Lv2 charged shots provide Dendro element, with Lv2 creating four additional ‘Wreath Arrows’ with homing.

The charged shots do take some time to load, but the rest of his kit aims to skirt around this. His elemental skill ‘Vijnana-Phala Mine’ creates an AoE that distracts enemies. More importantly, it allows Tighnari’s next three charged shots to load much faster.

Tighnari Character Guide Skill

Finally Tighnari’s burst ‘Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft’, fires off 6 shots of Dendro Damage. The cooldown and Elemental Cost for the burst are both fairly low, which is great. This makes it a fast and reusable chunk of damage and Dendro application.

For passives, both of the combat passive talents revolve around Elemental Mastery. This is the attribute most associated with increasing Elemental Reaction Damage.

‘Keen Sight’ the first passive gives a temporary boost in Elemental Mastery whenever a ‘Wreath Arrow’ is fired. The second one ‘Scholarly Blade’ increases Tighnari’s damage on his Charged Attack and Burst based on his Elemental Mastery.

For those having trouble finding unique resources in Sumeru, Tighnari’s utility passive helps a lot. With this, Tighnari is able to lead you to these resources while he’s in your party.

Tighnari Constellations Guide

While constellations are not necessary to play a Character, knowing what they do is still important and therefore this Tighnari Constellations Guide should be helpful. In Tighnari’s case, he’s on the Standard banner, so there is a chance of getting more constellations for him.

Tighnari Character Guide Constellation

The optimal constellation to get Tighnari to is his Constellation 2, ‘Origins Known From the Stem’. If anyone is within his Elemental Skill’s field, Tighnari’s Dendro bonus increases by 20%. On top of his Ascension skill, this gives him almost 50% Dendro damage, making every wreathing arrow that much more deadly.

However, all Tighnari Constellations can be super useful if you attain them. In summary, the most important are:

  • Constellation 1 – Gives his charged attack 15% Crit Rate, for more damage output
  • Constellation 2 – If anyone is within his Elemental Skill’s field, Tighnari’s Dendro bonus increases by 20%. On top of his Ascension skill, this gives him almost 50% Dendro damage, making every wreathing arrow that much more deadly.
  • Constellation 4 – Improves party Elemental Mastery after his burst, even more so if a Dendro reaction is triggered.
  • Constellation 6 – Decrease his Charged Attack’s charging time, adds one more Wreath Arrow, and each deal 150% of Tighnari’s Attack.

Overall, Tighnari is good with applying as much Dendro as possible to trigger Elemental Reactions and having the boosted Elemental Mastery to deal as much damage as possible. This gives him enough versatility in his kit to either serve as a Main DPS Genshin Impact Character or as part of a constant rotation team dealing as many reacitons as possible.

Tighnari Build Guide

With this keenly sensed fox lad, the best way to outfit him is to improve his Main DPS quality through Critical Damage or Rate, as well as getting his Elemental Mastery as high as possible. These will spell success for outputting as much reaction damage as possible.

Tighnari Weapons Build Guide

As the go-to fantastic Dendro Main DPS, a Bow that provides either Critical Damage or Critical Rate is important. However, finding a weapon that meshes well with what Tighnari is doing is just as important.

The best premium option for him is obviously the 5-star bow that was featured on his banner, Hunter’s Path. It provides Crit Rate, Elemental Damage Bonus, and gives an effect increasing Elemental Mastery and Charged Attack Damage.

Tighnari Character Guide Slingshot

A fantastic Free to Play option, and the one I’m using at present, is actually the 3-Star weapon the Slingshot. Not only does it increase the Crit Rate of Tighnari, but you get increased damage on your Charged Shots if they hit a target within 0.3s of being fired. This makes the fast-fired Charged Shots from Tighnari’s skill even better.

Tighnari Artifacts Build Guide

With artifacts, Tighnari cares about Elemental Mastery and any stat involving his damage output. In this regard, there are three sets that are most suited for him.

A classic artifact set that has been in the game since 1.0, is the Wanderer’s Troupe, a set benefiting Catalyst and Bow users the most. Not only does it increase Elemental Mastery, but the 4-piece bonus also increases Charged Attack damage of Bow users. Likely with all the bosses anyone has farmed, you may already have a near-perfect set and not realize it.

The other two sets are both new to the Genshin Impact 3.0 Update, coming from the latest Artifact domain. Out of the two, Gilded Dreams is the better set for Tighnari’s main strategy. Upon triggering a reaction, the character with Gilded Dreams increases their Attack per same element party member and their Elemental Mastery per different element. Reactions, Elemental Mastery, and Attack are all things that Tighnari absolutely wants.

Deepwood Memories is the other new set, and this is the standard Dendro Damage bonus set. For its 4-piece, after a Skill or Burst hits an opponent, their Dendro resistance goes down, and this can be triggered off-field. This means even in a party where Tighnari is either Sub-DPS or secondary Main DPS, he’ll still be able to assist in lowering resistances.

The artifacts themselves, with Wanderer or Gilded you’ll have quite a bit of Elemental Mastery, so it is important the main stats of the artifacts favor damage output. Sands having Attack percentage, Goblet having Dendro Damage, and the Circlet having one of the Critical stats. The same logic applied for Sub-Stats, Critical Stats, Elemental Mastery, Attack Percentage, and some Energy Recharge wouldn’t hurt.

With Weapon and Artifacts combined, it is good to aim for around 200 or more Elemental Mastery and increase your Critical Stats as much as possible. Tighnari is favorable for free-to-play, one of their best options of weapons being a 3 Star, and a great artifact choice easily farmed over time from bosses.

Tighnari Teams Guide

Being Dendro, the best way to take advantage of Tighnari is to play off of the Dendro reactions. Quicken, Bloom, and Burning are the base reactions we have to utilize, but each comes with its own pros and cons in regards to damage output and ease of use.

Quick as a Fox

Quicken is fairly simple to use and has a great damage output. Dendro plus Electro applying quicken, and then either Dendro or Electro after for increased damage of that element.

Applying Electro being a main factor of the team, the Sub-DPS and Support slots can both go to a number of great Electro characters. If one happens to have Yae Miko, her skill provides a means for constant Electro damage application. Fischl or Raiden Shogun also provide a similar purpose or bring Kujoh Sara for increased Damage.

For an additional slot, an Anemo character to Swirl the Electro damage even further is a solid choice. Kazuha or Sucrose serve this purpose, with both of them also favoring having as much Elemental Mastery as possible for maximum damage.

Bloom and Boom

Bloom is what happens when Dendro and Hydro react, and if one adds Electro it becomes Hyperbloom. The Bloom Buds if left alone eventually explode for area of effect Dendro Damage. Additionally, if you add Electro, Hyperbloom will have the Bloom home onto a target to explode with further increased damage.

In any Bloom team, the important bit is getting the reactions to trigger as much as possible to constantly make Blooms generate and explode. Tighnari pops in, then switch in Kokomi or Barbara for constant Hydro, then change in a Character like Fischl for constant Electro, rinse and repeat from there. An Anemo character like Kazuha or Sucrose for Swirling Hydro or Electro is also advantageous.

Boy Scouts!

My current team that I’ve been bringing along with me for exploration is more of a fun team than anything competitive. I for one favor exploration over Spiral Abyss most of the time, so here is just a fun thematic team that works well together and provides all the Dendro reactions.

Tighnari Character Guide Boy Scouts Team

For exploration the standard need for a Sub-DPS isn’t as important, so Tighnari shares the Main DPS role with Razor. Razor has a very fast cooldown on his Skill which generally allows a nice quick application of Dendro. Also, Tighnari’s skill and Razor’s skill while held have the same radius, being able to apply Quicken in a relatively quick manner.

Xinqiu is featured for Hydro, his Skill and Burst both provide constant Hydro application. Whether combined with Tighnari for Bloom, or with Razor for Electro-charged, both are useful reactions in certain scenarios.

Finally, Bennett is primarily there for his quick application of Pyro while in Sumeru, and also for his C6 Burst. With Razor, this provides big moments for Overload damage, but with Tighnari can start burning the opponents, or cause Blooms to Buergon in multiple instances of damage.

Final Thoughts on Tighnari

Tighnari overall is a fantastic Character, simple in usage but a good start to the Dendro element. A Main-DPS who cares about his charged attack and burst, and cares about Elemental Mastery, all in line with triggering Dendro Reactions.

Lore-wise, Tighnari is one of my favorites as well now, someone I truly relate to with his love of knowledge. In the future likely everyone will get the chance to utilize Tighnari in their team once 3.1 hits. So here is looking forward to more adventures and discoveries with him.

Author Bio

HattyDrago is an avid gamer with years of experience, and a masters in game design to back it up. You can catch HattyDrago streaming as a Vtuber on their Twitch HattyDrago Channel playing Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy 14, and more.

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