Evony World Boss Guide

Every week there is a huge World Boss Monster that spawns on the world map. It is available for all players to attack for rewards. There are a few different types that can spawn which can impact how much damage you do. Read this Evony World Boss Guide for all you need to know.

What is the Evony World Boss Event

The Evony World Boss Event runs every Saturday at 8am server time until Monday 8am server time. During this 2 day period, a huge monster spawns on the world map which can be attacked by all players.

As with other monsters in the game, your troops will not be killed when attacking it unless your hospital is full. In addition, there are rewards available for each attack you do, your individual damage rank at the end of the event, and your alliance damage rank at the end of the event.

How to find the Evony World Boss

The World Boss is very easy to find. You simply need to navigate to the World Map and then select the World Map option to see the entire map. The World Boss Monster location will be indicated by a glowing red icon. Clicking here will take you right to it.

Evony World Boss Location

Please note, that the location of the Boss Monster will reset to a random place each day the event is active at 8am server time. It is therefore a good idea to wait until after server reset if you are close to this time so that it doesn’t move whilst your troops are marching to attack.

Types of Evony World Boss

Evony World Boss Types

There are 4 different types of World Boss that can spawn each time the event begins. In addition, certain troop debuffs from your army will work on each of them. This is outlined below.

  • Behemoth King – ground attack and defense debuff.
  • Scorpion King – mounted attack and defense debuff.
  • Lord of Lava – siege attack and defense debuff.
  • Bird of Hurricane – ranged attack and defense debuff.

This is a bit different from the usual Boss Monster Mechanics and means that you can apply the above troop-type debuffs to improve your attacks against the boss monster. This can include general equipment, attack general debuff skills, and sub-city mayor debuff skills.

Attacking the Evony World Boss

Evony World Boss Attack Chances

As with other Boss Monsters and Event Monsters, you can attack individually or in an alliance rally. You can attack it 5 times each day of the event for free. Additional attack chances must be bought for Gems.


Having at least one alliance rally against the World Boss is necessary in order to gain alliance damage ranking rewards. You do not need to have taken place in this rally in order to receive the reward at the end of the event.

If your alliance is trying to place well, it is a good idea to agree on a time that all your biggest players can be online to make one big rally for maximum damage.


You can also attack the World Boss on your own. Doing this will also allow you to take your subordinate cities. This can be a good way to maximize your individual damage for the individual damage ranking rewards.

Buying Chances

Once you have used up your 5 free attack chances, you are able to buy up to a further 5 chances by using Gems. The Gem cost of each additional chance is outlined below:

  • Chance 1 – 200 Gems
  • Chance 2 – 400 Gems
  • Chance 3 – 600 Gems
  • Chance 4 – 800 Gems
  • Chance 5 – 1,000 Gems


When you attack the World Boss Monster, your troops will not be killed unless your Hospital is at capacity. Additionally, the wounded level is very low at only 0.8% for each attack.

This wounded rate can be reduced further with the Mortality Skill on your General. However, it is recommended to instead add Skill Books that increase your damage in order to maximize the rewards you can win.

World Boss Mechanics

When attacking the World Boss, the battle will end once your wounded level reaches 0.8%. Therefore, sending low-level troops with your higher-level troops to max the march size can be a bad idea.

This is because the low-level troops will do very little damage and also be killed quickly bringing you up to that 0.8% wounded level at a faster rate and ending the battle early.

In addition, unlike the normal Boss Monster Mechanics, troop debuffs work against the World Boss. The debuffs that work will depend on the type of World Boss that has spawned. Read the section on World Boss Types above for more details.

Navigate to our list of the Best Evony Sub-city Generals to see all Generals with a troop debuff skill. Compare this with the active debuffs the World Boss has and choose your Sub-city Generals accordingly when going for an individual attack.

Killing the World Boss

This is possible but very difficult. It will take a rally from the top player in your server, and even then they must be very big. If the World Boss Monster is killed, then it will not be available to be attacked again until the 8am server reset. However, many high-value loot boxes will drop around it.

Evony World Boss Rewards

Evony World Boss Rewards

As with all Evony Events, there are a large number of rewards on offer during this event depending on your performance. These possible rewards are all outlined below.

Server Damage Rewards

Each day of the event, the World Boss Monster will drop loot boxes each time its HP is reduced to 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 0%. As normal, you can send troops to collect these.

Attack Rewards

Each time you attack the monster, you will get some attack rewards based on the damage you have dealt. This reward consists of Gold and Gems. The Gem and Gold rewards increase as your damage increases to a maximum of 800 Gems and 300k Gold.

Regardless of the damage dealt, you will always get a minimum of 250 Gems and 50k Gold. Therefore, you can in theory just send 1 troop for this reward. Many players do this after one large attack so as to minimize wounded but still get some Gems. This is one of the easiest ways to get Free Gems in the game.

Individual Rank Rewards

These rewards are available for the highest damage you do in a single attack on the World Boss. It is not an accumulation of all the damage done across your attacks.

The top 100 players in this category will receive rewards. These rewards include:

  • Gems
  • Gear Chests
  • March Size Increases
  • Resource Chests
  • Refining Stones
  • Gold
  • Spiritual Beast EXP

The full rewards for each placing can be found by navigating to the Event Center, clicking the World Boss Event, selecting View Rewards, and finally clicking on View Single Time Damage Ranking Rewards.

Alliance Rank Rewards

These rewards are available for the highest damage you do in a single alliance rally on the World Boss. It is not an accumulation of all the damage done across the attacks in your alliance.

The top 20 alliances in this category will receive rewards. These rewards include:

  • Material Chests
  • Spiritual Beast EXP
  • General EXP
  • Resource Boxes

The full rewards for each placing can be found by navigating to the Event Center, clicking the World Boss Event, selecting View Rewards, and finally clicking on View Alliance Damage Ranking Rewards.

How to increase your Evony World Boss Damage

Attacking the Evony Scorpion King

When attacking the World Boss, there are several things you can do to improve your damage. These are included in the list below, however, it is not always worth doing them all if you know that they will not help you reach the level of rewards you need to cover the associated cost.

  • Offering 20 times at the Shrine for King’s protection troop buffs.
  • Adding your subordinate cities to individual attacks.
  • Assigning sub-city mayors for the attack that include the relevant debuffs for the active World Boss.
  • Use only mounted troops due to their high attack stat along with your best Mounted General.
  • Updating your Evony Culture to Europe for Mounted attack buff.
  • Adding equipment to your general that buffs the troop type you are using and has the relevant troop debuff for the active World Boss.
  • Don’t send very low-tier troops as this will just see your wounded level increase quicker towards the 0.8% cap which ends the battle.
  • Use the Monarch Gear which applies a march size buff and buffs to the troop type you are using.
  • Ensure a Dragon or Spiritual Beast is attached to the General you will be using.
  • Apply March Size, Attack, Defense, and HP buffs for the attack.
  • Ensure you have taken your relevant troop buffs and debuffs research as far as you can.

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