Dislyte Tips and Tricks for Beginners

As a big fan of idle RPGs, Dislyte has quickly become one of my favorites. While some of the features aren’t all that unique compared to other games of the same genre, the art style, character designs, and music are all incredibly impressive. Here, I’ll be listing my top Dislyte Tips and Tricks for success in this game.

Though the game does have quite comprehensive notes on how each feature works, they can be hard to find and so some quintessential features can end up being looked over by a novice player. I’ve sunk a lot of time into it and I’ll do my best to guide you on how best to master Dislyte with these Dislyte Tips for Beginners.

Join a Club

Dislyte Club Shop

Absolutely one of the early things you should do is join a Club. This has numerous benefits such as access to a special Club Shop, participation in Holobattles for rewards, early access to Ripple Dimensions found by clubmates, the ability to battle in the Sentinel Hunt, weekly activity rewards, and more!

However, don’t join any old Club, make sure it is active. An active club will level up faster, giving you access to more features, and also be more likely to actually complete the weekly Club rewards challenges. Check out our Dislyte Club Guide for more detailed information.

Build your Friends List

The next important thing in this list of Dislyte Tips for Beginners is to build your friend list. Having friends in Dislyte gives you access to a special currency called Friendship Points. You can 200 of these from friends every day, with a further 100 gained from an Esper that you assign to assist others in their battles.

These Friendship Points are best spent on stamina for a maximum of 90 extra every day. However, you can also buy Starimon and Wish Stickers if you want these instead. Make sure your friend list is full of active users, it is a good idea to go through it regularly and replace anyone that is inactive.

dislyte ripple dimensions

Not only does having only friends mean you will always get your max gifts every day, but it also means you will see more Ripple Dimensions. Indeed, whenever a friend finds a Ripple Dimension, you get early access to it. This is very helpful given how competitive it can be to get into these when trying from World Chat!

Don’t Waste Nexus Crystals

Nexus Crystals are the premium currency in Dislyte and have numerous uses that can progress your account. However, if you are not spending real money on the game, it can be difficult to build up a good supply. Thankfully, there are some ways to get some Free Nexus Crystals that you should focus on doing every day.

In the early game, it is best to only spend these on Gold Records to get some good Espers for your Teams. However, as you progress you may also decide to use them on stamina to farm certain game modes more often.

Play Dislyte on your PC or Mac

Another Dislyte Tip is to use BlueStacks to play Dislyte on your PC or Mac for free. This allows you to easily manage several accounts at once or play passively whilst you are doing other tasks on your computer. It is a great way to get stuff done while grinding your account. Read our Guide to Playing Dislyte on PC to get started with this.

Build your Roster of Espers

dislyte gaius

When you first start Dislyte, you will not have many Espers, and the ones you do have will not be the best. As mentioned above, one way to build your team quickly is by spending Nexus Crystals on Gold Records for more spins in the Echo.

However, there are some alternatives that guarantee you a specific Esper. This includes making use of the Ripple Dimension feature, Fusing Espers,  and also spending currencies in the various shops on Esper fragments. For more details on each of these check out our list of the Best Free Espers in Dislyte.

Dislyte Point Wars

dislyte points war

Another thing to consider in these Dislyte Beginners Tips is how to optimally take part in Point Wars. To do this, you should create a team of Espers specifically for it. Due to the shortness of these battles, a team geared toward speed is your best bet. Check out our list of the Fastest Espers in Dislyte for more help on this.

Alternatively, you can also speed up your Espers with specific Equipment such as the Wind Equipment Set which increases an Esper’s speed by 25%. In addition, picking Equipment with a SPD secondary stat can be very helpful with this. Read our full Dislyte Point War Guide for more tips and information on the best Espers to use.

Spend your Experimon Wisely

When you first start Dislyte you probably won’t notice too much how many Experimon are required to take an Esper from level 1 to 60. However, you will quickly learn that it is A LOT! Indeed, as you progress you will start to run out of these just as quickly as you gain them. Therefore, it is important to make sure you don’t waste them.

In particular, you should not level up just any old Esper. Make sure you are focusing on those that actually have some good utility. For example, you will want to save these mainly for your Epic and Legendary Espers after you have a couple of Rares up to their max level.

Look After your Starimon

As above, the same can also be said for Starimon. In the beginning, you will have a plentiful supply of these from simple game progression rewards. However, these will quickly run out as you promote more and more Espers.

Indeed, taking an Esper from level 5 to 6 will cost you a lot of Starimon. Therefore, ensure you are prioritizing your best Espers to take up this far. For example, you will want one of the Best Healers and also some that are good in game modes such as the Ritual Miracle and Point War.

Dislyte Equipment

dislyte relic sets

In the early game, you don’t need to focus on grinding Equipment too much. You likely won’t be setting up specialized teams yet, and the ones you get from completing the Story will be sufficient to guide you through it. However, these will quickly become important as you progress up the levels in all the different game modes.

There are specific Equipment Builds that will really help each Esper and you can find these in our detailed Esper Guides. In addition to this, you should also ensure you are farming the Ritual Miracle for the Equipment you need and also only upgrading those that you will use as the gold cost can be quite significant. Check out our Dislyte Equipment Guide for more information on all of this.

DJ Contest

dislyte dj contest

This feature is often forgotten about and is a little hidden away. It is a mini-game within Dislyte that can be good fun as something a little different or for players who are also fans of rhythm games.

Aside from this, the real highlight is the rewards that you can get from here. To unlock these, you must earn 150 points by playing the DJ Contest game. This can be done every 24 hours and rewards include stamina, gold, and more! You can even just leave hard mode on AFK and you will get the 150 points required once it has finished.

Redeem Codes

Like most games in the genre, there are also unique codes that can be redeemed in return for special rewards such as Nexus Crystals and Gold Records. For Android users, these codes are redeemed by going to Settings -> Services -> Gift Code. However, for iOS users, you must redeem the codes here.

We have a list of codes in our post on How to Get Nexus Crystals in Dislyte. Alternatively, you can follow the official Dislyte Twitter where they announce any new codes. They are typically released about once a month.

Dislyte War Room

dislyte war room esper fusion

The most important thing to focus on in the War Room is Esper Fusion. The Espers on offer from Fusion rotate every few months and it is important to complete them when they are available. Ideally getting them up to their 6th level of Resonance during this time for a guaranteed powerful Esper.

However, this will take a lot of upgrading and you must should expect a significant amount of grinding to achieve it. Despite this, it is worth the effort, in the long run, to add another maxed-out Legendary Esper to your roster. Also, don’t forget about the Equipment Fusion feature that can be found here!

A Friend in Need

In most Dislyte game modes you will also have access to Helper Espers. These are linked to your friends, with each friend able to assign one Esper to be added to this list for all their friends. You will often see some really great Espers here, especially if you have befriended any Whales!

If you are ever struggling with a battle, quickly switch to this list when you are picking your formation to see who you can pick out to help you. More often than not this will get you over the line. You can only pick one Esper each time, and each Helper Esper can only be used once a day.

Get those Abilimon!

Abilimon are needed to upgrade the abilities of your Espers. This can truly transform an average Esper into an incredible one. Clearly then, these are pretty important to get hold of. Unfortunately, there are only so many ways to do this, and in particular, you will probably find then you never have enough Legendary or Epic Abilimon to keep these Espers upgraded.

Therefore make sure you are pursuing every avenue to get as many of these as possible. For example, check every event to see if these are available to be won and focus on them. Also, the various shops can be a good source. Lastly, don’t waste them on Espers you won’t use, save them for your favorites that you use all the time! Check out our Esper Guide for more details on upgrading Esper abilities.

Have Fun

The final thing to say in the Dislyte Tips, and perhaps most important, is to simply have fun with it! While a lot of people do enjoy min-maxing and dedicating a lot of time and effort to optimizing their games, I cannot stress enough that this isn’t a requirement.

If you find an Esper that you really like and want to put resources into improving even if they’re not optimal, do it! If you don’t feel like playing for a day or two, don’t! Games shouldn’t be a chore, and I really wouldn’t recommend seeing them as such.

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