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As a big fan of idle RPGs, Dislyte has quickly become one of my favorites. While some of the features aren’t all that unique compared to other games of the same genre, the art style, character designs, and music are all incredibly impressive. Here, I’ll be listing my top Dislyte Tips and Tricks for success in this game.

Though the game does have quite comprehensive notes on how each feature works, they can be hard to find and so some quintessential features can end up being looked over by a novice player. I’ve sunk a lot of time into it and I’ll do my best to guide you on how best to master Dislyte with these Dislyte Tips.

Dislyte Multi-Battles

One of the most important features of the game, and one that could easily be disregarded, is the Multi-Battle feature. This is essentially an idle farming mode, allowing you to assign your Espers to challenge a level you’ve already completed.

You can do this over and over to farm rewards, whether it be experience/Experimons in a practice battle or Divine Waves from Sonic Miracle. This may be useful to do while completing Missions!

Indeed, this is an incredibly useful feature for multi-tasking, allowing you to tackle other tasks in the game or even leave the game idling while you need to do something. Despite this, a lot of people find this sort of task allocation overwhelming when there are already so many features in the game.

I recommend you always have at least one task running, providing you have enough stamina at the point you’re at in the game. There’s no real optimal task to leave Multi-Battle on, however, so just focus on what you need most!

dislyte story mode

Dislyte Cube Miracle

The Cube Miracle is a sort of perma-death labyrinth that opens every 48 hours, allowing you to progress through several floors of battles and upgrades to gain some of the best resources you can get in the game. It’s incredibly important to make use of this whenever it opens, but there’s more than that.

Every time you finish a certain level of Cube Miracle, the next level will open with higher rewards but also stronger enemies. The natural response is to challenge the highest level available, but once all of your best Espers have died you have no chance of getting to the final boss.

As such, the best way to maximize your rewards from this aspect of the game is actually to challenge the highest level Cube Miracle you feel confident you can beat, making sure you finish the labyrinth every time you get the opportunity to do so.

Read our Dislyte Trials Guide for details on all the different Trials you can send your Espers on for great rewards.

Play Dislyte on your PC or Mac

Another Dislyte Tip is to use BlueStacks to play Dislyte on your PC or Mac for free. This allows you to easily manage several accounts at once or play passively whilst you are doing other tasks on your computer. It is a great way to get stuff done while grinding your account. Read our Guide to Playing Dislyte on PC to get started with this.

Ripple Dimensions, Friends, Clubs, and Chat

As you progress through the game, on rare occasions you will discover an open Ripple Dimension, dungeons that allow you to challenge the same battle against a particular Esper for a certain amount of time. This allows you to earn Ripples for these characters, which can then be exchanged for them via the Echos menu once you get a certain amount.

dislyte ripple dimensions

However, you don’t have to wait for the rare occasions in which you open these. After a certain amount of time, an opened Ripple Dimension will be announced to the entire chat.

This means that you can use the chat as a way of hunting for them, along with as a way of asking questions about optimizing your characters. This is vital because some Espers (Dhalia and Ye Suhua at time of writing) can only be obtained through these Ripples, and Ye Suhua in particular will likely be a vital asset to your team.

While having a lot of friends and joining a Dislyte Club are very helpful for their own reasons, (Friendship Points, Club Tasks, gifts, etc.) they’re also incredibly useful for anyone hunting for certain Ripple Dimensions.

You will get notified when your friends or club members open Ripple Dimensions earlier than the rest of the global chat, which is vital for getting the Ripples you need as fast as possible. This is one of the Dislyte Tips you should definitely keep in mind.

Feel free to befriend whoever you like and join any club you’d like (reaching out in the global chat will usually get you some invites!) but if you’re in need of someone active or you’d like to ask for further advice and help, my friend code is 23897141 and my club code is 763303.

Dislyte Point Wars

dislyte points war

Another thing to consider in these Dislyte Tips is how to optimally Point Wars. To do this, you should create a team of Espers specifically for it. Due to the shortness of these battles, a team geared towards speed is your best bet.

This can be achieved with the use of Astral Witchcraft relics, or any with an extra bonus to speed, although looking at Point War tier lists can also be very beneficial for deciding on Espers. Read our full Dislyte Point War Guide for more tips and information on the best Espers to use.

Of course, banking on taking down people who have forgotten to set up a defense team (make sure to do that if you haven’t!) can definitely be helpful in increasing your rank, but it’s probably a safer bet to ensure you go first. Getting to a high rank gives you a near-constant flow of Nexus Crystals, along with the use of the Tournament Shop.

Dislyte Echos

The only advice I would really give for Echoes is to make sure you save them for the Event gacha, due to the increased chances to pull a 5-star in this time. If you pull enough, you’re likely to get that 5-star on pity, and that’s a pretty good way to ensure you have a sound basis for a team.

Another new feature, released today as of writing this, is the ability to disassemble Espers, using the broken-down currency to buy Records and Starimon.

Although I personally try to save the Espers I don’t need to use as fodder for fusion, this will likely be very useful and you should definitely take advantage of this if there’s anything you can buy! You’ll very quickly end up with a lot of 3* Espers you have no use for, so why not?

Indeed, efficiently making use of the Echos feature is probably one of the most important things you can regularly do in these Dislyte Tips and Tricks.

Dislyte Esper Ascensions

Next up in these Dislyte Tips and Tricks is a comment Dislyte Esper Ascension. Ascend the Espers you use often wherever possible, at least to 3. At 3, an upgrade to their abilities is applied that can make them far more competent in battle.

You can ascend them above this if you have their materials and I would definitely recommend doing so later into the game, but I wouldn’t jump the gun. This is because you’ll also need to ascend a lot of Espers for Esper Fusion in the War Room, as they have to be at a certain rank to be able to be used, and so you may find yourself running out of Divine Waves unless you’ve been actively farming them.

For more information on improving Espers and which ones you will want to focus on, check out our full Dislyte Espers Guide.

Dislyte Relics

dislyte relic sets

In the early game, you don’t need to focus on grinding Relics too much. You likely won’t be setting up specialized teams yet, and the ones you get from completing the Story will be sufficient to guide you through it.

In the Strategy section of each Esper’s profile, there are essentially built-in guides and comments on the characters, giving you guidance on what to choose and use. Check out Dislyte Relic Guide to learn more about this functionality.

Despite this, merely following the guides you can find in the game and upgrading purple/gold Relics to increase the effects they have should be fine as you’re beginning the game and going through the main story. Indeed, having good Relics will help you level your Espers much faster.

Dislyte Bounties and Expeditions

In terms of Bounties, it’s very important to not just take what you’re given. You get a free refresh every day, so you don’t need to accept low rewards just because they’re there.

As such, I would advise prioritizing those that give Records, higher-level Starimons (4*+), Stamina, and Nexus Crystals, as these are likely the resources you’ll be most in need of. Similarly, in terms of the daily aspect, it’s important to make sure you always have an Expedition going, and that it’s a worthwhile one.

Always doing the special ones at the bottom of the screen and always doing the maximum you can is vital, even if you can’t fully match types and levels. After all, each correct Esper only adds a very small increase in rewards, and something is always better than nothing.

Dislyte War Room

dislyte war room esper fusion

The most important thing to focus on in the War Room is Esper Fusion. Specifically working to get Fabrice and Gabrielle, as this is likely going to be one of your first 5 stars and one of the main Espers carrying you.

This will also require a lot of upgrading and fusion of Espers, so make sure you’re not using anything upgraded unless you have to. Exhaust your unlevelled Espers and Starimons first, or else you’ll be wasting material.

Tips for Dislyte Shopping

When you’re looking at the different shops, it’s important to only spend your resources on things you need. Personally, I’d only recommend buying high-tier (red) Relics, and as a whole prioritizing Gold Records, Nexus Crystals, higher-tier Starimons (4*+), and Stamina from the stores.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother and I certainly wouldn’t buy gold in order to get things from the main store. You’ll definitely develop a surplus of gold, provided you don’t waste it, and you’ll always make as much as you need by continuing with the stories and missions. There’s absolutely no need to buy any.

Get These Espers Early

If you are free-to-play or a low spender, things can be a little more difficult for you in Esper. However, there are some great Espers easily obtainable for free through a few of the different game modes. Check out our list of the Best Free Espers to learn more about each of these.

These can quickly be unlocked with some mission grinding, a few Gold Record spins, or through the Ripple Dimension. This also makes them super easy to improve further as you can easily get duplicates.

Have Fun

The final thing to say in the Dislyte Tips, and perhaps most important, is to simply have fun with it! While a lot of people do enjoy min-maxing and dedicating a lot of time and effort to optimizing their games, I cannot stress enough that this isn’t a requirement.

If you find an Esper that you really like and want to put resources into improving even if they’re not optimal, do it! If you don’t feel like playing for a day or two, don’t! Games shouldn’t be a chore, and I really wouldn’t recommend seeing them as such.

The DJ Contest, for example, doesn’t give enough good rewards to be considered worth the time and effort pretty quickly after you get into the game, but if you enjoy it, keep going with it! Make sure you’re doing what you enjoy rather than making the game into a chore for yourself and I hope these Dislyte Tips help you to progress!

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